Paulette: "All affairs of freedom are Assassins' affairs!"
Pierre: "Those aren't your words"
Paulette: "I've done my history-lessons, boy"
—Paulette quoting Antó at Pierre Étienne
Paulette Simon
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Le Havre, Kingdom of France


Unknown, 1833–1836
Montréal, Canada

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Assassins (ally)

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Assassin's Creed: Changes

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Susan Glover

Paulette Simon was an Assassin ally operating in Paris during the French Revolution. She was the daughter of Olivier Simon and Claudette de Saint-Cyr, and the older twin sister of Marie-Jeanette Simon.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Paulette was born and raised in the city of Le Havre. Her father was a merchant and ally of the Brotherhood, while her mother was a former member – after disobeying the Council, she had been expelled. After Paulette's father found out of this, he wanted to join the Brotherhood, but Claudette refused him to do so. Their daughters however, was to trained as merchants and Assassins. Claudette's vision was to end the Templars' rule, but her children was the one to do so – by entering the Assassin Order and reform it to not spare any Templar. Because Olivier was not allowed by his wife to join the Brotherhood, he got a list by her however – a list with names of men and women that was Assassin that he could support economically to promote the Assassins' cause.

Her mother died when Paulette were 11 years.

Rejection Edit

When Paulette came of age, she and her twin decided to meet with the local Assassin in Le Havre. The Master Assassin, a man with the name Laurent, tested their skills. He found them old-fashioned and unoriginal however. He stated: "We are soldiers, and if we are to win a war, we need unique people – you are not unique at all." This was frustrating, and the twins left – wishing to never join the Assassins.

Because of the rejection to entering the Assassin Order, Paulette and her sister began to aid their father in trading. As merchants, they traveled to other places of the world, and at one point they crossed the Atlantic Ocean for Montréal. In her diaries, Paulette states she finding the city rough but she likes it however.

French Revolution Edit

Kidnapping Edit

After Paulette's father is given an offer from a merchant in Paris, the Simons travel to the city. However, when the family have just come a little way into the city, they are being attacked by extremists. Paulette and her sister jumps off the carriage, trying to fleeing the area. However, they are being stopped the exact moment by the extremists. Paulette draws her dual swords and begin to fight. Her sister, armed with a spear, fighting by her side. The two complement each other – the one attack the other's opponent, while the other defends the first's back. At one point they are overwhelmed however and flee to their estate in Paris – a building they not had visited since they were children.

Back at their house, the siblings kill the last extremists. They now suddenly understand that their father is gone. Paulette screams to her sister, claiming that she should've warned Paulette. Paulette's sister, Marie-Jeanette, protect herself that she had just followed Paulette – and she had enough problems with fighting off the extremists. The siblings had a long argue, and it ended up with an early night for both of them.

The following weeks, Paulette and Marie-Jeanette spent time on trying to locate their father. After they had asked men and women in Paris if they knew something about an old, disappeared merchant, people spat on the ground and left – mutter about something of rich people would soon be executed. However, a poor woman living close to the Bastille answered that she had seen a man be taken to the fortress. The sisters thanked the old woman, but when she stopped them from walking and pulled out a hand, the siblings sighed before taking out some livre and gave it to the woman. They left the woman, and began snooping. Soon, the siblings became known with the Templar plot in the Le Marais: a blacksmith and a rebel carrying out the dirty-work for a Master Templar and his agent. The Templars used the siblings' father to carry out transactions and slowly transfer the family's money to the Master Templar.

The Templars Edit

Charles Benedetto

Charles Benedetto, the Lion

However, deeper the siblings got into the Templar-plot, the more they were being exposed for the Order. They could not leave their house at the same time. If they did so, the siblings' house would probably be ransacked. If they showed someone were home, the extremists would stay out. Yet, this could not last forever, and the sisters printed an article in the newspapers, stating: "An innocent man are being held prisoner in the Bastille. We, his daughters, have information on the captor and his acolytes. Contact us, please! We need help to liberate him from the slimy crusader." The last was written to get the attention of the Assassins, and so it did. The Master Templar had read this, however, and he set Charles Benedetto to kill the sisters. The lieutenant led an attack on the siblings' estate. During their defending of their home, the sisters was suddenly aided by two Assassins – as they could tell from their clothing. After killing Charles and his followers, the sisters moved on themselves to the Bastille – looking for the man hiding himself there. As they approached the fortress, the two men told the women to go back to the estate – they would take care of it all. Paulette laughed, stating: "He is our father, and if you don't know it from the records, me and my sister are daughters of an Assassin. We are just as skilled as you two are. We are coming with you."

