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Olivier Valldery
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Portrayed by Tony Azzolino
Biographical information

21 March 1984


3 March 2068 (aged 83)

Political information

Abstergo Entertainment

Olivier Valldery was born in Calais, France. He and his parents did however moved to Montréal, Canada when he was 14 years old – because his mother had a job there, and the father's job's main office where also here. He had interests of theatre in his early years. As young he did therefore worked at the Théâtre St-Denis, Montréal.

As a 32-years old in 2016, Olivier was asked by Abstergo Entertainment to be the voice of Louis Philippe in their upcoming video game: Behind the revolution (a codename for the Assassin's Creed: Changes). He accepted, and at the E3 in Montréal that happened in 2018 he was allowed to present the audience for the new video game.

When the game was released in July 2020, Olivier was offered to be an employee of Abstergo. Here he worked as a voice actor, and in his spare-time Olivier investigated his own timeline with the Animus.