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March 16 1521- Magellan's Arrival[]

Magellan and his boats arrived in the city of Mactan (formerly Opong), after their conquest to find some Pieces of Eden under the guise of finding the Spice Island; there, they seek for the three main reasons of conquest, God, Gold, and Glory. Coincidentally, the city has in its possession a Kampilan; a Filipino sword, protected by Lapu-Lapu and his Militia, which were members of the Visayas-based Assassin's called the Kabisayaan Brotherhood of Assassins, mainly composed of Militia, Rajas (Powerful Men) and the "Kings" of each tribe. The day ended with Magellan's forces defeated, brought upon by his death by the hand of Lapu-Lapu's warrior named Habagat with his Bamboo Hidden Blade. The remaining Templar forces were lead back to Spain by Juan Sebastian Elcano, Magellan's first mate.

Jose Rizal's La Liga Filipina Movement[]

After the Spanish invasion of the Philippines, Spain managed to assume complete control of the country, supressing every pocket of resistance. Jose Rizal, a supporter of the weakened Assassin Movement, traveled to Spain, in which he discovered that the King, and the populace were oblivious to the corruption of the government established in the Philippines and the religious exploitation happening. Following Rizal's investigation, it was discovered that the King's Sentries, known as Bisitadors, were bribed by the corrupted Templars to falsely report back, those who were against them, were simply lined up on a wall and shot. He attempted to use his writings in order to deliver the message to the Spaniard Government.

Rizal's Exile, and the Re-establishment of the Brotherhood as a sect of the Katipunan[]

After Rizal's was branded as a rebel by the government and exiled in Dapitan, the Katipunan Revolutionary Forces was founded, made up by farmers, workers, and the assassin's themselves, they secretly defended the Apple. Following discovery by the Spaniards, they waged a nation-wide Revolution against Spain and the Templars. Then the American Templars, attained information of the Apple, bought the Archipelago from Spain, waged a mock war with the Spaniard forces, and then searched for the Apple themselves.However During the mock war the Templars have managed to stage several events which grew tensions with the Local forces and the American forces . And Led to an actual war between the Philippines and America with soldiers for each side fighting for their own countries.

US Assimilation of the Philippines, American Assassins' Assistance.[]

Outgunned and outnumbered by the new arrivals, the Katipunan were prepared for a last stand. But as they stood their ground, the American Assassin's had come to their aid, dispatching the Templars with apparent ease with their new technologies, (revolvers, muskets) and saving the Katipunan. The Assassination of the American President and Templar William McKinley, who was suceeded by the Assassin-supporter Theodore Roosevelt eased the tension between the two parties, which reduced the skirmishes and rebellions for a couple of years, and finally ended with the establishment of the Commonwealth government, which was established to train the Filipinos in politics, sovereignty, and leadership.

World War 2, Axis Templars Invasion, MacArthur's Assassin Reinforcements[]

When the Axis Templars started their attack, the Japanese invaded the Philippines, and caught both the American and Filipino assassin's off guard, who were forced into Guerilla Warfare tactics. The Assassins then reformed into the HukBaLaHap, (Hukbo ng Bayan Laban sa Hapon, the Country's Movement against the Japanese, or simply Huk) constantly harassing the Japanese with raids, and guerilla tactics, Until Assassin commander Douglas MacArthur, went to Australia, retrieved troops, and came back to the Philippines fully replenished, and fought the Templars, with much more effectiveness. After the Hiroshima and Nagasaki droppings, the Japanese withdrew from the archipelago, thus marking the end of World War 2.