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Ojeda Al-Jahad
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June 1730


18 January 1775

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Assassin's Creed: Templar

Ojeda Al-Jahad was a merchant-turned-Assassin ally and an infiltrator in The Turk who lived during the second half of the eighteenth century in Egypt.

Ojeda was born and raised in Benghazi as a slave from his first breath and at the age of 16 he was freed by the Egyptian Assassins. Ojeda wanted to thank his saviors in some way and helped them through his commercial activity on the Nile in Egypt. Some time later, Ojeda joined The Turk as a slave and merchant based in Benghazi. In fact, Ojeda was a spy within the Templar society and the slaves he owned sent them to America, Europe, and Asia to have them joined to Assassin Brotherhoods all over the world. During his work, Ojeda collaborated with another Assassin trainer known as Duha al Din, and his son Tariq al Din. In 1771, the Templar Jeanne Carter arrived, which slightly disrupted the business of Ojeda and Duha because Carter killed Tariq and retrieved an Apple of Eden. From that moment, Duha moved to Principe, Africa so Ojeda had to work alone in Benghazi but managed to keep the Templars out of the city with the help of another assassin. In 1772, Ojeda took over the daughter of one of his Danish brother, Olivia Jytte. The girl remained with Ojeda until January 1775, when the girl was redeemed by her brother who killed Ojeda.