Climbing up the fortress of the Bastille to the towers, the sisters used their stealth learnt from their mother to silently take out the snipers with their swords, or by stunning them. The two male Assassins used something called Phantom Blades in addition to their hidden blades. While the old man killed his targets from a safe distant, the younger Assassin – even younger than Paulette and Marie-Jeanette – ran up to his targets, grabbing them, spinning around them and then stab them. Paulette found this reckless – and wondered how this … boy had managed to enter the Brotherhood! After taking down the enemies at the top of the Bastille, the Assassins and the sisters killed the extremists at the bridge in the centre above the courtyard. Killing these men too, Paulette and her sister tried to spot their target. After scouting for a time, one of the Assassins stated: "There he is!" He pointed at a huge man with red beard. The siblings made themselves ready to attack; meanwhile, the old Assassin dropped down a smoke bomb. The Assassins and the sisters quickly climbed down the walls, and began to kill the extremist. Through the smoke, Paulette saw the huge Templar running away. Paulette warned the old Assassin. The man lifted his pistol and fired. The Templar stopped. The crowd outside of the fortress fled.


Jacques Croix, The Blacksmith

The Templar turned around. He pulled out his warhammer. The one who had fired was the elderly Assassin, so he spent time on reloading. The Templar watched the three that was about attack him. The Templar wielded his warhammer against the attackers. He dealt quick with Marie-Jeanette, making her loose her consciousness. The Assassin in white was pushed from the gate, hanging from the ledge. The elderly Assassin was thrown over the gate – however, he used a rope dart to hook himself to the wooden gate. Paulette swung around her swords again and again – making pirouettes. The Templar was a big and heavy man, making it difficult to avoid the hits. Soon he was driven to the edge of the gate. He did not knew, but the Assassin in white had managed to climb up and now waited. When Paulette managed to disarm the Templar, and she pushed him further and further to the edge, he begged for mercy. "You don't have to do this. I'll give you money! Guns, weapons; whatever you want. Please! I'll take a bout; leave Paris – anywhere you want, I'll go anywhere!" He suddenly heard behind him: "Fous-moi le camp!" A blade was placed to his throat. Blood was spilt. The Templar wobbled before falling to the ground. The Bastille had once time been surrounded by a moat, but now it was dried out, and he fell down to the dry mud – breaking his neck.

After searching through the Bastille, Paulette and her followers did not found Olivier. What they found however, was a surviving extremist in the courtyard. Paulette pulled out her sword, pointing to his chest. "Where is my father, bâtard?" The man laughed, but Paulette then threatened him. The extremist then answered that he only knew that his brother had been sent to the Arsenal with a key. There he would meet with mademoiselle Dufour. The man then took his last breath.

The Agent Edit


Constance Dufour, the agent

The next evening, Paulette and her sister met with the Assassins. They had spent their day on reconnoiter the Arsenal: finding out what the agent was up to, what her schemes were, where Olivier could be – such things. It had not taken a long time before they had located her apartment, where Templar-banners hang on the walls. It was obvious she was a Templar, but it seemed she wanted to leave the Order, because while the young Assassin in white had investigated her papers – all Templar-related – she had taken all proofs of her allegiance and burnt them. She even had thrown her pin into the fires. She had then heard her name being called from the staircase, and she went to out to talk. When she returned, the Assassin had taken his way out of the window – closing it after him. However, he had taken a book with Templar-records. It told about the latest the transactions. The Assassin gave it to Paulette, who – after quickly looking over it – understood that the money had been spread across Paris in order to not store it all at one place – making it difficult to catch it all at once. The sisters thanked for the help. Marie-Jeanette then asked if they had managed to locate their father, but the Assassins that that was not the case. The woman became frustrated, but Paulette told her to calm down. With that, Paulette and her sister followed the Assassins. The agent seemed to have a bit of a hurry, because suddenly they saw her walking out – more or less yelling to her protectors that she had to leave. She told four lieutenants – one at the time – to make the boats ready. She then walked over to a storehouse where she told the guardsmen something. The two climbed down in a hole before bringing up an old man. Paulette and her sister would have screamed under other circumstance, but now they were silence. They followed the agent and her guardsmen to the docks by the Seine. While they stalked them, the Templar and an extremist had a conversation with Olivier – mocking him. They were all protected by the National guard, who seemed to take no notice that an enemy of the Crown had decided to join the group. Paulette therefore suspected that the National guards was either influenced by the Templars as their puppet, or they simply followed orders because of money.

At the docks, Paulette and her sister wanted to know what they were going to do. The agent were going to leave in just few minutes if they did not do anything quickly. So, the Assassins threw their smoke bombs. Paulette and her sister followed the two Assassins. They all jumped down to the docks, and began to swing their weapons. Paulette killed several of the enemies, but soon located her father. She saw him in the hands of the extremist however – the latter receiving orders from the agent. Thereafter, the extremist ran away with the old man over his shoulders. Paulette ordered her sister to follow the Assassins. The smoke rose from the fight, and Paulette ran after the extremist. Meanwhile, Marie-Jeanette and the Assassins jumped out in the river – following the agent, who just now left the docks.


