Peruvian Rite of the Templar Order
Peruvian Templars
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Isabella Lozano


Lima, Perù

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ca 1510

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The Peruvian Rite of the Templar Order is a group of like-minded individuals who swore an allegiance to the Templar ideals, and operated from the 16th century and operates still today. Still, the Rite have had many ups and downs throughout the timeline.

History  Edit

Foundation Edit

In 1510, the Spanish Rite of the Templar Order commissioned one of his best men, Isabella Lonzano to travel the New World. There in the New World, Lozano met several people and eventually reached the country that would become Peru. In the course of some time, Isabella managed to recruit men and women willing to live following the commandments of the Templars, and officially founded the Peruvian Rite of the Templar Order. In the Age of Discovery, the Templars extended their domination by infiltrating their men into the ranks of the colonizers and soon found the resources and the men to carry out their work. In 1539, Isabella was killed by Peruvian Assassin Mentor Quila.

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