Quintina François de Bullion

Louise de la Fontaine

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17 May 1702


1 May 1783

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Assassin's Creed: Changes (mentioned)

"Living alone is a risk to help the Templars, but being married can give one contacts in other parts of the world. The marriage with Andrés will therefore be advantageous for a woman of my calibre. Even though he is an Assassin, my acting will make him think I – a Templar – have fallen in love with him. But when he have shown me where the Staff is, his time will come to and end. He will be to no use for me – nor for the Order of the Knight Templars."
―Quintina's journal
Quintina François LeCroix-Rochelle de Bullion was a French Templar that operated in the high society of France on behalf of a more radical way of thinking of the Templar Order. She was the wife of the Assassin Andrés François, whom she mothered three children: Madeleine, Louis-Dominique and Élise de Bullion.

Biography Edit


Quintina de Bullion's Templar-outfit. This was better to use at missions

Early life Edit

Born as the youngest child of five to Charles François (1668–1735) and Adelaide François (1670–1748), Quintina was raised to behave like a woman of her ranks, and of what was expected of her (this came from her mother however). Quintina's mother was a Templar of the "old school", whilst her father was more of a radical behavior – meaning Quintina needed to get out in the world, bringing the females into the Order. He meant it was way too few, and Quintina was agree. She was also taught in Spanish in addition to her mother tongue.

Being inducted to the Templar Order already at the age of 17, Quintina became obsessed by finding a Piece of Eden that was to be located in France: a staff of Eden. She wanted to find this for the Order, and controlling the minds of the human kind. The men of this world needed of a cleanse and guidance. With the Staff in the Templars' inheritance, they would create an Utopia of order.

The Baron Edit

Logan Gunquest

Logan Gunquest, 4th baron of Brecon

Quintina was sent to London, England at the age of 26 to be taught in the old Templars' way by the Carroll family – during this time she also learned English. Whilst she was here, Quintina became known with a baron named Logan Gunquest. Logan was a Templar that had learned French and he admired Quintina for her charm and looks. Logan came from Bath, and when he threw a Templar-party in honor of Jacques de Molay, he invited Quintina. The woman came and the two of them began to develop a deep relationship together. Whilst she was in England, and under the guidance of Mr. Carroll, Quintina traveled to Stonehenge. It was said that the druids that had used it in their time, had been in the possession of a Shroud of Eden. It was up to Logan and Quintina to find it and bring it to the Templars.

Arriving in Stonehenge, Quintina and her associate established a camp with some mercenaries hired by the Templars. They spent weeks trying to locate the Shroud. They tried to decipher the paintings covering the stones, but it was difficult – many of them had been destroyed during the passage of time. But even if the drawings was difficult to understand, they had no time. One day, the camp was attacked by the Assassins. They had got news of the Templars trying to find the Shroud, and now they wanted to get before them. Quintina and Logan grabbed their weapons, ready to defend themselves. During the attack, Quintina was wounded by an Assassin, but managed to kill another one. The Assassin that gave her the wound was a black man in yellow robes, and the one she killed, a black woman. Logan killed not less than two on his own. The Templars' mercenaries fled the area. Quintina and Logan was captured by the Assassins, and was to be brought to the Mentor. The Assassins spent the rest of the day and the following to try find the Shroud. During the second night, Logan managed to free himself, before freeing Quintina. They fled Stonehenge, returning to the Carroll-family. Mr. Carroll was furious and said that he would send someone who was more handled to carry out the job. He then tasked them to travel to a city further north in England which was under the control of the Templars. They would contact the local Templar: Aubrey Rockmail.

The Scotsman Edit

Aubrey Rockmail

Aubrey Rockmail fathered two sons: Edward and Marcus

Arriving in the city of Sunderland in March 1729, Quintina and Logan met the Templar they were supposed to aid. He stood out with his colorful clothing compared to the rest of the citizens. He stood with his wife: Opera Bonnett-Rockmail, waiting for the Templars to arrive. After the usual presentations, the group walked down a street while they talked about what Quintina and Logan was going to do here.

