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“I’ve heard many kind of power, skills, abilities possessed by the Shards of Eden. But to travel across the time, I could not believe such power exists. Now before me, a machine capable to do so, powered by a Shard. If I didn’t join the rehab program, I’d say I must be drunk,”

-- Professor Hans Tarma

The Path of Time is an event when an Indonesian assassin, Satria Ratri Wening, travelled through time, using a time machine called “Destiny Halo” created by him and Professor Hans Tarma.

The Emerge of The Idea (December 2001)[]

After Satria Ratri Wening joined the brotherhood, he became kind of obsessive with Shards of Eden, interested by the power they hold. He learned that the Shards have different powers, from healing to killing, constructing to destroying, and protecting to attacking. Long time after that, when he was reading the books possessed by the brotherhood as usual, a big question popped into his mind; could it be possible that Shards of Eden is powerful enough to travel through time?

He then discussed it with his mentor, Professor Hans Tarma, which immediately laughed when he heard of what Satria was speaking about. He then told his apprentice that Time Travel is impossible as because such power is only possessed by none other but God himself. Satria insisted that it is possible there is a Shard that capable to do so, and planning to find it and create a Time Machine. Hans Tarma said no more but telling that he would be only wasting time.

Search of The Shard (January – December 2002)[]

Satria began to look for the Shard that suits his need. He firstly travelled to the ruins of Alamut Fortress, Masyaf, where the first brotherhood of Assassins born. He found nothing but an incomplete journal owned by an assassin that once lived in the fort, containing a story about the day whenAl-Mualim fought with Altair Ibn La-Ahad. Found nothing aside of the book, he continued his journey. A slight of hope appeared when he visited Moscow, when he met a Russian scientist that also a part of Russian Assassin Brotherhood, Orlov Stoyanovich. From him Satria learned about Tunguska event, and the involvement of the Brotherhood.

He then tried to find the daughter of Nikolai Orelov, Nadya Orelov, for she possessed a splinter that came from the Staff of Eden. He did met her, but then Nadya Orelov told him that the shard is nothing but only a memento from her father, and no miraculous thing ever happened because of it. Satria didn’t believe her, and begged to try it by himself. However, after several experiments assisted by Orlov, the shard responds and emits nothing, caused Satria heavily disappointed and returned it to Nadya. Satria continued his journey for almost one year, travelled from one place to another. Many assassins tried to convinced him to stop his journey, but he he didn't heed their words. From Russia he went to Spain, Italia, Vatican, Belgium, England, and many other places.

Another hope came by when he reached Egypt at December 10th, 2001. He learned from locals about a legend of a mysterious artifact called “Caller of Ancestors”. He then asked an old, well-educated Egyptian merchant, Yusuf Tamzil, to tell him more about the legend. It is rumored that the artifact buried inside the Temple of Abu Simbel. He then travelled to Temple of Abu Simbel. At first he was desperate and almost give up, for he founds no clue. However, a slight of idea came when he looked at the relief of Nefertari offering a pair of sistrums to an Egyptian goddess, Hathor. He cracked the relief and found a secret space behind it, where a pair of sistrums stored. The music instruments glowed when Satria took them, made him believed that they are one of the Pieces of Eden.

Another problem came up when he looked at the relief. He created a severe hole, and couldn’t leave the place while the hole remains exist. He then tried to play the sistrums, and surprisingly the sistrums turned back the condition of the relief, putting back the broken pieces of it, and closed the hole.

Creation of Destiny Halo[]

"I can't believe it. These are real things? Not some illusions?!"

Professor Hans Tarma, when Satria showed him the sistrums.

He travelled back home after his discovery, immediate showed the artifacts to Professor Hans Tarma. He didn't believe that the sistrums could reverse the flow of time, until Satria poured his coffee to the floor and played the sistrums. The voice of the sistrums reverse the flow and his coffee miraculously flowed back to his cup in the way it fell to the floor.

Satria suggested that the Sistrums of Eden (they decided to call them so) can be a power source for a time machine. Professor Hans Tarma agreed, but he reminded Satria that it will take a long time for them to learn the artifact before they could initiate their plan.

Long enough they learned about the Sistrums of Eden, and found out that they possess massive amount of power to reverse time. However, the power can be released in a big wave only if the sistrums are shaken at high speed. This was discovered when Satria played them fast, created a small glowing ring that showed them what happened fiftheen minutes ago, made them able to see themselves sleeping on the desk. He then tried to play it again, this time he shook them to different directions, and they able to see what happened 10 minutes later, resulting they gazed upon their own figure 10 minutes in the future.

Using a powerful generator, Professor Hans Tarma created a machine that could shake the Sistrums with high speed. He bolted the generator onto a chair and fixed them on an iron platform in a tall glass cylinder. After the machine was done, they decided to name it "Destiny Halo", for the machine will create a halo as a passage through time, and thus enable everyone to change their own destiny through the machine...or the destiny of the world.

