"I would have loved to slice your throat, gutter your body; I would love to make sure that the Templars who find you, will find your body in pieces: internal organs overall your body – covered in blood; I would love to make sure that you would not be found in a correct shape, but I won't. I am no longer young and foolish: I have learned. Your body will be found like this: hurt, cold. A body like yours will never be missed, and that is a punishment hard enough for you."
―Pierre to Anne-Josèphe Dumas
Pierre Étienne
Pierre 12F
Pierre entering a Templars-palace in revolutionary Paris
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19 March 1772


16 June 1815 (aged 43)

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Assassin's Creed: Changes

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François Dépeigne

Pierre Étienne d'Le Louroux was a French Assassin who operated during the French revolution. He was the younger brother to Marie Anne d'Le Louroux, and worked with the Master-Assassin Laurent Mouzay. His speciality was melee – unlike his stealthy sister and the show-off-like Mouzay.

After the revolution he, his sister and Mouzay worked in Paris to secure that people like Louis d'Orléans did not regained power in the city. When the Napoleonic wars was a fact, Mouzay went into the army for the Prussian army (he would not work for an emperor who operated against the Creed); Pierre were by the sent to the Middle-East to go after David al-Djin, by the Parisian Council.

When Pierre arrived Turkey to kill David al-Djin, he was told by an Assassin that there were four people with power in Ankara: David al-Djin, Joa Dafour, Lantz Jancuxz and Vilma Olk. When these people was dealt with, Pierre settled down with the Assassin Dilara Vrána.

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The Hooligans of Calais Edit

When Pierre and his sister had become two Assassins, the Council sent them to Calais. The city had belonged to the Templars for years, and newly the papers in Paris said that The Turk had driven with slave-trading and -smuggling. Two other Templars, only known as The Daredevil and The Bureaucrat, assisted the leader of The Turk. Their mission was to kill The Slaver's acolytes, scandalize him, and then kill him.

The Daredevil Edit

"Under the circumstances, I forsee your death is close, mon cher ami (my dear friend)."
– The Daredevil, somewhere between 1785–1789

AC3L-Elise Render

Marguerite Murat was born in Calais, and was the daughter of two merchants – of whom belonged to the Templar Order. She was the oldest child of three and was also a (of what we would call today) LGBT individual who liked to dress more of a man's clothes than a woman's.


Murat was a member of the Templar Order, who served under the pseudonym of "The Daredevil"

In 1785, Murat was recruited into the Templar Order by François Germain – he did not care of their sexual orientation. As a Templar, Murat controlled the streets of the poor in Calais. She was a master in duels, and owned a fightclub: Hist Taverne. She got money to hire brutes. These brutes controlled Calais, and made trouble for the law; they did however served as bodyguards for her husband Joséph Iscariotte.

In 1789, Murat was killed in a duel; this was rather strange. It was said that not one could kill her, but she did fell for Pierre Étienne's blade. The club was closed, and the brutes did now served Joséph continuos.

The Bureaucrat Edit

"When I return, this house is mine; then this house will serve as firewood." 
– The Bureaucrat moments before his death, 1789

ACIII-Samuel Adams V

Joséph Iscariotte was born in wealth in the city of Versailles. Iscariotte was the younger twin of Philippe Iscariotte – the twin did however died when he fell in a well when they both were two years old. Iscariotte's parents was a part of the Templar Order, so it was inevitable that Iscariotte became a part of the Order. His sexual orientation however as a LGBT individual however he held to himself.


Iscariotte was a member of the Templar Order, who served under the pseudonym of "The Bureaucrat"

In 1785, Iscariotte was recruited into the Templar Order by François Germain – he did not care of their sexual orientation. As a Templar, Iscariotte controlled the streets of the rich in Calais. He was a master in words, and owned a social club, form where he got money to hire brutes. These brutes controlled Calais, and made trouble for the law; they did however served as bodyguards for him. With his moneys, Iscariotte controlled lives of all the citizens of Calais.

In 1789, Iscariotte was killed by the Assassin Marie Anne Étienne while he bought a house to "make it into firewood". He was guarded by brutes, but was killed after all. Word could not help him, so he ran. A Phantom Blade shot through his chest, which killed him almost momentary.

The Slaver Edit

"First I check their body and -weight; secondly I go after their teeth: how are they? This will tell me in which condition the slaves are in; then I put a prize on them.
– The Slaver explaining his line of action before selling a slave, c. 1760–1789
Shamar 12F
Shamar al-Djin was a rich slaver from Middle East. He came to France in irons in 1742 at an age of 6. Al-Djin was brought to Marseille, France as a slave, and sold to a nobleman named Robert LaGouze. LaGouze used Shamar as a slave to clean his mansion in Marseille. Mme. LaGouze used al-Djin as a pin cushion when she sewed dresses for the Queen, and as a simple servant. 

Al-Djin founded his own trading company with the money he had been given from the LaGouzes after his freedom in 1759 – at the age of 23. His company, The Turk, soon grow attention to merchants all over France – and further out form the country's frontiers. Men from as far as Serbia heard of The Turk and wished to job for the owner. Al-Djin became a wealthy man, and soon draw attention of smugglers also. Al-Djin established a plantation in the Caribbean (in a French colony) where he had hired a local businessman to administer the tract of land. France had established Code Noir that forbid cruel treatment of slaves, but even a earlier slave as al-Djin ignored this Code. He thought if he could become a free man after some years of discipline, other slaves would too.


Shamar al-Djin was a part of the Templar Order, where he served under the pseudonym of "The Slaver"

In 1773, Shamar al-Djin was recruited into the French Templar Order. Since al-Djin was a wealthy and well-established man in Calais, he was given control of that city. The merchant worked with two other Templars to control the city: Marguerite and Joséph Iscariotte. Al-Djin was a man who manipulated everything he crossed path with – this included street rats and public officers. He ruled over Calais and it's citizens with an iron hand.

1789, Shamar al-Djin was assassinated by the Assassin-siblings Marie Anne and Pierre Étienne while he had a party. He sat at the dinner table with some other Templars when someone cut the rope to the chandeliers. They fell into the table and destroyed all of the light. In the chaos, the Templars were killed, and the Assassins followed al-Djin to a balcony. They shot him in both of his legs before they interrogated him. When the Assassins were done, Pierre threw al-Djin from the balcony – making it seem like he would have taken his own life.

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