The Assassins had control over the city since a viking had harassed the Templars' plans a millennia ago. As the only Templar in the city of Sunderland, Rockmail needed to use the little he could do for the citizens. He showed them how the city worked with the Assassins pulling the strings: a corrupt banking industry forced the people to spend their money unwisely; the trading was organized by bad businessmen; murder was a normal thing to see; gang-organized crime had never been higher than the past few years. Logan pointed that the Templars had not been so good as they thought during the age of the Renaissance. Aubrey referred to this part as the Templars' dark ages. The Pope, Rodrigo Borgia, had sought to control through fear and had a corrupt mind. If he had been capable of see the true ideals of the Order and their beliefs, the Templars would still be in control of Italy.


Nellie Weaversbrooke, the handyman at the Rockmail-estate

Arriving the estate of the Rockmails, Quintina and Logan felt something was wrong. Aubrey felt it too, so did his wife. All of them drew their weapons, ready to defend themselves. Hearing Aubrey scream and Logan Opera falling to the ground with a wound in her shoulder, Quintina spotted the Assassins. She drew her pistol and took cover behind a low wall. Logan used his rifle to fire at their attackers. They was soon accompanied by a woman who told she worked at the Rockmail-estate and was named Nellie Weaversbrooke. She gave some bombs to to the two Templars and told them to throw them at the attackers. Just as she had given them three each, the Assassins had sent some soldiers from their gang to attack the estate. Logan told that he would take care of the snipers whilst Quintina threw the bombs at the attacking soldiers. The green gas that escaped the bombs made the soldiers stopping and coughing: blood was spit out from their mouth, and they all soon fell to the ground – dead. The snipers was soon dealt with – Logan managed to take down the last one with the help of Nellie.

After the little incident in front of the estate, Nellie and the Templars brought Aubrey and Opera inside the building. Nellie told the two people to stay with her master and mistress and warn her if something bad happen. "Like if they die or something like that," as she expressed herself. She disappeared out into the gardens and began to find herbs and other plants she could use in some sort of mixture. Quintina and Logan stood by the side of Aubrey and Opera. Aubrey tasked Quintina to execute an order from him if he died: he gave her a list of names. "These two men and women will be excellent recruits if you are inducting them. The Assassins have an Apple of Eden in their inheritance. Find it and bring it back to me. Go!" Quintina executed the order – Logan stayed behind.

Returning into the field, Quintina traveled to the northern part of the city to locate the couple Elizabeth and Edmund Dove. The Doves owned a tavern: it was the only tavern in the city, and could serve as the Templars information-place and hideout. Elizabeth and Edmund did understood at first, but Quintina said she was in a bit of hurry and that she would explain more later, but she needed to see Arthur Duramen – the wholesaler – and Tracie Sod-Keeper – the widow of a politician. The Doves gave the locations to Arthur and Tracie, and Quintina left. Locating Arthur at the docks, Quintina was surprised that he knew of the Order. The man simply replied that he had been a puppet for some men and women with the same cross she wore around her neck. He found her ideals and goals intriguing, and chose to leave the work in the hands of his co-worker. They both traveled to the widow's house: a smaller building in yellow bricks. When Quintina knocked at the door and asked for Tracie, a hooded man jumped out of the window. He was dressed in black robes and with a dark skin. Quintina saw it was the Assassin from Stonehenge. After dueling the Assassin, the man fled the area – wounded. Inside the house, the widow was tied up to a pole. Quintina and Arthur came towards her and began to cut the ropes. They both understood that the widow would support the Templars' cause as soon as she had got some food and drink into her body.

