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September 7 1770

Choctaw, Colonial America

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Choctaw (1770 - unknown)

American Assassins (1787 - unknown)

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Assassin's Creed: Source

Osyka (1770 - unknown) was a Master Assassin of Ratonhnhaké:ton's revived American Brotherhood during the 18th century. Born into the Choctaw tribe, he is the grandson of the Assassin-turncoat-Templar Richard Ravensdale, the son of Assassin Kenneth Ravensdale and an ancestor of the young Assassin Horatio Pierce.

During the 1790s, Osyka, his father and Connor searched for and discovered a Piece of Eden that had the potential to change the tide of the Assassin-Templar War of the Modern day.

Osyka also captained the ship, the Hawk.


Early life[]

Osyka was born to the British Assassin Kenneth Ravensdale and the Choctaw warrior Coahoma. For the first few months of his life, he was raised solely by his mother as his father was in the Caribbean hunting down a Piece of Eden.

Osyka finally met his father a few months after his birth, Osyka developed a bond with his father until 1772 where Kenneth left to search for the Piece of Eden once more. Osyka grew up hearing stories about Kenneth and Coahoma's adventures, Coahoma also told Osyka that his father belonged to an ancient brotherhood of warriors who protected humanity. From then on, Osyka urged to also join his father's brotherhood.

Growing up, Osyka was taught to hunt and freerun by Coahoma. Osyka was very proficient in archery and has a mild knowledge of combat.

Joining the Brotherhood[]

In 1785, at the age of fifteen. Osyka informed his mother of his wish to join his father's brotherhood, Coahoma supported Osyka's decision and told Osyka of the Davenport Homestead and that his answers would be there. Osyka left his village and headed to the Davenport Homestead in Massachusetts.

In November 1785, Osyka met the Assassin Ratonhnhaké:ton at the Davenport Homestead. Osyka asked Ratonhnhaké:ton if he could train him, on a journey to rebuild the Brotherhood Ratonhnhaké:ton asked if he was sure he wanted this, it would be a life of death and hardship. Osyka accepted this, Ratonhnhaké:ton took Osyka into the Manor and explained to him about the Assassins and Templars and about their history, the Pieces of Eden and the Precursors. Even after this knowledge, Osyka was still determined to become an Assassin. Ratonhnhaké:ton then welcomed Osyka to the Brotherhood.

Osyka began training alongside Patience Gibbs, Ratonhnhaké:ton taught Osyka combat and stealth. Osyka's training also improved on his archery and his freerunning skills. In 1787, Osyka was fully indoctrinated into the Brotherhood.

Assassinating Charles DeWitt[]

In August of 1787, Connor assigned Osyka his first assassination target. Osyka was ordered to assassinate the high ranking Templar of the newly established American Rite, Charles DeWitt. Connor explained that the Templars were rebuilding themselves in America and were threats to the vulnerable state the Assassins were currently in, he also contained information regarding the location of the Source.

Osyka travelled to Kingston, New York. Osyka had heard news that DeWitt would be attending an event, Osyka would infiltrate said-event and plan to assassinate him. He saw that DeWitt was there with his family, this disheartened Osyka but he remembered it was for the greater good, he assassinated any guard that attempted to stop him due to his Native American heritage and attire and stealthily assassinate DeWitt and placed his corpse on a bench.

Osyka pickpocketed the information regarding the Source of Eden from DeWitt's body. Osyka read a letter that was for his Templar brethren Benjamin Franklin Bache , a Templar journalist who would print propaganda against George Washington and John Adams, the letter had information regarding Kenneth Ravensdale's search and the Coyote Man's hunt for him. Before returning, Osyka stole a military ship to make his escape and named it the Hawk.

Osyka would inform Connor of this news, Connor would then immediately assign Osyka to assassinate Bache.

Assassinating Ben Franklin Bache[]

In 1789, Osyka travelled to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Osyka arrived during Philadelphia's yellow fever epidemic and had learned that his target had contracted it yellow fever and was considered a public enemy. Bache was to be tried under the Alien and Sedition Act. Before he could be tried, Osyka assassinated him.

Osyka interrogated Bache before he died, he asked about the Coyote Man to which Bache told Osyka that the Coyote Man was one of the Templar's greatest Assassin hunters and that he was hunting Kenneth Ravensdale and was going to kill him before he found the Source. Osyka asked if he knew where the Source was, Bache told the young Assassin that the Source was last sighted Cuba and that is where Ravensdale was also headed. Bache thanked Osyka for ending his pain.

