"I'm only taking orders"
―Pascal Leclerc to Marie Anne Étienne, 1789
Pascal Leclerc
Pascal Leclerc
Pascal and Marie Anne
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Calais, France


October 1793
Paris, France

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The Turk

Pascal Leclerc was a harbormaster and Templar puppet working for the Parisian Templar Rite. Pascal served the Templars Joséph Iscariotte and Marguerite Murat.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Pascal was born and raised in Calais as the son of a bookseller, Pascal quickly learn to read and write. Pascal got a good education – unlike his sister and second brother, who both lived with their parents until their death.

Harbormaster of Calais Edit

At some point, Pascal became the harbormaster of Calais. In the position he was given, Pascal had the possibility to carry out some transactions of himself. With the money he earned, he tried to help his family. He wanted them to have a good life – especially his father, who had given him the education he needed to be in his present social position.

In the position of harbormaster, however, Pascal had to be contacted by some representatives from The Turk. The woman that came, was dressed as a man and threatened Pascal to carry out transactions for the company. Pascal knew the woman as the Daredevil, and knew she was serious. He did not dared to question what would happen if he refused. Because of his cowardice, Pascal had to pay: all of his money went to the Daredevil, or else she would kill him. Furthermore, when a ship from The Turk returned to the docks in Calais, Pascal received a letter where to deliver the goods. The letter was signed by Joséph Iscariotte's bookkeeper, and the location was different each time.

Later life and death Edit

Pascal's connections to The Turk, later got him in trouble with one of the Étienne-siblings, Marie Anne Étienne d'Le Louroux. Marie Anne asked if some of Joséph Iscariotte's ships had docked in the harbor lately. Pascal asked who she was, and she answered that she was Joséph's bookkeeper. The man had his doubts – he found it strange to be a woman – but he told her that the next week, a ship from the Caribbean – working for The Turk – would arrive with the cargo of slaves. Marie Anne's eyes betrayed her; if she had known about The Turk, she would not be stunned. The harbormaster saw it. He called for the guards, stating "this woman is a traitor and an identity thief!" The harbormaster was soon accompanied by Murat's mercenaries – so now Marie Anne knew the mercenaries was still operational – after Murat's death – possibly under Iscariotte's and al-Djin's control and influence. The harbormaster drew a sword, and ran towards Marie Anne.

After she had fought of the mercenaries, and disarmed the harbormaster Marie Anne drew her hidden blade, making her ready to kill the man. She wanted to know where she could locate Joséph. The man answered that he only got letters from Iscariotte's bookkeeper to deliver the goods. The location was different each time, so he never managed to know exactly where Iscariotte lived. Marie Anne thanked for the harbormaster's help, and let the man go.

Pascal was guillotined during the Reign of Terror. He had been accused by Robespierre to support enemies of the Revolution.

Trivia Edit

  1. Pascal come from the late Latin name Paschalis, which meant "relating to Easter" from Latin Pascha "Easter".
  2. Leclerc means clerk in French
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