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Pierre Droit

Pierre Droit, marquis de Saint-Cyr (1710 – 1759) was a French nobleman and later officer in the French Army during the Seven Years' War. He was the husband of Claudette de Saint-Cyr, and the father of Didier, Dorothée and Dapoix Droit. Pierre was also a member of the French Brotherhood.

Living a luxury life from his birth in the house of Droit, Pierre was destined to become the marquis when his father passed away. His younger sisters – six in total – were all destined to marry someone else, and beg for money when he became the marquis of Saint-Cyr. When this day came, Pierre would be ready to govern the estate and it's land. His mother prepared him for it, and even chose his future wife: Claudette. Pierre found it annoying, but her dowery was more than enough to silence him. As a 27-year-old, Pierre and Claudette – who was 25 – gave each other their 'I do'.

With his father's death in 1740, Pierre took the role of the new marquis. In 1743, he was contacted by someone who he found strange – their intentions seemed strange: peace through control. He told this to his wife, who then traveled to Paris to warn someone named Mirabeau. A short time after, Pierre disappear from the history. He first reappeared back at the estate in 1747 when he wrote in his diaries about his newborn son: Didier. This is undoubtedly his time when he carries out some actions for the Brotherhood because he often referred to his 'brothers', but he has no other family than sisters.

At the outbreak of the Seven Years' War, it can be confirmed that Pierre is officially a member of the Brotherhood – though his date of initiation is uncertain. As many other nobles, Pierre was called into the army to serve as officers. Serving the army for six years, Pierre died due to an infected wound.