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"One day I was studying for my Exam and then the next day these guys told me some information about my genes. Then, My life became a mess" -Paolo Billones after acquiring the piece of eden that was in the Philippines.

Paolo Billones was the descendant of Antonio Ramos. He is born in August 27, 2000.He was also born in Philippines.He is raised by Emerina Billones and Melchor Billones. He spent his life studying and traveling even at young age.

Early Life[]

Paolo is one of the smartest kids that ever lived, but despite his looks, everybody think he is a dumb person. But he pushed on through and struggles to find the truth. He is also known to a wolf, because he always know when and how to strike. He is also capable of Parkour and fast at kill streaks.

Important Events in Life[]


One night he was kidnapped by the Assassins.They said something to finding out the ancestor in his brain. But he mentioned it that he is still at school so the Assassins did a surgery to him. A small chip that acquires data to the brain. However doing this will make Paolo unconsious until the chip finds memories and makes him finish the memory.

Discovering The Piece of Eden[]

At Kingsville Hills Subdivision at Antipolo City, (modern day and real place) he found a weird Entrance at the sewer assuming that the small covering is unlocked. He managed to access it and saw a small cave that was overrun by Kempeitai bones and dead Assassins He saw Antonio Ramos' Coffin in there he saw a seal that will unlock the Chamber to gain access to the Grand HQ. there he saw the piece of Eden than is leftout on a small chest. When he got ahold of it, A small flash appeared and then Pluto started talking to him about the great Mysteries of Philippines and how was it carved to perfection. They left the hidden cave at 1:00 in the morning.

Love Life[]

Paolo has a member that like him and has secret feelings at him. Even though Paolo Knew this, he never get distracted at his work.


  • Paolo Is actually a panic person. he just panics whenever situations that he is gonna die though he never scream for help. Instead, he fights.
  • Paolo is one o the world's Youngest Assassin that was taught about the great war.
  • Paolo has a scar in his eyebrow that is simillar to Antonio.
  • Paolo crafted his own hidden blade.