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Oliver Frederik
Oliver Frederik as 23-years-old
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12 June 1660


3 July 1742

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Caribbean Assassins

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Appears in

AC IV: Black Flag

Assassin's Creed: Ashes (mentioned)

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Michael Fassebender

Oliver Frederik was a Caribbean Assassin active in the Caribbean sea at the end of the 17th century, mainly against the agents of the Dane-Norwegian Templars in Caribbean. He was the chief responsible for the death of the Grand Master Peter Clausen in 1681.

Biography []

Early life []


Danish West Indies[]

Saint Thomas[]

Ah Tabai

In 1681, Grand Master of Dane-Norwegian Templars Peter Clausen came to the Caribbean to see what he had achieved. Mentor Bahalam devised a plan or strategy to kill Clausen and decided to give the office to young Oliver, who was excited about having to do so with the news of his mission. Clausen would have to leave for the end of August and Oliver would have to assassinate him the weeks before his departure.

Clausen was staying in St. Thomas's strong English, under the strict protection of a large number of colonial soldiers. Bahalam knew that he had given an important and difficult mission to one of his younger and capable students and in fact decided to accompany him from his young son, Ah Tabai, who was about the age of Oliver. In August 1681, Oliver and Ah Tabai traveled on a merchant ship to ST. Thomas. Oliver and Ah Tabai walked around the city and saw the slavery that was there because of the West-Guinean Company whose Clausen was the leader and on behalf of Denmark-Norway had begun to colonize.

In 1673 the Dane-Norwegian Templars' high-ranked agent, Margaret Kystramme, was not late in encourage into establishing sugar plantations on St. Thomas, due to good soil and warm climate. The profit that would come from the the plantations would be placed in the Fort Christian in the city of Charlotte Amalie. Clausen was staying at the small Margaret's house, Ah Tabai and Oliver, if she had been offered the opportunity they would have to kill her too. Oliver and A Tabai received various information from civilians and taverns, finding that Clausen spent a lot of time in the fort to administer and control while returning to Margaret's home for the evening. Oliver and Tabai decided to make an ambush at Clausen on the way he would do in the evening to return to Margaret's house. Oliver and Tabai walked all the way to Clause and then found an ideal point for the ambush. There were very few people in that area, and the road was narrower without exit so they would better attack the Templars and more opportunities to win. But Oliver and Tabai had to be ready and cautious because the mission was not to fail.

Oliver and Tabai prepared the ambush and waited for the evening. Clausen's group would have gone by the road, half Tabai would have killed the last soldiers while Oliver would throw a smoke bomb on them and then kill them all. Of course, they also calculated other plans, such as Oliver, who was on the roof and fired at the Templars, while Tabai pulled him off the road and put a barrel of gunfire on the path and then ignite it as the Templars passed. The two Assassins objected to the former. The evening came down. Towards 19:00 in the afternoon, the Templari group went down the street with a few civilians around. Oliver counted them to be about 15, led by Clausen and with them there was Margaret. What a shot of luck.

Peter Clausen

Oliver came out of his hiding place and immediately launched a smoke bomb on the group. The Templars all started to cough, Tabai drifted from the roof and assassinated two guards, then pulled out the dagger and killed two others. Oliver took his quadruple gun and quickly removed 4 guards. Smoke dimmed. Three guards attacked Oliver while the other 4 Tabai. Oliver had his sword, Oliver swung his sword by cutting his chest to a guard, spinning on himself with a shot and then slamming his blade hidden in the face of another guard. Tabai with his knife gagged a guard and then dodged the shots and then countered killing two other guards. A soldier swung the sword for Oliver, Oliver dodged the shot and grabbed the guard's wrist, squatted it and the guard lost the sword. Clausen pointed the gun at Oliver and fired, while Oliver took the guard in time and Clausen accidentally fired his guard. Tabai had cleared the last guard and now drove with Margaret. Peter took his sword and oscillated for Oliver's chest, Oliver pulled out his sword, and strode Peter's shot. The two dueled for a while until Peter hit Oliver's face with the sword handle. Oliver took a step back as Peter pushed another blow, Oliver dodged the shot and rolled to the side to rise immediately and injure Clausen to his right leg. Clausen screamed and fell on her knees while Margaret seeing the Great Master killed at death, fled so that Ah Tabai let him escape. Oliver hung on Clausen. Oliver extended his hidden blade.

  • Oliver: You had to restart in Denmark-Norway, Templar-bastard.
  • Clausen: And let you let the Caribbean ruin your assassins with your crazy anarchy? Never!
  • Oliver: Then you'll pay for life for that.
  • Clausen: You may kill each one of us, but we Templars will rise again and again. We will not stop before our duty are fulfilled, and the New World will shine bright as day. I'm not afraid to die in what I think.

Oliver planted the hidden blade in Clausen's chest, straight into the heart, killing him suddenly. Oliver removed the blade and Clausen fell to the dead ground. Ah Tabai reached Oliver and complimented him, after which the two Assassins left the city.

Saint John[]

Saint Croix []

Charlotte Amalie[]


Master Assassin[]


Peter Beckford[]

Golden Age of Piracy[]

Later life and death[]