Qiang Zhang

Qiang Zhang

Qiang Zhang was a Chinese nobleman and ally of the Assassin Brotherhood. Though not a member of the vigilantes of China, Qiang still used a cryptonym: The Eagle.

Born and raised in Chinese nobility, Qiang made strong contacts as a young man. Many women saw themselves by his side, but he preferred the company of a man's. One of his lovers took good use of Qiang's desires, and made him fall in love with him. Presenting Qiang for the Brotherhood, he began funding their actions. As a noble, he owned areas all over China. This made sure the Assassins could operate in all corners of the mainland. When his lover died on a mission for the Assassins, he kept his necklace as a memory.

At some point he denounced an important ally of the Templar Order within the imperial court, maing himself a target. On the orders of Na Xue Lin, Qiang was killed by the Wong-twins.

As a trophy, Qiang's necklace was taken to the Grand Master.

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