Bayek: "How did you get the orb? I hid it in Alexandria"
Phoebe: "This? It's not the Apple of Alexandria, it's mine – capable of things far more greater than that artifact. "
―Bayek meeting Phoebe

Pluto's Apples were artifacts the Isu Pluto wielded during an encounter with Wei Yan Wong whilst being captured in the Nexus. Pluto used three of them, manipulating them in doing his bidding during the fight.

History Edit

With Assassin-hunter Wong not obeying his orders on reenter the Nexus as the reason, Pluto took the form of a monkey whilst wielding his scythe. He created the Apples using the scythe – creating a bond between the artifacts.

During his encounter with Wei Yan, Pluto firstly summoned leopards, using his scythe. One of the Apples were then used to split a Shard to their alpha, empowering it. Upon killing the alpha, the first Apple were destroyed. Infuriated over his loss, Pluto summoned warriors to defend himself, using the scythe. The Apples did not gave a Shard to them, spending their power on the next group of animals: herons. Upon arriving, the alpha was given a Shard. Fighting off the Apple's animals, killing the alpha, the artifact stopped working – causing an explosion, which wounded Pluto. The last Apple gave it's powers to a set of owls, which exploded after Wei Yan eliminated these also.

With all of the Apples destroyed, Pluto were too weak to uphold his form as monkey – falling to the ground. After showing Wei Yan the truth of the humans and the First Disaster, Pluto sent her away from the Nexus – destroying the Crystal Ball she had used to enter.

Bayek encountered with Phoebe some time after the events of Flavius Metellus' death. She carried an Apple with the looks of Pluto's Apple. If it was or not is uncertain.

Powers Edit

Using his scythe, the Apples shared a symbiotic relationship with the weapon – both having the possibility to summon animals of the Nexus. When Pluto summoned leopards with his scythe, the Apples served as the lifeforce of the animals – exploding if their alpha, which carried a Shard. The Shard made the alpha appear in a different color, but able to control the other animals to do the alpha's bidding – and giving the alpha more power.

When the scythe were used for summoning soldiers, the Apples worked for themselves in summoning animals – still causing a deadly explosion for Pluto when the alpha died.

Notalbe wielders Edit

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