Order Of Ganzhi
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Organizational information

King Zhou of Shang

Leader's title

The Dragon





Historical information
Date formed

11th-century BCE

Date collapsed


Additional information

The Order of the Ganzhi was a secretive cabal operating throughout and controlling ancient China.

Founded by 12 founding members, which King Zhou of Shang is one of the founding members, the last king of the Shang dynasty of ancient China and the first Dragon during 11th-century BCE. The Order of the Gandhi sought to use the relics of the ancient gods to seek to create absolute peace world for mankind under their ordered rule.

Beginnings Edit

Founding Edit

The Order of the Ganzhi was founded by King Zhou of Shang and 11 powerful Zhūhóu during Shang dynasty. Their aims to identify and exploit ancient Isu technologies to create absolute peace world for mankind under their ordered rule.

Qin's wars of unification Edit

In 238 BCE, through counterfeit to evidence of Lü Buwei and Lao Ai incite rebellion. The Order of the Ganzhi success to eliminate their political rivals. The member of the Order of the Ganzhi Li Si got the chance to talk to the ruler of Ying Zheng. Ying Zheng (Qin Shi Huang), the King of Qin, took over the reins of power. With help from Li Si, Wei Liao and others, Ying Zheng formulated a plan for conquering the other six major states and unifying China. The plan, which focuses on annexing each state individually, is based on "allying with distant states and attacking nearby ones", one of the Thirty-Six Stratagems. Its key steps were: ally with Yan and Qi, deter Wei and Chu, and conquer Han and Zhao.

The Unification of China Edit

After Qin unified China, Li Si served as Left Imperial Chancellor and become the Dragon of the Order of the Ganzhi. Qin Shi Huang unified text, currency, units of measurement and set-up the county system. His public works projects included the unification of diverse state walls into a single Great Wall of China and a massive new national road system, as well as the city-sized mausoleum guarded by the life-sized Terracotta Army. The Order of the Ganzhi orchestrated burning of books and burying of scholars to make sure their tyrannical rule.

In 210 BCE, Qin Shi Huang was assassinated by Wei Yu, a leader of rebels who rebelled against Qin dynasty.

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