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Operation Warhammer is a Fanon story written by Randommerc701. It centers around the actions of US Marine and Master Assassin Jason "Kalros" Wilson and his team as they prepare for the final battle of the Assassin-Templar War as well as securing the Swords of Eden, weapons created by the First Civilization that are said to have been used as tools of conquest by warlords and tyrants before Abstergo Industries can use them for their plans of global domination.


16:10 September 10, 2001. Five miles south of New York City.

"Kalros, remember why we are training out here!" Carlson, the Acting Mentor of the New York Assassins, said to Jason as their afternoon training excercise dragged on. "Mentor, lets call it a night, I'm tired from all of the class work at school and from all of the training today." Jason said to Carlson. "Ok, but tomorrow at 13:00, we'll pick up where we left off from tonight." Carlson replied, agreeing with his apprentice. "Thanks." Jason said to Carlson before he climbed the tree next to him and used his freerunning skills to leap from tree to tree before he reached his house.

"Son, you're home early." Wilson, Jason's father said to him. "Yeah, I learned how to use the hidden blade for stealth assassinations today." Jason replied. "Well, being an Assassin is more than just killing corrupt people, it's about maintaining a balance between good and evil." Wilson explained to his son. "Right, and we must not break the three most important tenets of the Creed: Stay your blade from the flesh of the innocent, hide in plain sight and never compromise the Brotherhood." Jason added, reciting the Creed. "Correct and since that traitor Daniel Cross killed the Mentor a year ago, the Templars have destroyed most of the hideouts and killed or captured many of our fellow Assassins, including your mother." Wilson said, remembering the Abstergo raid on the Albany compound which resulted in the death of his wife, Alena and his retirement as an Assassin. "I know." Jason said. "We're moving to Queens tonight." Wilson said, informing his son of the move. "Alright." Jason said, knowing that this was the third time since the raid that they had to move.

05:30 September 11, 2001. Queens, New York.

"I've already talked to Carlson and he said that Abstergo's not looking for you at the moment and we should settle down here." Wilson said to William Miles, the de facto leader of the Assassins, over the phone. "Wilson, by moving closer to the city, you're running the risk of the Templars discovering you and your son." Miles replied, warning him of the risk he's taken by moving to the city. "I know that, but what I need to do is to make sure that Jason is able to live a normal life instead of just being a soldier in this age old conflict." Wilson said to Miles before hanging up the phone. A few hours later, Jason woke up and packed his backpack for school. "What should I wear?" he asked himself. "The white hoodie should do for today." Jason said to himself, putting on his favorite hoodie. "Dad, I'm off to school." Jason said to his father. "Ok, and be careful." Wilson replied.

08:30 September 11, 2001. Brooklyn, New York.

"Jason, What are you doing here?" Sullivan, the school bully, asked him. "Because you took something that belongs to Ashley." Jason replied. "Jason, you don't need to do this!" Ashley said to Jason. "Jason, you only have two options: Fight me and my brothers for your girlfriend's purse or walk away like a coward." Sullivan said to Jason, challenging him to a fight. "Sullivan, as much as I want to fight you, you're not worth it." Jason replied. "Take this!" Oscar said, throwing a rock at Jason. The rock hits him, scarring his lip and knocking him down. "Jason!" Ashley yelled. "That's it, you're going down, Sullivan!" Jason said to Sullivan.

Just as the four were about to engage in combat with each other, the sound of an explosion caused the group to cease all hostilities towards Jason. "What was that?" Jason asked Ashley. "I don't know, but we better get home." Ashley replied. "Lets go to your house Ash, I need to call my dad." Jason said to her as the two ran towards the apartments. "Ashley, I'm glad you're ok!" Lisa, Ashley's aunt said to her. Jason went straight to the phone and called his father. "Jason, where are you?" Wilson asked him. "I'm at Ashley's house, what's going on?" Jason replied. "I don't know, but I think that the Templars are behind this attac.." Wilson said before being cut off. "Jason?" Ashley said to him. "Look outside." Jason said, pointing towards the skyline. "My dad said that the Templars were behind the attacks." Jason answered, revealing the existence of the Templars to Ashley.

The two ran about a block to Jason's apartment, only to find Jason's father lying on the floor in a pool of his own blood. "Dad, what happened?" Jason asked him. "Cross was looking for you and I tried to fight him off. But he stabbed me with his hidden blade before I could finish him." Wilson replied. "One thing's for certain, I'm going after Daniel Cross." Jason said to Ashley. "I'm with you." Ashley replied.

Chapter 1: Neptune's Spear[]

00:58 May 1, 2011. Abbottabad, Pakistan

"William, this is Kalros, Target Red Moon spotted, proceeding to insertion." Jason said to William Miles, imforming him of Osama bin Laden's location. "Good, remember that the mission is not to kill bin Laden but to retreive his Piece of Eden." William sid to Jason before giving him the green light for Jason to begin his first mission as a Master Assassin. "Kalros copies all, commencing retrieval of POE." Jason replied.

"Ash, how long do I have before the SEALs raid the compound?" Jason asked Ashley. "Jason, you have seven minutes before SEAL Team Six hit the compound." Ashley replied