Omega training program (OTP)
Omega Recruits
Vital statistics
Start 2001
End 2019
Location Global
Outcome Recruited members of the Order was now just as skilled as Assassins
The Omega training program is the name of a operation run by the Abstergo branches – mostly Abstergo Industries and Medical – in order to train new recruited members of the Order to be just as skilled as the Assassins.

When the Medical was founded, the leader of the Project OmegaAngelica Concord – decided that her project needed recruits. Skilled recruits. Unlike the Animi training program, the OTP would make its users not only become as skilled as Assassins, but also be granted the chance find ancestors of themselves. This would help the Project Omega progress even furter.

The Omega was meant for let the members of the Abstergo create a Piece of Eden themselves. By studying the memories of different ancestors, the Abstergo could try to find out how the Pieces worked.

Avatars Edit

The OTP created several OTPAs (Omega Training Program Avatar) in order to make the project Omega be fulfilled. The Avatars was harvested from several Assassins and Templars that operated in the Caribbean during the Purge. Some subjects managed to unlock hidden avatars, also known as OPTA restricted avatars.

OTPA Templars Edit

  1. The Hypocrite , harvested from Margarida Estanyol
  2. The Puppet, harvested from El Cazador
  3. Slaver, harvested from Edward Rockmail
  4. Sailor, harvested from Marcus Rockmail
  5. Attorney, harvested from Eric Johnson
  6. Black Cross, harvested from Dorothy Judge
  7. The Bender, harvested from Jeanne de Orpheus
  8. Conspirator, harvested from Jean-Baptiste de Orpheus
  9. Merchant, harvested from Raoul Basque
  10. Spy, harvested from Caterina Salviati

OTPA Assassins Edit

  1. The Mentor, harvested from Lady Concord
  2. Guardian, harvested from Condor Apito
  3. Smuggler, harvested from Ruby Travers
  4. The Avenger, harvested from Delaware Dinsmore
  5. The Follower, harvested from Songui
  6. The Bellhop, harvested from Eric Rackham

OPTA restricted avatars Edit

  1. The Founder, harvested from Callum Kerr
  2. The Loyalist, harvested from Shalin Yangming
  3. The Warrior, harvested from Madeleine de Bullion
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