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"May the Dragon Embrace us through the chaos."
―Phrase of the Order
Order Of The Dragon
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Organizational information

Gao Danglong

Leader's title

Grand Master


All Over China


All Over China

Related organizations
  • Yellow Turban Forces
  • Dong Zhuo Forces
  • Cao Cao/Wei Forces
Historical information
Date formed


Date collapsed


Additional information

The Order Of The Dragon, was a powerful organization that was very influential throughout the Three Kingdoms Era. They would eventually be succeeded by the Templars.



It all began in 184 AD when Government Official Zhang Jiao was upset by the Han Dynasty's ignorance of the chaos. He wished for a quick end of these times. Until one day, he stumbled upon a cave and found a Mystic inside. The mystic told him that as the chaos continued, there would be no peace in the land. So he gave him a book called The Way Of Peace and a jade seal with a dragon on it and then disappeared into thin air. When he went home, Zhang Jiao began to study the book, alongside his brothers Zhang Bao and Zhang Liang. But he could not figure out what the seal meant until Zhang Jiao looked at the bottom of the seal, which carved in said: "To Those who hold the seal wield absolute power." Realizing that the seal was meant for him to lead, Zhang Jiao decided to go out in public and gave a powerful speech. At first, no one understood him, but when he showed the seal, everyone began to listen to his words. And alongside his brothers, he formed the Yellow Turbans, and founded The Order Of The Dragon, thus triggering a rebellion.