"The truth is never what we want it to be. Was this what you hoped for?"
―Pluto to Wei Yan Wong

Pluto - Isu


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2201 Isu Era

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Humans (during Human-Isu War)

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Assassin's Creed: Civilization

Pluto also known as Tertius was the brother of Juno and son of Saturn, and an Isu archaeologist. Unlike his sister, who was a Supremacist, Pluto wanted to understand how and why the humans were acting so bad as they did. He wanted to know how the their techonology could save the humans from themselves.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Pluto was born in the year of 2201 in the Isu Era, making him 6 year younger than his sister. Pluto's mother, Annona, died in childbirth – making Saturn outdistance his son. At the age of 10, after embarrassing his father in front of the Triad, Pluto was sent away to live in Eden. Here he was raised by the Isu beings Consus and Hephaestus. This created a hatred against Saturn, Juno, Jupiter and Minerva.

During the Human-Isu War, Pluto sided with the humans only for the reason to understand how they managed to resist the Pieces' power. Pluto read up on the Isu's old scientific books, from which he learned of different types of Pieces that had been abandoned or disappeared during the events of the War of Unification. Whilst Loki – who also sided with the humans – stole Cubes of Eden to aid the rebels, Pluto traveled with his daughter Phoebe to different locations over Earth to locate these artifacts of lost time and obtain them. Also, out of grief and hatred, he wanted to destroy his father and sister – even if it meant the end of his own species.

During the Toba catastrophe, Pluto used a Crystal Ball to enter the Nexus – saving him, his daughter and his dog's lives. However, they were separated upon entering; Pluto therefore constantly searches for Phoebe and Cerebus. Due to entering it together and now separated, they slowly began mutating – giving them powers to change appearance whilst in the Nexus, though Cerebus only could change size.

Encounter with Wei Yan Wong Edit

Whilst being knocked out, the Templar Wei Yan Wong somehow entered the Nexus, witnessing Pluto in the form of a mantis. Whilst Pluto pulled the woman slowly towards him, she fell down on her knees and begged for her life. Moments before Pluto was going to devour her, he changed his mind and left her. In the dark, Pluto seemed to discuss with himself. Wei Yan could not hear what he was whispering. Pluto decided however to show himself for her for a few seconds, though only in a silhouette, showing he had obtained a scythe before entering the Nexus.

Later, when Wei Yan activated the orb obtained by Rong Hsu, she came in contact with Pluto's dog, Cerebus. He walked into the dark of the Nexus, searching for his owner when he saw Wei Yan. Instead of attacking, Cerebus sniffed on her. After doing so, he walked away. Wei Yan followed. Somehow, Pluto knew she was there; in form of an enormous eagle, Pluto grabbed his dog and flew out in the dark of the Nexus. Wei Yan screamed after him, asking who he was. As an answer, Pluto came out of the dark again – without Cerebus – now in form of cockroaches, towards her. Surrounding her, Pluto began climbing on her body – killing her within the Nexus.

Wei Yan recovered however (since the events before were illusions), and reentered the Nexus. Now in for a third time, Pluto approached her as a group of herons – circling above Wei Yan. Ignoring her questions, Pluto suddenly dived and plunged into the emptiness under her – taking form of an enormous koi. Still ignoring her, but now pondering on if he should attack or talk, Pluto decided to do the latter. He divided himself in two, with one part of him still under Wei Yan in form of smal koi fishes; the second part of him flew into the dark. A phantom of his bust took form, yelling: "Why have you came to meet me, knave?" The woman answered: "I want to know who you are. What you are!" Pluto avoided her statement: "Your soul is contaminated by vengeance and hegemony. Your request of knowledge have been rebuked for your unpureness. Leave, nitwit Wong." Pluto summoned Cerebus. The koi fishes under Wei Yan jumped out from under her and took form of a lobster. Before the animals ate Wei Yan – taking her away from the Nexus – Pluto said: "If you ever set your foot in the Nexus again, I won't hesitate on sick my dog on you!"