Osyka returned to Connor with this news, Connor asked Osyka what he wanted to do. Being honest with his mentor, Osyka wanted to take his ship, the Hawk, and assassinate the Coyote Man and stop him from assassinating his father. Understanding this, Connor allowed Osyka to go to Cuba and find his father.

Encounter with the Coyote Man[]

In January 1789, Osyka had already spent a few months in Cuba following lead after lead on the location of the Source and the Coyote Man. Finally, he received information in a bar that a man that fit Kenneth's description was searching for a man with two different colored eyes. He was informed that the man was headed to a Temple north from the bar and that's where Osyka headed.

Osyka finally arrived at the Temple and saw that there were Templars stationed in the forest. Osyka steathily assassinated the Templars through bushes and trees, Osyka then tagged the Coyote Man with his Eagle Vision and followed him into the Temple. Osyka scaled the Temple and entered it through a vantage point, Osyka noticed the Coyote Man and attempted to air assassinate him but failed, the Coyote Man stated he had fought Assassins with more experience than him.

Coyote Man attacked Osyka, Osyka held his own very well and after a lengthy duel he managed to slash his throat with his tomahawk. With the threat against his father's life averted, Osyka journeyed deeper into the Temple to find his father. Arriving deeper in the Temple, Osyka noticed various glowing patterns signifying of its Isu origin. Deep into the Temple, Osyka found his father trying to interfere with the precursor technology, Osyka called out Kenneth's name. Kenneth turned around and recognized his son almost instantaneously, the two stood at a distance for a few moments before walking fast paced into an embrace.

Hunt for the Source[]

After reuniting with his father, Kenneth commented on how proud he was of Osyka growing into a fine young man and was shocked to see he had joined the Assassins which led to Osyka stating he joined because of Kenneth. Kenneth went on to brief Osyka on the Source and told his son that for nearly twenty years, he'd been following lead after lead regarding the whereabouts of the Source and every time he'd be too late to find Hopkins, a Sage who was in possession of the Source.

Osyka suggested they return to America and talk to Connor about it to which he agreed. A few days later, the two arrived at the Davenport Homestead in their respective brigs and informed Connor of what had transpired. Connor stated that he would call upon his contacts and see if he can't find anything but the two would try to find leads while they were at it.

Osyka and Kenneth spend a year tracking leads, only for them to be dead ends. In May 1790, Connor informed Osyka and Kenneth that his contacts had discovered that the Sage John Burroughs Hopkins has an associate by the name of Theodorick Bland Jr who was also a Templar. Osyka volunteered to go alone and find Bland, in June 1790, Osyka assassinated Bland and demanded to know where Hopkins was located and what he planned to use the Source for. The dying Bland, wanting to clear his conscience confessed to Osyka that Hopkins was travelling to various precursor Temples, using equipment to build his own Piece of Eden with the Source to resurrect his wife Juno and told Osyka that the last location Hopkins was located at was in the North Atlantic.

Kenneth's Death[]

In 1791, Osyka and Kenneth discovered an Arctic Temple in the North Atlantic. Believing Hopkins to be in the Temple, the two investigated the Arctic Temple and discovered Hopkins. Hopkins lamented why the Assassins and Templars won't leave him alone, Osyka states that the Source must be destroyed and that no one should get their hands on it. Hopkins proceeded to attack Osyka and Kenneth, Osyka quickly retaliated by shooting Hopkins with his bow and arrow and destroys Hopkins' proto-Piece of Eden. Angered by the destruction of his prototype Piece of Eden, takes the Source and attacks Osyka and Kenneth once more which triggered the Temple to collapse.

Osyka and his father chased down Hopkins throughout the Temple, managing to outrun his father and catch up to Hopkins he is suddenly stopped when he is frozen by the Source of Eden. Hopkins, took out his flintlock and was going to shoot and kill Osyka but before he could do that, Kenneth jumped in the way and sacrificed his life for his son's. Suddenly the precipice under them gave way and Osyka and Kenneth fell through it giving Hopkins a chance to escape.

With Osyka injured from the fall and Kenneth near-death. Kenneth lamented at the fact that he never got a chance to see his son grow into a man and pondered that their family wouldn't have been as dysfunctional if it weren't for the Assassins and Templars but nonetheless, he couldn't hold resentment to the only life he had ever known, before dying he told Osyka that he loved him.

Hunting John Burroughs Hopkins[]

Osyka spent six years hunting Hopkins while assassinating other Templars in the meantime. During this time, Connor warned Osyka to not let vengeance consume him, Osyka rebuffed this and stated it was for the Source of Eden and not revenge which would lead Connor to tell him that he can lie to him but he can't lie to his own self. As the years passed, Osyka would ponder on these words and his hunt for revenge eventually turned into searching for the Source for the greater good.

