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"Quand le gouvernement viole les droits du peuple, l'insurrection est pour le peuple le plus sacré et le plus indispensable des devoirs."
Marquis de Lafayette

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This Fanfiction story is based around a modern day Templar Agent, inducted in late 2011 whose Genetic Memories are from a XVIII Century French Assassin, whom he will have to relive in order to harvest potential usefull information not only for the Templar Purposes, but for the Upcoming Animus Console System.

Are the Templar the Bad guys and the Assassins the Good guys? or this is a different matter? both strive towards a better world, a perfect world freed from the vices of this one, a world of peace....the only real diference between the two of them, is Hope.....some people have Hope in Human kind.

Well I kinda forgot this little story of mine, I'll keep posting it, more now than ever, since AC: Unity is coming!

-May the Father of Understanding Guide Us......No.....Nothing Is True...

Abstergo Files

4 November 2011=[]

Abstergo Personal's Employment File by Laetitia England

Personal Report Abstergo Industries, 04 November 2011

Name: Mackay, Vincent

Birth: 11-27-1984 (27 Years Old)

Birthplace: Quebec City, Quebec

Nationality: Canadian

Legal Records: None (Underage Records Sealed for Judge's Orders)


  • Kindergarten and Elementary School at "École Primaire De la Mosaique" (1989 to 1994)
  • Secondary School at "École Secondaire Les Compagnons-de-Cartie" (1995 to 2000)
  • French Lenguage Proficiency C2 Level
  • English Lenguage Proficiency C1 Level
  • German Lenguage Proficiency A2/B1 Level

Military Carreer

  • Inducted into the "Armée Canadienne" (Canadian Land Forces) in 2001
  • Assigned to the "Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal Unit" (Ligth Infantry) at the "34 Canadian Brigade Group (Montreal) - 2nd Canadian Division (Land Force Quebec Area)" in 2003
  • Entered the "Commandement des Forces d'opérations spéciales du Canada" (Canadian Special Operations Force Command) in early 2004
  • Assigned to the "Deuxième Force opérationnelle interarmées, FOI 2" (Joint Task Force-2) "Red Unit" in October-2005
  • Cplc Vincent Mackay, Received an "Honorable Discharge" from "Les Forces Armées Canadiennes" (The Canadian Forces) in 2008, Under "Medical Reasons"


  • Basic Military Qualification coursed in the CFLRS/ELRFC Sint-Jean Base (2001-2002)
  • Specialty Military Training coursed in the Farnham Garrison CFLRS, Quebec (2002-2003)
  • Dwyer Hill Training Centre, for the Joint Task Force-2 Training Program (2004 - 2005)
  • One Tour in Irak Conflict (2006-2008):

-Rescue of the "British and Canadian Christian Peacemaker Team" that were being held hostage in Baghdad. March 2006 (CLASSIFIED)

-Assault on Mujahideen Complex, Infomation Extraction. July 2006 (CLASSIFIED)

-Assault on Rebel Complex, V.I.P. Extraction. August 2006(CLASSIFIED)

-Assault on Rebel Complex, V.I.P. Extraction. December 2006 (CLASSIFIED)

-Assault on Mujahideen Complex, V.I.P. Extraction. february 2007(CLASSIFIED)

-Rescue of the Military Allied and Canadian Forces Grounded on Combat in Basra. April 2007 (CLASSIFIED)

-Rescue of the Military Allied and Canadian Forces held Hostage in Mujahideen Complex. July 2007 (CLASSIFIED)

-Assault on Mujahideen Complex, Information Extraction. October 2007 (CLASSIFIED)

-Rescue Attempt of the Canadian Forces Grounded on Combat in Kerbala. February 2008 (CLASSIFIED)

  • Private "agent" for the "Unity Resource Group". (May 2008 - Oct 2008)
  • Private "agent" for "Erinys International". (Feb 2009 - Feb 2010)
  • Private "agent" for "DynCorp". (May 2010 - May 2011)


  • Health Checking Passed (CLASSIFIED)
  • Psychological Tests Passed
  • Personal is ready for induction into one of the available Strike Teams, after the mandatory Training Program.

                                                               Laetitia England
Operations Division Abstergo Industries

15 December 2011=[]

Abstergo Personal's Medical Evaluation by Dr Ctibor Hašek

Abstergo Operations Division



Name of Agent: Mackay Date of Birth: 1984.11.27
Service Number: OP115-1789-S Weight: 220 lbs
Rank of Agent: Corporal Size: 6'1"
Unit: Delta Gender: Male


  • Experienced Agent's Military background (Special Forces) is a definitive asset
  • Obedient with a thrustworthy commander
  • Great Teamwork hability, knows how to inspire courage
  • Dedicated, agent shares T's Core Values
  • small, yet usable amount of FC-Genetic Material present on the subject
  • Great potential, highly recommended for T-Initiation