Gaspard Caderousse, the extremist

Paulette sprinted after the extremist. Despite his big body, he was light on his feet. Paulette's father screamed to her: "Leave me, Paulette. Help your sister. I'll manage!" Paulette refused however, stating: "I'm not losing another one of my parents." Like an invisible force dragged her, Paulette managed to speed up and gain up on the extremist. Paulette pulled out her one sword. She placed it in the side of the extremist. The man did not expected it, and he lost Olivier. The merchant flew through the air, landing in the river. The stop made Paulette hit the extremist, and the two rolled over the riverbank. When Paulette got back on her feet, the extremist also did. He took out his huge axe and ran towards Paulette. She got up on her feet, pulled out her rapier and began to fight the extremist. He swung his axe to her head. Paulette bent down. From her position, she took one step to the right and rose up again. She lifted the rapier to her attacker. He parried the hit, and used the axe's butt end to hit her in the temple. She walked back a few steps. He lifted the axe, Paulette rolled over – avoiding the blow. She rose again, stabbing the soldier through his back. The man screamed, but turned around. The rapier broke because of the movement, and Paulette threatened her opponent with the broken rapier. He laughed again before lifting his axe-arm and threw it through the air towards Paulette. She bent down – facing the air – and on her way back up, she threw the sword into the extremist's skull.

Olivier – who had grown up in Le Havre, a coastal town – had manage to swim to the riverbank. Paulette saw her father and ran up to him. With a wonder, he had managed to avoid getting any water – despite the current in the river – into his lungs. Paulette sat down beside him and took his head into her lap. "I wish your mother could see this," he said. Paulette said she did not wanted so. Olivier asked why, and she answered: "I do not want her to see how bad me and my sister took care of you." At this point, Olivier sat up and looked at his daughter. "Your mother would be very proud of you – and so am I. Seeing it from my point of view, I can tell that the Assassins only seek to eliminate the Templars – not caring on saving the life of people like you and me. Without you and your sister's participation in saving my life, the Assassins would come too late to save me; I would just be another man added to the Templars' list of dead people." Paulette smiled, and said: "Why didn't you enter the Assassin Order?" Olivier smiled, before stating: "Firstly, as you already know, your mother did not want me to. Secondly, I do not support the ways of belonging to an organization who worships murder as their answer to the problems."

Leaving Paris Edit

Some days later, after returning home to their estate from the market, the Simons discovered the house had been occupied by extremists – who seemed to be lead by a Jacobin named Kevin de Kilmister. Kevin was a fallen aristocrat who now seemed to carry out dirty-work for other nobles, and this seemed to be one of these jobs – as was told by the people living in the neighborhood. Furthermore, they told, Kevin seemed to be looking for some notes in a book. Many walls in Paris had ears. Paulette thanked the man who had filled them in with the last information: Kevin carried a red cross on him. After discussing, the siblings agreed on that Marie-Jeanette would find the Assassins again and ask for their help. Meanwhile, Paulette would bring their father to an inn close to the Assassin hideout – where Paulette would guard him.

A few weeks later, Kevin had been killed, but the house had been emptied for everything: paintings, heirlooms, documents, items of value and but not the book with transferring and transactions. The book had been hidden inside a wall close to the entrance. The family had dabbled with the idea of living in Paris for a while – carrying out the transactions and redo the transfers of the money, but until they were settled they had paid a bricklayer to hide the book. This seemed to have been a good idea, since the Templars not had recovered the book. However, because everything was either robbed or destroyed – the house included – the family decided to move back to Le Havre. However, Marie-Jeanette decided that – in order to make their father happy – she would stay in Paris for a while longer and search for the items. Marie-Jeanette was convinced that the Assassins would help, and Paulette said that after all this, maybe they would.

Paulette and Olivier traveled to Le Havre, spending the following months to get the business back on its feet. The Templars had – despite using only three months – managed to destroy almost all of the company. In late December – some days before christmas – Marie-Jeanette returned to Le Havre with a painting of their mother, some items of value and a necklace from the Assassin Order. The Assassins had granted Marie-Jeanette to become a part of the Brotherhood. Paulette was thrilled over her twin managing to become an Assassin, and so was their father.

Later life and death Edit

At the end of the Revolution, Paulette felt she had begun to outgrow her own father in trading. New forms came, but he meant it was best to do the same old stuff. Paulette refused, and this lead to a fight which, eventually, ended with Paulette leaving France with the next ship to Kinsale, Ireland; from Kinsale, she traveled to Montréal. In Montréal, she met a woman. The two of them established a lumber/fur-company which outdid the several other trading-companies in Canada.

Paulette died after an extreme winter.

Trivia Edit

  1. Paulette is the French feminine diminutive of Paul – from the Roman family name Paulus, which meant "small" or "humble" in Latin.
  2. Simon come from Σιμων (Simon), the New Testament Greek form of the Hebrew name שִׁמְעוֹן (Shim'on)  which meant "he has heard".
  3. Paulette did not traveled back to France to meet up at her father's funeral.
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