The following week, Quintina and Logan left the home of the Rockmails in order to track down the Assassins five lieutenants before they could meet their master: if they just took down the Assassin himself, the Order would retreat into the shadows and choose a new leader. The targets was:

  1. Karla Franka (a German Assassin-lieutenant)
  2. Josephine Homecoming (a British Assassin-lieutenant)
  3. Jasdip Kair (an Indian Assassin-lieutenant)
  4. Kristen Jacos (a British Assassin-lieutenant)
  5. Roderick Dipper (a British Assassin-lieutenant)
  6. Benjamin Verenona (the Assassin-gang co-leader)
  7. Troy Verenona (the Assassin-leader, and carrier of the Apple)
Rogue gang

The Assassin gang

After killing the lieutenants Quintina and Logan found themselves in an angry crowd outside the gang stronghold of the Assassins. It was protected by the remaining Assassins and their gang. The two Templars found no entrance, but a mercenary hired by the widow Tracie Sod-Keeper could tell that he had found one entrance that could be used. The Assassins had a bigger gate they usually got their food-carriages through. With the help of a self-exploding bomb created by Nellie, the Templars could blow their way into the stronghold; the mercenaries would follow. The distraction would make the Assassins so confused that the people would storm the stronghold. As said, so done. Inside the stronghold, Logan fought a stalker and Quintina an agile soldier, before exploding the powder reserves. Julia came into the battle and managed to fight off both Quintina and Logan. She wounded Logan in the leg, whilst Quintina managed to grab her pistol shoot the brain out of Julia. When she saw Troy, the black Assassin, fleeing with the Apple, Quintina followed him to the docks. At the docks, Troy jumped at a ship that left the city. He fled with the Apple!

But at least Sunderland was in the hands of the Templars once again after almost a millennia.

The Apple-thief Edit

Francis Carroll

Master Templar Francis Carroll

Returning to the estate of the Carroll-family in June 1729, Quintina's master was annoyed that she had disappointed him again. He had sent her to retrieve the Apple of Eden, but now it was in the hands of the Assassins. Quintina pointed that the Assassins had always had it, and therefore it could not be said now it was in the hands. Mr. Carroll told Quintina to shut up, and slapped her. Quintina took herself to the cheek. Her eyes could have killed Carroll if it was possible to do so. Quintina swore that she would someday make Carroll pay for this crime – even if he was a Templar, he did belonged to another branch however. Carroll told that he had been successful in retrieving the Shroud however. He had sent his brother to get it, and he had managed to find it – without any losses. As Mr. Carroll was to instruct Quintina about a new mission, a servant entered the room. "I told you I did not wanted to be disturbed, James!" Mr. Carroll yelled at the servant. James replied that he had a letter from Carroll's brother: the man had been killed at the open street by a black man dressed in yellow. Quintina was not supposed to hear this, but she did, and she took the task to locate the man. Carroll told this was not an action to be done by a woman. Quintina took her dirk from her belt. She put it to the throat of Mr. Carroll. "I'm maybe a woman, but don't mess with me. I am not a servant you can treat like you pleases. I am a human! And we both are members of the Templar Order. We have the task to enlighten men and women, and how can this be done with people like you leading the world?" She hold her mouth for a time. Carroll needed to digest these actions and words that was being spoken by a woman. Quintina pressed her dirk closer to Carroll's throat. Blood began to trickle and running down the blade. "I will find the man that killed your brother. I will give you peace in this little affair – but don't get used to it. I am only doing this to find the man I think could be the Assassin that got away with the Apple, back in Scotland." Quintina stood there with the knife on Carroll's throat for a bit longer. Then she took some steps back and put it back in her belt. She turned away and walekd out of the room. "I'm not coming back, Mr. Carroll."