Satria decided to give it a try. He sat inside the machine and told Hans to turn it on. Hans Tarma turned on the generator and the sistrums were shaken. Slowly, the speed increased, and a blue halo appeared above Satria. The halo fell upon Satria, and then he vanished. Hans Tarma immediately became panic, tried to reverse the direction of the sistrums, and turned it on. The attempt was success, and Satria returned. He told his master that the time machine brought him to the location of his house 18 years ago.

Both of them knew that the machine could pass time, but only bring them to the same place in past or future, so Professor Hans Tarma decided to a designator port with few softwares and parts stolen from ABSTERGO. This port made them able to decide the location they are going to with the time machine, at the same time adding a possibility of unstable time space, which mean they can be accidentally transported to a place or era that they don't intend to go to. This risk increase along with the length of their travel, that if they travel to a very far place or very old era, the chance of time space crash grow.

After they successfully upgraded the Destiny Halo, they began to plan travels across time. The first distant travel was Tunguska event, where Satria watched the tragedy by himself from quite far distance with a scope. He specially impressed by the actions of Nikolai Orelov and Nikola Tesla in destroying the factory.

Avoiding Templar[]

"Three months until now we are running and hiding. No place is safe enough for us. When we stop in a dinner to have a sip of water and a mouthful of rice, there is always either an agent or a soldier behind us, aiming down their guns or unsheathe their blades.' Even inside our dreams, we are not safe."

Satria explaining about his escape in his journal.

Later, words spread about the Time Machine in secrecy. This news was caught by a Templar agent inside the Indonesian government. Professor Susilo, a Templar agent inside University of Indonesia, was tasked to spying on Satria and Hans. Both of them realized the situation, and decided to either take the machine somewhere safe, or destroy it. They started to disassemble the machine, which was quickly done for its simple construction. After that, they quickly loaded the parts into Hans' car and proceeded to the harbor, where they later bought some rifles and grenades from a smuggler.

The first plan wasn't as easy as it seems. Professor Susilo, with the help of a Templar agent inside Indonesian government and military, initiate a chase. Both Satria and Hans were accused with possibility of involvement with PKI and assumed to planning a coup. This false conviction put their names in the top-list of Indonesian military intel, branded as "Highly Dangerous Individuals". Soon after that, many special op soldiers of Kopassus and BIN agents were tasked to hunt them down. Although, their status was stated in secret and only Kopassus and BIN know it, leaving the public unaware and smoothen Satria's escape.

The Destruction of Destiny Halo : The Disappearance of Satria[]

Hans : "And now we end here, in the most-avoided place in Semarang,"

Satria : "Don't you think that's supposed to be a good news?"

Hans : "Well, if it's a neat place, I don't..."

Satria : "LOOKOUT!"

Satria and Hans conversing, before Satria saved his mentor from a bullet.

Satria and Hans made their way to th city of Semarang, one of the cities of Indonesia that were remain peace at 1998 crisis era. They found an ambandoned hotel, known as Sky Garden Hotel, in the forest of Gombel Hill. The hotel was ambandoned until know due to its over-damaged condition, aside of supranatural occurence often happened inside the location.

However, they didn't aware of Templar's presence in Semarang, and their enemies quickly warned their ally inside Raider 400th Battalion, a battalion that was famous with name "Banteng Raider" (Raider Bull). Two Squadrons of the Raider, consist 16 in each one, was quickly deployed and surrounded the hotel. A sniper was targetting for Hans' head when both of them talked about their situation, before Satria spotted him and saved Hans from getting shot.

Thanks to their ability, Satria and Hans able to defend themselves for some time. However, the soldiers were more heavily armed and came in bigger number, making their struggle hard.

Satria : "Sir, over there!"

Minerva : "Satria!"

Satria : "!!!...Wh-who are.."

Minerva : "There is no time to explain, you have to go!"

Satria : "Go?! What the fuck who the hell are you?!"

Minerva : "I said no time to explain. Get into the machine and go to Jogja,1940! That is where you are must!"

Satria : "What are you.."

Minerva : "NOW, SATRIA! Do it now, or the fate of war against your enemies will ended here tonight!"

In the middle of gunfight, Satria was encountering Minerva that immediately appeared beside him. She forced Satria to leave and go across the time to Jogja city at 1940. The date was unspecified however. Satria couldn't understand, but after Minerva explained that the fate of the war between the Assassins and the Templars was at stake, he quickly jumped into the time machine. He set the destination and activated the machine.

Unfortunately, because of the date was not inputted, the machine was experiencing an error. This error, however, didn't cancel the time travel, instead brought Satria to sometime in Jogja City at year 1940. Later, the error caused an overload, resulting unstable power flow and in the end, created a massive blast, destroying the machine, and killed Hans Tarma and several soldiers that confronted them. The Sistrums of Eden were also destroyed in the explosion.