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"I spent years looking for vengeance, and I justified it with my promise to end the Order of the Ancients for good. If there's one thing I learned from my mistakes, it's that a blade can change history, and heart must make that change last."
―Quintus Metus Falco
Quintus Metus Falco
Biographical information

2 February 40 AD
Syracuse, Sicilia, Roman Empire


114 AD
Sicilia, Roman Empire

Political information

Roman Brotherhood of Assassins

Real-world information
Appears in

Assassin's Creed 2: Aquilus
Assassin's Creed 3: Accipiter
Assassins Creed: Rise

Voice actor

Gideon Emery

Quintus Metus Falco (40 AD - 115 AD) was a famous Roman-British Hidden One known for the assassination of leader of Order of the Ancients Nero Cladius Caesar Augustus Germanicus; fifth Emperor of the Roman Empire, as well as a members of Order of the AncientsGaius Suetonius Paulinus and Servius Sulpicius Galba. Quintus spent most of his early life training under his father, Caius Metus Falco, at their villa in Briton. He was the ancestor of Jack Taylor, and was most recognized for recovering the Hourglass of Eden.

Quintus lost his father during the Boudicca Rebellion in Britain, and left his home in Syracuse to enact a quest of vengeance on the Iceni Tribes for his father's death. Quintus aided the Roman General Suetonius in defeating the Iceni rebels in the Battle of Watling Street, personally assassinating Boudicca shortly afterwards during their retreat. However, he eventually learned that his father and Boudica had planned the revolt to reveal the Order of the Ancients identity of Suetinus.

Angered with the damage his rash behavior had caused, and the knowledge that he had aided his enemies, Quintus pursued Suetonius to his disclosed location in Londinium, but was instead led to a trap set by Preafect Postumus, of which Quintus barely escaped with his life. The ploy, however, unmasked the Order of the Ancients identities dormant within the Roman Empire.

Quintus spent the next months aided the Iceni pockets of resistance in harassing Suetonius's plans to quell the remaining rebels, going so far as to cause Emperor Nero to relieve Suetonius of command for the continued hostilities. Under the orders of the freedman Polyclitus, a member of the assassins stationed in the Emperor's court, fed what information he could to Quintus regarding Order of the Ancients identities, and revealed that Nero was in possession of a Piece of Eden.

For ten years, Quintus travelled over the Roman Empire to kill Nero's subordinates, begrudgingly putting aside his quest for vengeance on Suetonius. Aware of the Hidden One presence in the Empire, Nero ordered the execution of Quintus's mother after learning of his identity as the son of Caius Metus Falco from Suetonius. Angered by this, Quintus returned to Italy in order to end Nero and Suetonius once and for all.

Using his skills in warfare, as well as inspiring speeches, Quintus managed to encourage the plebs to speak out against the tyranny of Nero and his lack for their care. Outraged, Nero ordered the Preatorian Guard to hunt down Quintus wherever he had hidden to no avail. When Quintus infiltrated the Imperial Palace, Suetonius fled along with the Hourglass of Eden (as his men died to protect him) and Nero was abandoned by his second-in-command. Unable to pursue Suetonius a second time, Quintus followed Nero to his villa in the Italian countryside, and finally assassinated him in his own courtyard. His servant Epaphroditos witnessed the act, and later buried the former Emperor.

It wasn't until 69 AD that Quintus eventually located Suetonius in Cremona during the Year of the Four Emperors which had erupted after Nero's death. Attempting to deceive the unaware potential Emperors, Suetonius played a ruse as a trusted general under Marcus Salvius Otho's, command to overthrow the new upstart radical Emperor Servius Sulpicius Galba. Unable to penetrate Otho's defenses, Quintus instead followed up on the lead of Galba's location and assassinated him at Lacus Curtius.

Afterwards, Quintus returned to Bedriacum where Suetonius joined together the legions under the command of Aulus Vitellius and his own. Attempting to reform the Order of the Ancients' domination of the Roman government. However, Quintus finally cornered Suetonius and the Hourglass of Eden. when the Vitellians attacked Bedriacum, killing him and avenging his father with the aid of the Roman Vespasian. Quintus, having purged the Order of the Ancients hold on Roman rule, retired in Britannia, where he died of old age. He was buried in a family tomb beside Boudicca with the Hourglass of Eden, which the assassin Acceptier would reclaim years later.