The Bobby

Frederick Bricks

The same night, Quintina went out to locate the body of Carroll's brother. The police still needed to get control on the people that crowded outside White's. She saw one of the policemen was a corrupted Templar puppet: Frederick Bricks. Quintina showed him her Templar cross, and he let her go pass the crowd. When she the victim's corpse, Quintina was convinced that it was an Assassin's work. Carroll's brother's throat was split – something only a specialized blade managed to do. She asked Bricks to bring the corpse to the police-station, and interrogate the witnesses. She would come down there the following day, so she expected results already then; Bricks replied that the police needed time to establish the crime scene, and to interrogate the witnesses. Quintina hissed that time was a thing that they – the police and the Crown – did not have. She convinced Bricks that this was a most urgent situation, and they needed to capture the murderer as soon as possible.

The following day, Quintina arrived at the police-station – accompanied by Logan Gunquest. Down at the police-station, Quintina's request of quick results was a fact. Bricks had worked all the night to interrogate the witnesses – seven totally – and establish how the crime most certainly had taken place. The victim had been on his way to White's – the owner of White's could confirm that the victim had not entered the building, and the victim's concubine could also confirm that he had been on his way to White's to buy chocolate. The witnesses could all confirm that a black man in yellow robes and a blue cape had walked up to the victim from behind. When the murder sliced the throat of the victim, he had taken a key. Quintina guessed that the key was to unlock a box of some sort where the Shroud was hidden. "Do you have a identikit of the murder?" Bricks called for a man that soon came with a drawing. Quintina could identify that the murderer of Mr. Carroll's brother was indeed the Assassin that had run away with the Apple of Eden. She thanked Bricks for his help and left the building with Logan in her heels. Outside the building, Logan asked Quintina what she wanted to get out of the visit with Bricks. Quintina answered that she now knew who the murderer was. It was the same Assassin from Scotland. And now they needed to find the man before he managed to get back to the house of Carroll's brother: if the Assassin knew where to find Carroll's brother, he knew where he could find the house – and the Shroud. Logan called for a carriage, and it drove them to their destination: Fleet Street. Logan somehow knew the adresse of the house.

Troy Verenona

Troy Verenona, The Vindictive (commonly known as The Apple-thief by the Templars)

Arriving in Fleet Street, Quintina jumped out of the carriage even before it stopped. A little crowd stood outside a house that Logan had pointed out as the house of Carroll's brother. Quintina pushed away the well-dressed men and women, ignoring their comments. An Assassin was lose – and he could locate the Shroud after the Templars now had their hands on it. Even if London was under control of the Assassins, the Templar presence was big – and it continued to grow, despite Kenway and his acolytes. The Order did not wanted to lose the Shroud after what they had done to get it – or better said: after what Quintina had done to get it. Quintina drew her sword and walked up the stairs and into the house. Logan was behind her, paying the driver. Inside the house, Quintina saw a woman – the concubine of Mr. Carroll's brother – laying in a chair with her chest and throat sliced in two parts. She was only dressed in a coat, and the torso was glancing from the sun that shined through the window. Logan came soon after, with a sword in his right hand. When he saw the corpse of Mr. Carroll's concubine, he felt a need to throw up. Quintina used her hearing to navigate. "Up stairs," she whispered to Logan. Walking to the second floor, the two Templars saw paintings was removed; sideboards had been turned upside down; candelabrums was removed from the walls in order to try finding a secret mechanism; the carpet had been ripped open several times; a coat of arms that belonged to the Templars had been thrown off the wall. Quintina led the way to the room where the sound was coming from. She loaded the pistol. She looked into the room. The Assassin stood by a shining chest. "Open damn you!" he yelled at the chest. Another Assassin stood by him: "Is everything as it is supposed to be, Master Verenona?" Verenona answered: "Of course! I have done everything right: the key is put in it's right place, the codes are unlocked, it is turned the right way. Why won't it open!" Quintina walked into the room with her pistol pointing at the Verenona's back. "Maybe it won't open because you are a traitor to the human kind!" The Assassins turned around. When Verenona saw Quintina his eyes could have made a torch take fire. Logan entered behind her.

