Owen Clemens
Owen Clemens
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10 March 1713


23 January 1769

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Assassin's Creed: Ashes

Assassin's Creed: Templar (mentioned)

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Olivier Valldery

Owen Clemens was an Irish-born high-ranked Templar, operating throughout Denmark-Norway during his life. Owen was born into a noble and wealthy family in the county of Londonderry, and lived in his early years in glamor and luxury. From 12 years onwards he studied to become a banker and from the age of 20, he traveled to Stavanger – where he worked as a banker. In 1743, Owen became an ally of Dane-Norwegian Templars and helped Dame Lindanger to free the city from the influence of Norwegian Assassins, killing Ulrik Eilert. From 1743 to 1769, he served in the Templar Order as a hunter and a researcher of pieces of Eden also collaborating with Hans Sigurdsson, Frey Furaha and Eddie Bennun.

From 1751, Owen obeyed the Grand Master André Lindanger and in 1769 was killed by Vendela Magdalene and her husband Gudbrand Aarhus.

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