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"The Templars justify their actions by saying that it is for a superior good, which is to improve mankind and that we have been created to serve. But they're wrong. Humanity can learn from its mistakes and it does not need any master. They are invisible powers that move events and we have to cut their control lines, even sacrificing ourselves if necessary. I would freely sacrifice my flesh and blood - and all those who care for me - so that the Creed can continue to live."
―Olabode to his son, 1769
Olabode Trajan
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8 September 1705


26 August 1769

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Olabode Trajan was a former slave and a African Master Assassin, who became active during the 18th century in Memphis. He is a descendent of Aya and an ancestor of Milton Jones.

Olabode was born as an African slave and when he was still very young, he was deported to France. There, he was released and recruited into the French Brotherhood. Serving as a spy in the Brotherhood, Olabode was sent to Memphis, Egypt to bring the city under the control of the Assassins. Along with his 4 lieutenants; Husna Ghufran, Duqar Stamatios, Sofia Yanna, and Jack Holden, Olabode killed Templars in the city including Templar leader Kristina Gentiana. After doing this, Olabode and his lieutenants taught their children to be the next generation of Assassins. In 1766 and 1769, the Templars resumed Memphis and canceled the Assassins. In 1769, Olabode was killed by Assassin Hunter Alekos Argyris.

Biography []

Early life[]

It is not good where but he is sure that Olabod Trajan was born on September 8, 1705, or in Egypt or Ghana. Born in health, Olabode when he was only a 3-year-old was ripped off by his family and was taken by a wealthy Dutch merchant who decided to take Olabode to his family in France. Olabode was raised in this family and was taught to read and write. Mostly, Olabode worked as a family servant but was treated well by the merchant's wife. When Olabode was a 16-year-old, the Dutch merchant decided to sell Olabode to a French carpenter in Paris.

The carpenter used Olabode to work at the port shipyard in Paris. Olabode often saw ships coming out and entering and often dreamed of being able to escape. When Olabode was an 18-year-old he was walking on the streets of Paris with his master, and whenever a white man met him, he spat in front of him. Olabode felt anger in her veins but checked. At one point, Olabode's master was distracted by what a courier was screaming and Olabode took advantage of it and started running. The master noticed and chased Olabode. Olabode ran faster than he could to avoid people and dodging the boss. Thanks to his age, Olabode managed to get away from the master's sight and hide behind a home.


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