Project Omega
Project Omega
Vital statistics
Start 2000
End 2019
Location Global
Outcome Abstergo now had the possibility to create a Piece of Eden
Project Omega is the codename of an operation run by the Abstergo branches in order to create their own Piece of Eden. By doing this, the Templars' utopia would soon be in their grasp. The Assassins would be defeated, and the human kind would finally be redeemed of lies and corrupt politicians. The Templars would control every pillar of society, and they would guide every individual to their rightful place.

But in order to do so, the Templar Order needed recruits. The Assassins had began to kill more and more of Abstergo's employees. Angelica did therefore founded Abstergo Medical. At the Medical, Angelica's brother was to find new recruits to the Order. The Medical was to find them in the public – by creating car accidents. The involved ones was to be said to be dead – and the alive ones was to be brought to the Medical. At the Medical, the new recruits would experience normal school days and – by time – be trained in the Omega training program. And the most outstanding ones would be inducted to the Templar Order.

Project Omega is, summarized, an operation run by the Abstergo branches to create their own Pieces of Eden, and recruit new members to the Templar fold.

In 2017, through the genetic memories of the former Abstergo Entertainment intern, Horatio Pierce's ancestors. Abstergo discovered the Sources of Eden, meterorite carvings that contained cosmic energy that the Isu used to power their Pieces of Eden. This discovery has helped the project greatly and finding these Sources is the project's number 1 priority.

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