Verenona drew his sword and one hand at his back. "You have murdered my entire family: now you will pay for what you have done! You will both know that it was I, Troy Verenona, that ended your life." The hand that was put behind his back, now threw a knife towards Logan. The Templar avoided it by ducking. "Richard, take down the man; I will deal with this treachorus woman!" The other Assassin threw a smoke bomb. The Templars could not see or breath. Richard ran on Logan, pulling him out of the room by force. Verenona raised his saber, ready to slice Quintina in two parts. Quintina heard the steps and the scream. She avoided the cut; she rolled out of the smoke. Verenona ran after her. He tried to stab her there where she lay. Quintina rolled to the table. Verenona rose the saber anew and was about to cut Quintina in two when the table stopped him. The Templar got up on her feet, grabbing the chest with the Shroud. Verenona jumped on her, making Quintina fall. The chest slipped over the floor, and Quintina pulled out her dirk, stabbing Verenona on in the back. The Assassin cried out in agony. The Templar got back on her feet, but pulled out her pistol. She wanted to end the fight, but Verenona grabbed her ankle. She fall again and wounded her back. Verenona took out the dirk, throwing it into the wall behind him. It stood in the wood, vis-à-vis a window. The Assassin extended his hidden blades and ran on Quintina, who had managed to rise again. When he grabbed her, he stabbed Quintina in the sides. She yelled. Meanwhile, Verenona ran towards a wall. Hitting that, Verenona pulled out his left hand, ready to deliver the deathblow. Quintina butted the Assassin. He let her go, but the sudden movement let a bit of the blade left in the side of the Templar. She pulled it out. A river of blood ran down her side. The Assassin held one hand on the nose: Quintina had broke it! Quintina walked fast up to the Assassin. They were both wounded – but not deadly. Quintina was to grab her pistol, but she had lost it when Verenona grabbed her ankle. Instead, the Assassin extended his left blade. He stabbed it in the left shoulder of Quintina and threw her over the table. The Templar landed under the window. She rose again.

"Can't you just die!" The Templar answered that she would never die by an Assassin's blade. Verenona walked around the table. He had forgotten the dirk. Quintina waited for the right moment. Verenona was too busy to kill her that he did not notice what the Templar did. Quintina delivered a punch in the side of the Assassin. Verenona took to the side. She grabbed the dirk. Verenona rose, lifting his blade-hand. Quintina stabbed Verenona in the chest. The Assassin was stunned for some seconds. The Templar knew that the Assassin would stab her. She grabbed the Assassin in the shoulder and shoved him through the window. Verenona grabbed the window frame. He sat the foots on the stone wall. He grabbed the belt of Quintina that crossed her chest.

  • Verenona: "If I am going to join my family today, then you are coming with me."
  • Quintina: "I have other thing to achieve than just stop the Templars from their job: enlighten the human kind: leading them to their right place."
  • Verenona: "To hell with you and your Order!"
  • Quintina: "You first!"

Quintina used her dirk to cut the belt. Verenona fell from the second floor, hitting the ground and break his neck.

  • Quintina: "Don't save any room yet, Assassin."

Quintina walked some steps out in the room before she collapsed.

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Items that was in the interest of Quitina, and that she tried or managed to obtain

Trivia Edit

  1. Quintina is a feminine form of the name Roman Quintinus (org. derived from Quintus), meaning "fifth" in Latin. It was traditionally given to the fifth child, or possibly a child born in the fifth month.
  2. Unlike her husband, Quintina is NOT an ancestor of Marie Anne François; her origin come from the late Middle Ages Assassin: Thomas de Carneillon.
  3. Ironically: Quintina's ancestor is an Assassin, but is herself a Templar; her husband's ancestor is a Templar, whilst is an Assassin himself
  4. One of Quintina's victims, Karla Franka, is diverged form Ken Follett's character in Winter of the World/Edge of Eternity: Carla Franck (née von Ulrich)
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