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The story revolves around Marcel Le'Clare , a 39 year old Ex-Templar who is looking to track down the men he once called brothers. Paris, 1834 and Marcel is searching for the two men who abandoned him during an assassin raid on their Templar hide-out; John Shultz and Wolfgang Nureningherm.

Chapter I: The trip to Paris[]

Marcel approached the the train, walking as if he was hiding. The truth was, he wasn't. Everyone he knew and loved had thought him dead during the raid. He got on the train as soon as the train began to move. It was April 20th, but yet it was cold for the time of year. He took his seat and removed his tricorne hat on to the table that sat in front of the small seat. He rubbed his eyes and checked his pockets for money. He glanced at his pocket watch; it read: 1:25. He put all his spare change on the table and when counting, he noticed he had put his red Templar cross on the table. Marcel huffed and considered throwing it out the train as it rushed through the northern country side of France. But he kept himself from doing so. When Marcel placed the Templar cross into his large black woolen trench coat, that covered his whole body, he noticed a man; who across the train was glancing at Marcel. Marcel thought this suspicious at first but decided to ignore him.

Marcel had nothing on him. The only possession he held was his hidden blade and money, excluding his clothes. He wore average black suits with a black coat covering him. He always had a scruff beard that connected around his mouth and to both sides of his face. The hidden blade was indeed hidden. The coat had proven a perk for Marcel. He thought of his plans when he would arrive in Paris like who would he stay with. He was offered a place to stay for a while by a pianist. A pianist name Frederic Chopin. While Marcel was staring out the window at the wide hills, he felt the table rattle slightly. The window was on his right, and more space of the chair was on the left. He looked to his right to see a man facing him while resting his head on his hand against the table.

"Be careful, don't act shocked or else they will be suspicious" The man explained while putting on a false smile. Marcel played along quickly and also put on a false smile.

"Do you mind telling me why you're doing this?" Marcel muttered

"Assassin's. They're god damn two of them on this train" The man exclaimed while nodding accordingly.

"I suppose you're a Templar, yes?" Marcel questioned

"I hope you are, or else i'll have to kill you" The man said. Marcel remained for a second until the man continued

"Listen, they'll try and kill us; i know they will. So here's a short plan. The man not far north west in your direction is an Assassin and has been watching you. I fear he also saw your cross. Now what'll do is walk pass him, i wan't you to wait 5 seconds and follow behind. I'll be walking into the cargo section."

"And then what?" Marcel pondered

"We'll see who's blade is stronger" The man said. "By the way, Louis De Mois is the name."

"Marcel Le'Clare" Marcel proclaimed

"Pleasure Marcel" Louis answered. Louis then left the table and walk towards the cargo section door. He passed the presumed Assassin without looking him in the eye. Louis opened and entered the cargo section. Marcel counted in his head; 1,2,3- he was interrupted by noticing the Assassin was leaving his table and heading toward the cargo section. Marcel thought he should move quickly. Marcel rushed and made a nose while doing so and when he approached the Assassin, he had stood still in his track. Marcel also stood still, they where only around two meters away from each other. Until, the Assassins swiftly turned his body around to face Marcel. He exposed his hidden blade as he stared Marcel in the eye with a vicious look. Marcel equipped his own hidden blade and stood in the way a big cat would when it was about to pounce. There was no-one else in this particular section of the train. It was just war like combination of an Assassin and a Templar. Well, Ex Templar.

"Calm Assassin, we both want to live another day" Marcel reasoned.

"I'd rather die than live in a Templar World" The Assassin shouted in a loud voice.

"I agree, but that is on a larger scale; right now its just you and me. We both have dangerous weapons, now we need settle something. We can fight like men, or like dogs" Marcel spoke with passion

"A dog has more honor then a Templa-" The Assassin stop speaking at the sound of a pistol loading behind him. There stood Louis, with a flintlock pistol in his hand.

"Listen here cow dung, as much as i'd like to scatter your brains across the train i'll hold back. But if you don't take off that hidden blade, i will do exactly that" Louis quickly shouted at the Assassin.

The Assassin closed his hidden blade and turned around to face Louis. The Assassin smiled and giggled. Louis pointed the pistol to the nearest table, hinting that he wished him to take it off there. The blade was on the Assassin's right hand. The Assassin reached over his left hand to the right hand. This Assassin was like most Assassin's, wont go down without a fight. He quickly charged at Louis and stabbed in the higher shoulder. Marcel in a fast panic rushed towards the Assassin and stabbed straight in the neck. Marcel held him as he fell to the floor, dying in pain.

"You no longer have to feel pain anymore. Rest in peace" Marcel respectively spoke while eternally closing his eyes.

Louis was moaning in pain and Marcel rushed to him and he placed his arm over his shoulder, gently helping him up. The train had stopped, they arrived in Paris. To avoid any civilians noticing the dead body, they left through the back.

"Take me to a doctor" Louis requested while barely staying conscious.

"Alright, stay with me" Marcel requested back to Louis

A small doctor hospital was set up in a average shop. Marcel payed the doctor to heal and treat Louis. Louis gave his thanks

"My friend, thank you" Louis thanked Marcel

"No problem. May the Father of understanding guide us." Marcel proclaimed. Louis repeated back as he staggered to his medical bed where a doctor awaited. Marcel left the doctors and he found himself in the sprawling city of Paris. In order to find shelter for the night, he must find Frederic Chopins Paris apartment

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