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November 1647


September 1719
(aged 71)

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Assassin's Creed: Ashes

"The human body is like a labyrinth: you never know where you end up."
―Offares to himself
Offares was a Byzantine Templar operating in the city of Istanbul, Constantinople. He was a direct descendant of Templar Seraffo. Offares was the son of two unnamed Templars who dis- and appeared many times in the Templars' records.

Offares served as a Templar historian and later as a Black Cross. The Cross was tasked with keeping the Grand Masters of the various Rites in line with the Templar Code and ideals. Offares was to oversee Grand Master Yuvaz, and make sure this did not went on such a dangerous course the Borgia had done in their time.

A Black Cross' secondary mission was to track Pieces of Eden. Offares had three lieutenants – all with their little army – who tried to locate artifacts named blood vials. These would be used in the Templars' hunt for the Black Temple, a temple located in the Black Sea.

At some point during his lifetime, Offares wrote a book to only be read by Templars. In this book, he wrote more precisely about the memory seals used by Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad. His books was printed into several of the European languages – making it possible for other Grand Masters to read the book, and learning about the First Civilization and their technology.

When André Lindanger and Frey Furaha located a memory seal, they both watched an Assassin's deathbed – like for Altaïr. André remembered this from the book of Offares.

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