  • Strained and harsh, but strong and unresolved relationship with the parental figure
  • may be dificult to control under great emotional stress
  • may have some dificulties following certain orders, due to present "moral compass" (True Reason for his Dismissal from the Canadian Army and subsecuent employers/refer to "Kerbala Incident_Feb 2008")

Other Notes

  • Agent needs some more adaptation into combat

Submitted by: Ctibor Hašek Date: 12-15-2011

3/10 January 2012=[]

Abstergo Email Network


  • From: Jérôme Mackay
  • Subject: Salut Vincent
  • Sent: Jan. 3rd, 2012 14:21
  • To: Vincent Mackay

Nous n'avons pas parlé depuis un moment. Je vous connais et je n'ai pas été en bons termes,mais je pensai que maintenant que vous êtes en laissant l'armée, et laissant derrière ces sociétés terribles, to finally joining Abstergo… Eh bien, je pensais que tout allait changer, suppose que j'avais tort... été longtemps depuis la dernière fois que vous êtes venu à la maison et Jayne est parti pour de bon cette fois; donc je promets de laisser notre petit problème derrière ...Je voudrais vous voir Vincent.

PS: Avez-vous visité votre mère récemment?

  • From: Vincent Mackay
  • Subject: Re:Salut Vincent
  • Sent: jan 10th, 2012 21:32
  • To: Jérôme Mackay

Salut, désolé j'ai été très occupé ces jours-ci et je viens de vous lire votre E-mail aujourd'hui. Ecoutez, je suis un peu occupé maintenant ... et oui, Abstergo en valait la peine. Maintenant, honnêtement, je n'aime pas ce que vous faites avec votre ex papa. «Notre petit problème"? ... donc pas plus "vous devez suivre mes pas comme je le disais, je suis celui paiying les factures ici? Dès que je reçois un certain temps (en Septembre je suppose) Je vais voir si je peux vous rendre visite.

PS: Oui, je suis allé à la cementary lorsque j'étais en ville novembre dernier. et sa gauche un bouquet d'iris, ses préférées.


  • From: Jérôme Mackay
  • Subject: Hi Vincent
  • Sent: Jan. 3rd, 2012 14:21
  • To: Vincent Mackay

It's been a while son. I know you and I haven't been in good terms, but i though that with you leaving the army, then leaving those god awful companies, and finally by joining Abstergo… I just thought everything would change. Guess what? I was wrong… look it's been a while since you don't come home and Jayne left for good this time; so I promise to leave our little issue behind... I would like to see you Vincent

PS: have you visited your mother lately?

  • From: Vincent Mackay
  • Subject: Re:Hi Vincent
  • Sent: jan 10th, 2012 21:32
  • To: Jérôme Mackay

Hi, sorry I’ve been busy these days and I just read you E-mail this nigth. Look I’m kinda occupied now… I'm in a big issue that you'll see it in time… and yes, Abstergo was worth it. Now, honestly I don't care what you do with your wife, or ex, or whatever. "Our little issue"?... so no more "you must follow my steps as I said! I'm the one paiying the bills here?" thanks dad, not interested now. As soon as I get some time (in September I guess) I'll see if I can pay you a visit

Ps: Yes, I went to the cementary when I was in town last nov. and left her a bunch of Irises, her favorites ones.

30 July 2012=[]

July 30, 2012



  • Cell Tower Grid 50SP11FP


  • UTC 20120730T071214Z


  • [outgoing transmission]
  • [caller id = england, laetitia]
  • [-] yes miss England? what can I do for you?
  • [+] Good morning mr Rizzo, approximately at 02:30am UTC, 4 animus console systems were stolen from our abstergo entertaintment branch in paris, we need you to find the responsible and retreive those consoles if possible.
  • [-] Right away miss England, me and the team should be in Paris over the next 5 hours.
  • [+] Excelent, we have reasons to believe this is more than just a common corporate theft.
  • [-] If we found any sign of our old friends I'll let you know ma'am.
  • [+] Ok, keep me informed of any news as always, good luck and may the father of understanding guide us all.
  • [transmission ends]

4 August 2012=[]

Abstergo Email Network

  • From: Edmond Robert
  • Subject: Genetic Finding
  • Sent: Aug. 4th, 2012 17:11
  • To: Mitsuko Nakamura

Good Day miss Nakamura, according to my analists we are in possession of a individual with potentially usable memories. Yesterday, during a test run performed by my team in the Animus 1.20 we have in our stock, a few of the "special security team" sent here last days, tested the system (upgraded with the latest v1.38 programming we have) and during that test we discovered that one of them: Vincent Mackay, has some interesting latent memories that we could use, the most remarkable during the XVIII Century, France. If you're interested I'll arranged for my secretary to send you all the related papers.

Sincerely Yours, Edmond Robert, Abstergo Entertainment Paris-Branch manager.