Despite the warning, Wei Yan entered the Nexus again through the orb, a long time later. She did not wander a long time before being approached by a naked man. Wei Yan was uncomfortable, but were soon aware of the man's cat-like eyes. Pluto shoved her across the floor, taking the form of a monkey, wielding the scythe. Using the Piece of Eden, Pluto summoned a group of leopards – sending them on Wei Yan. Whilst fighting them, Pluto used three bubbles – each containing a resurrected orb – floating around him to shoot blasts. After fighting the alpha-leopard, one of the orbs exploded – wounding the Isu being. While summoning new animals, Pluto used the scythe to make rifts in the floor, summoning old warriors of the Human-Isu War. After fighting them off, Pluto sent a group of herons on Wei Yan. The woman defended herself by chopping off their heads. After eliminating the leader of the herons, their alpha, another orb exploded. Pluto now placed the scythe through the floor, stirring for new fighters. Wei Yan tried to get to Pluto, but he pulled out the weapon; as if someone pulled out a plug, a horde of grasshoppers flew out and surrounded Wei Yan. Serving only as a distraction, Pluto now summoned owls. After slicing and killing the birds, the last orb exploded – resulting in Pluto exiting his form of a monkey.

Pulling out a sword and pointing it on Pluto, Wei Yan demanded answers. Still wielding his scythe, Pluto impales Wei Yan's side, span around and threw her into the air. He held the woman there, using the scythe. "I told you last time, little one, that I would not hesitate on feeding you to Cerebus if you showed up again." Pluto hesitated for a moment. "You want knowledge. Very good. Me et ostendam vobis." The end of the scythe began glowing, showing Wei Yan a vision from the last days of Earth before the Toba Catastrophe.

Assassin's Creed Revelations - Toba Catastrophe - Fall Of The First Civilization

Assassin's Creed Revelations - Toba Catastrophe - Fall Of The First Civilization

After showing Wei Yan the vision, Pluto asked: "The truth is never what we want it to be. Was this what you hoped for?" Giving Wei Yan a shock using the scythe, he destroyed the orb she had used.

Pluto never reencountered with Wei Yan Wong.

Meeting Bayek of Siwa Edit

After the assassination of Caesar, it did not take long before Cleopatra returned to Egypt. Upon her return, Bayek soon learned of her ties to the Order of the Ancients. Flavius' wife had arrived in Egypt, working along with four others: Nehalennia, Teofylaktos, Orcus and Qa'a. Learning of a military post that was under the influence of the Son of Ra, Bayek hunted down and killed the commander, Osorkon. Osorkon had kept a note that was signed The Eel. The letter told about a Temple in the desert of Egypt, but were sealed with a set of keys. Bayek and his Brotherhood eliminated The Eel, The Hoplite, The Cobra, The Eagle and The Leopard. After doing so, the newly established Ancients lost their power over Cleopatra – who now had to work all by herself.

As a result of the Hunt of the Five, Bayek unlocked the gate to a Temple left behind by Osiris and Isis. It served as their base of operations for overseeing the Pharaoh. Upon entering, the security system activated – which had been empowered by an Apple of Eden. The two gods came forth as holograms for Bayek, who knelt for them. "Why have this varmint entered the most sacred place of the pharaoh?" Osiris asked. Bayek answered that he had hunted down peoples who had manipulated Cleopatra. Isis replied: "Those men and women were the samaritans of Egypt – Queen Cleopatra is hoydenish and naïve; the Ancients are the Pharaoh's advisors, the Medjay are their soldiers. You have brought imbalance to the kingdom." Osiris continued: "Now we will end this tyranny. Egypt cannot be saved." After the holograms ended, a ghost appeared beside Bayek. Just before he could do anything, the ghost touched Bayek in the forehead – making him fall to the ground.

Finding himself in the Nexus, Bayek was scared for a few minutes before Pluto approached him. "Bayek of Siwa; slayer of Anubis, Sobek and Sekhmet. Trespassing gods, disobeying them, turning against the Pharaoh, killing men and women in public. Bayek of Siwa? More like Bayek of Krokodilopolis, the city of death – given the arenas. I am no one; well, no one you know at least. All you need to know is that I'm a Hidden One – like you – but also an Ancient – like your enemies. Unlike both of you, however, I seek knowledge; I pursue the expertise your species have on resisting Consus' technology." The Assassin Bayek did not understand, then Pluto replied: "You don't need to. You are my emissary to the world beyond the Nexus. I want you to know – I want them to know – that these artifacts, these tools, aren't toys. My family ordered Hephaestus and Consus to forge these Pieces, but now they are being misused. The present humans don't understand what the Isu's weapons was, is, capable of. Bring these word to your breed, Bayek of Siwa."

Pluto then disappeared into the Nexus, still searching for his daughter.

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Pluto and Phoebe

Pluto wielding a Staff of Eden. Phoebe sit on his lap, hiding a Ring. Cerebus lies in front of them, defending a Battery.

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