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Pachis Filippos, The Racer

Pachis Filippos (1668 – 1734) was a Greek Templar operating on the island of Cyprus during the reign of the Murderess, Hacer Stavros.

Born and raised by a noble Templar-family, Pachis was the eldest child of six. He spent his years on racing, wasting his money due to always losing. So, in order to make him a good Templar in his later years, he were sent to work in the Greek Navy. He traveled to all kind of locations, resulting in bastards in almost every port in the Mediterranean.

At the age of 34, Filippos was recruited in the Templar fold. During the early times of his career, he spent his time on what de did best: racing and betting. So he did, and he obtained the cryptonym The Racer. Later, however, he was transferred to Cyprus. Here he served under the Greek-Turkish Templar leader Hacer Stavros.

Stationed in Dipkarpaz, Filippos ensured the Cypriote Templars' income – by organizing horse-races. His brother, Kleitos Filippos, was the one who took part in the races. All of the races were staged however – making sure the Templar Order would flourish. If someone managed to win however, their sister Euphemia would invite the winners home to her. When they was relaxed, she would take them to her sleeping chambers. Euphemia told them to get undressed, then left the room. A minute later, Pachis and Kleitos would enter, armed with knives, ready to kill whomever had won.

After the fall of Stavros in 1734, the Greek Assassins Maria Nomiki and Sofia Sanna established an Assassin guild in the city of Kyrenia. Soon afterwards, the Greek Assassin Kyriaki Megalos were sent to kill Filippos. Not able to compete in the race herself, Megalos could still spend the time on locate Filippos – which she did. Watching the race from a private suite with a group of courtesans, Megalos paid two street-courtesans to "do their magic" on Filippos long enough for her to kill him.

Filippos' siblings later learned of his death and tried to keep the schemes running, but were soon killed by Megalos and her growing group of allies.


  1. Pachis is greek for "fat"
  2. Filippos is a form of Philip, meaning "friend of horses"
  3. Pachis Filippos literally means "fat friend of horses"