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"Live as you see fit and free, this is the compromise of the Brotherhood. Defending everything for which you live, your family, yours friends, your land. Nothing is true everything is permitted"
―Philippe François de Bullion's motto
Philippe François de Bullion
Biographical information

July 1701


March 1770

Political information

Caribbean Assassins

Real-world information
Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Purge

Assassin's Creed: Changes (mentioned)

Voice actor

Jeremy Irons

Philippe François de Bullion, the brother of Quintina François de Bullion, was an ally-assassin of the Caribbean Brotherhood during the Purge. Unlike Philippe sister he had become an ally of the Assassins, and allowed him to go to Portobello making it one of their hideouts. Philippe had become governor of Portobello allowing Assassins to make their shelter as Philippe had become an ally through Andrés François.

He is anc ancestor of Mr. Jameson.


Early life[]

Born as the middle child of five to Charles François (1668-1735) and Adelaide François (1670-1748), Philip for friends he grew carefree and without problems. The mother of Philip was a Templar of the "old school", while his father was more than a radical behavior - Philip did not want to become just a Templar having brainwashed in his youth by his own parents. During his childhood, Philip learned to him in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.

Philip also had a younger sister Quintina that was included in the Order of the Templars already 17-years. Philip, however, studied to become a lawyer always deferring more his marriage to the Templars. As at 20 he knew he wanted to fight but not do this. He studied and eventually become a lawyer like his siblings and family always encouraged more to join the Templars.

Outside the family[]

Quintina François de Bullion

Tired that his wanted it to become a Templar, Philip decided to take the reins of her destiny once and for all. In 1728, Philip was 27-years-old and was ready to run away from his family estate. He soon made the suitcases in a hurry in a simple baggage to carry as a backpack and prepared a horse for the night flight. Philippe waited until all were asleep in the house and then went out floor of his room. A Philip point was blocked in the hallway by a person, his sister Quintina. "Where are you going at this hour of the night like a thief brother?" asked Quintina. "None of your business now little sister get out of here," said Philip. Quintuplet Philip looked into the eyes, and then took his sword. Philip knew that she understood his intentions and took his carefully by knife behind his back. "Quintina please do not make me hard the whole" Philip said. "No brother I will leave you Go away!" Said Quintina. The sister course forward and sent shots everywhere like Philip missed all or simple wallpaper with his knife. Philip blocked the Quintina arm on the wall causing him to lose his sword. Quintuplet took a knife and swung to the chest of Philip, he reached down and pushed her against the wall. Philip threw himself from the window with open arms and then went to a haystack. Philip ran quickly to the horse as at one point received a gunshot wound to the foot. Philip even if the wound is hoisted on his horse and ran away for the night. Philip turned to see Quintina with men holding behind him. Philip did his best to dodge all their shots as at one point and took a smoke bomb and threw it against. Philip managed to get away with that move permanently. That day he would be reborn to a new life for something he wanted, not his parents. Philip knew that he would be tried for the whole country for that with his money he took a ship to the Caribbean and finally left Europe and so his old past.

Ally of Assassins[]

Andréas François

Philip arrived in Kingston full of expectations. After a long search he found a job as a lawyer, and managed to keep working accommodation for a bit 'and pay rent. But in 1730 he bought a house and married a young blond-haired woman who was born in 1705. With her he had four sons and he went on as a lawyer until 1740 that he became a judge. Philip gained always managing to maintain his family and to give a good education to their children. Philip was a just judge punishing the culprits is preferred that of the poor and this was not good in some people. One day in 1750, Philip was returning home after a day's work and saw that a suspicious man was following him. Philip pretended not to. He now had 49-year-old and was a bit older but she remembered her enough training. Philip arrived in a secluded area with no people around. Philip heard footsteps behind him and the iron noise flowing. Philip jumped to the side just in time to dodge a warrant knife to her back. Philip turned to see a man with a knife, the man tried to stab Philip stomach but he grabbed her wrist and the other arm. The two were so for a while 'with Philip strained with the effort of keeping. The man finally sent Philip against a wall freeing. The aggressor was to cut Philip throat when a figure dropped from a roof and stabbed the attacker to Philip in the back, killing him. Philip with the adrenaline still thanked his savior. The man said that there was no time and that Philip was still in danger. The two ran to the home of Philip and after a race they entered it. The family of Philip they all around him asking him why he had taken so long to return and what had happened to him. Philip explained everything as his savior was always standing there. At the end of the story, the man said he had to speak in private with Philippe. Philippe accepted and carried him in his study, Philippe closed the door and told the man his name. The man said that he already knew who it was Philippe, "I know all about why I'm here," the man said. "My name is Andrés François and I am an Assassin," he said. Philip to hear that name understood everything like a distant memory. The Assassins Templar enemies. "You're here to kill me after all these years Assassin?" Philip asked. "It was so long ago is now no longer a Templar'm done with those FOREVER!" She cried Philip. François said no but was there to save him from the templar killer sent by the Family de Bullion from France directly. Philip was shocked by the news. As his family wanted him dead for the Templars. He was their son he thought would eventually awakened in them the instinct of parents to forgive him and let him. Instead they preferred the Order, the Order would have done out of their son. Bastards! Philip hated his parents looking down. Andréas told him that Philippe was a good person and it would be helpful to the cause of the Assassins and somehow take revenge from his former family. Philip accepted. He would pass all the information to Caribbean Assassins, and if he could with time he could do more. So Philip worked as an ally of the Brotherhood for the coming years and also entered the circle of people of high social rank. The eldest son of Philip became an Assassin by the name of Mr. Thomas, who also worked as a spy among the Templars formally between 1756 and 1768. Instead, Philip became the governor of Portobello in 1763. For the next years Philip did earmark in the city a gang of criminals affiliated with the Assassins guild and the brotherhood by killing the Templars in that area.


Eric Rackham

Philip lived in Portobello as governor, and made sure that the Templar activity is destroyed there in the city. As a day of 1770 Phillipe make a public speech in which he told how their city was thriving, and new treaties ant-pirates. Philip finished when the speech was not convinced. In the crowd he had seen two men dressed in black who were talking and one of them had a knife. The gunman was as if he wanted to kill someone who was before where it was Philip. Philip realized they were the Templars and they were there for him. Philip immediately put on alert of assassins to kill Templars but before following them. Philip went to his manor and there he closed with his escort as the Templars were alive after the ambush.

A few days later two men put the hood and were welcomed by the Secretary of Gambais that Bullion asked what they wanted. A man said that they were members of ingots for a meeting. Gambais led by Bullion saw that it was accompanied by two assassins-top-ranked, Bullion quickly realized that one was the Master Templar Shay Cormac and the other, however, one of his pupils. The student stabbed Gambais and Cormac hit Philip in the leg. A assassin attacked Shay stabbed him in the shoulder, Shay cried out in pain and assassin shot and then ended up stabbing him in the throat. Second place assassin dropped the hidden blade on the student's head, but stopped his arm after led to the killer's head. The student stood up and saw Bullion crawling down the hall, Shay delivered the dagger with his student who took it and went to Bullion ....