In November 1796, Osyka had heard news that Hopkins had returned to America. Osyka spent a month tracking him, only to find him too late. In December, after interrogating a soldier about Hopkins' whereabouts, Osyka learned that Hopkins had planned to leave the country once more. Osyka immediately rushed to the docks and there he found Hopkins ready to board a ship leaving the country, Hopkins noticed Osyka and fled. Osyka chased him through New York and through a brewery, as an attempt to slow Osyka down Hopkins knocked over oil which would set the brewery on fire.

This did not stop him and Osyka eventually managed to assassinate him outside the brewery. Osyka took the Source from the dying Hopkins, before he could leave him to his fate however, Hopkins grabbed Osyka's arm and begged him that he destroy his body and hide the Source. Hopkins would then give Osyka coordinates to a location where he could hide the Source from the Assassins and Templars, Osyka granted Hopkins dying wish.

Hiding the Source[]

After destroying Hopkins' body, Osyka would go on to follow the coordinates. In January 1797, Osyka would find a Temple in the country would go on to be known as Mexico. Upon entering the Temple, Osyka placed the Source on a pedestal deep inside it, after doing this a recording of an Isu manifested in front of him. The Isu congratulated Osyka on playing his part in history, Osyka asked if she was a precursor to which she confirmed it to be true but then she told him to be silent and that she would commune through him.

Osyka was confused by this but nonetheless he complied. The Isu began speaking through Osyka to a phantom named Pierce, she told this phantom that he must find the Sources and keep them out of both the Assassins and Templars hands due to it being dangerous to mankind as a whole and to beware of Cross in his travels and with that she vanished. This message would stay with Osyka for the rest of his life, after hearing this he left the Temple and returned to America.

Later life[]

Initially, due to the tragedy of the Ravensdale family, Osyka believed it wasn't appropriate for Assassins or Templars to have families but after seeing Connor's loving relationship with his daughter Io:nhiòte and his two sons, Osyka realized that having a dysfunctional family wasn't due to the Assassin-Templar War but of circumstance which led to Osyka deciding to settle down and raise a family which would lead to the birth of his descendants Arnold Pierce and Horatio Pierce. At some point in his life, Osyka earned the rank of Master Assassin.

Records of Osyka's life after 1797 are lost to history.


In 2017, Osyka's genetic memories were relived by his descendant Horatio Pierce to search for the Source of Eden as well as train him through the Bleeding Effect. Due to Osyka's encounter with an Isu in 1797, Horatio Pierce learned of his task set to him by the Isu and that he had to destroy or hide the Sources and keep them out of mankind's hands.

Personality and characteristics[]

Growing up without a father figure in his life, Osyka longed to be closer to his father and this was the main reason he joined the Assassin Brotherhood. Although as he matured, Osyka genuinely believed in the Assassin's cause instead of just joining them because of Kenneth. Initially joining the Brotherhood to be closer to his father, he developed a strong belief in the Creed and had a strong urge to right the injustices in the world, much like his granfather and father as well as his descendant.

As a teenager, Osyka had a strong sense of morality and saw the world as in black and white. As a young man, Osyka's worldview changed and he saw the world as grey instead of black and white.

Equipment and skills[]

Osyka was taught archery and freerunning and the way of hunting by his mother, Coahoma who was a warrior of the Choctaw tribe. Osyka also used his Eagle Vision to help him hunt and was later taught to master it by his mentor Ratonhnhaké:ton.

Upon joining the Assassin Brotherhood, Osyka's skills improved greatly as he was taught combat and stealth by Ratonhnhaké:ton, he also improved on his freerunning and archery skills while training with Ratonhnhaké:ton. Osyka was equipped with a tomahawk, bow and a Hidden Blade that could pivot which Osyka implemented in his fighting, Osyka would dual wield his tomahawk and pivot blade in battle.


  • The name Osyka is a Choctaw name meaning “Soaring Eagle.” Keeping in tradition with Assassin's Creed protagonists being named after avians.
  • Osyka stood at 5'11" and weighed 150lbs
  • Osyka was one of the first members of Connor's revived American Brotherhood.
  • Osyka shares similarities with his Modern day descendant Horatio Pierce as they both grew up without a father in their lives and longed to be closer to them.
  • Due to Osyka's high Isu DNA count. It is nigh impossible for an ordinary person to relive his genetic memories.