9 August 2012=[]

August 09, 2012



  • Cell Tower Grid 23HL24FP


  • UTC 20120809T091401Z


  • [outgoing transmission]
  • [caller id = rikkin, alan]
  • [-] Is it true Mitsuko?? we had a damned assassin among our ranks??
  • [+] Good morning Alan, no we don't, our latest recruit has passed every single test, and for as we know he has no contact with the brotherhood, however he is in possession of an assassin heritage, we just confirmed that.
  • [-] Can you explain me how that pass you by? that's your department for christ's sake!
  • [+] Calm down Alan, I just talked with Otto and Warren, we agreed to use this in our behalf.
  • [-] Ok, could you enlightme dear?
  • [+] We'll station Mackay in Paris as a beta tester, and while he relieves his assassins ancestry, we'll collect information as as the memories itself.
  • [-] That sounds great, but what about that bleeding effect issue? last time I've heard about it wasn't exactly something we had under our control.
  • [+] Well, currently we aren't able to prevent that, that's why we need your opinion if we should continue.
  • [-] It's not good to endanger one of us [PAUSE] on the other hand, we may have a nice opportunity here, even if we loose our initiated.
  • [+] Quite Alan, so we'll carry on as planned?.
  • [-] Carry on, will Vidic personally supervise the whole deal?
  • [+] No, he's too busy in Rome with 16, so I'll send my main examiner as the medical supervisor, Warren will constantly assess him through the whole process.
  • [-] Great, it's a sacrifice our initiated will have to do for the order.
  • [+] As do we all if required, good morning Alan, nice to talk to you.
  • [-] Good morning Mitsuko.
  • [transmission ends]

     Abstergo's Lineage Discovery and Acquisition Department Executive Order


Abstergo Industries, 09 August 2012


As of today, and under total Secret, Executive Officer Otto Schmidt will be selected to supervise a special team sited in Abstergo's Entertainment Paris-Branch. The main goal of the mission will be to analyze and process Subject's "OP115-1789-S" A.K.A. Vincent Mackay, genetic memories, the whole operation will have an initial stimated time of 30 days; once on site, Schmidt will assemble an small team composed of specialized abstergo's employees devoted exclusively to this operation. Dr Saravakos will act as medical supervisor on site, while Dr Warren Vidic will act as the Main Supervisor from the Abstergo Campus in Rome.

Until new orders, Delta Strike Team, lead by Commander Rizzo, will remain in Paris to secure the premisses and act as a "special security team".

Executive Officer Schmidt will continue his usual tasks in the department once transfered to Paris.

                                                               Mitsuko Nakamura
Lineage Discovery and Acquisition Abstergo Industries

17 August 2012=[]

Abstergo Email Network

  • From: Abstergo Entertaintment Security
  • Subject: New Passwords
  • Sent: Aug. 17th, 2012 15:25
  • To: Vincent Mackay

As requested by Mr Schmidt, here are your new Passwords: Entrance: 050589 Main Complex buildings: 270794. your new time schedule should be given to you tomorrow by the security staff. Have a nice day.

Abstergo Entertainment

Security Office

  • From: RXJ1ZGl0bw==
  • Subject: Kerbala.Feb.2008
  • Sent: Aug. 17th, 2012 17:46
  • To: Vincent Mackay
Now that I got you attention T-boy, you should know,that they're playing a dangerous game, and surprisingly you're just too out of the loop, which is funny considering you're one of them, so it got me wondering, are you really one of the Cross? eitherway my little Canuck, if don't believe me just wait, in a few days you should be suffering the "Bleeding Effect", yeah a nice dose of Animus-induced delusional disorder, just look into it....and wait for it.

19 August 2012=[]

August 19, 2012



  • Cell Tower Grid 22JP62FP


  • UTC 20120819T223808Z


  • [outgoing transmission]
  • [caller id = vidic, warren]
  • [-] Good evening Dr. Saravakos, how is our patient?
  • [+] Good evening Dr. Vidic, all signs are normal, but as we expected our patient experienced his first bleeding episode this morning, however was a short episode and I have him under medication.
  • [-] Excelent, let's hope we can keep him calmed and cooperative for the next month at least.
  • [+] Of course sir, so far he seems to be coping well, except [PAUSE] there's something.....
  • [-] Is there a Problem?
  • [+] Not that I can positively track down, but I'm starting to believe he migth be growing suspicious of us.
  • [-] Do you possess any factual evidence of it?
  • [+] No sir, currently not.
  • [-] Perfect, keep your eyes open still, if there's no other issue I'll continue with my investigation.
  • [+] No sir everything's normal, Good evening.
  • [-] good evening Dr and may the father of understanding guide us all.
  • [transmission ends]



  • Cell Tower Grid 22JP62FP


  • UTC 20120819T234212Z


  • [outgoing transmission]
  • [caller id = schmidt, otto]
  • [-] Hello Dr Saravakos, I'm calling to check out on McKay
  • [+] Good evening Sir, I just reported to Dr. Vidic earlier, about McKay I can say that his signs are normal, but as we expected he experienced his first bleeding efect episode this morning, I have him under medication.
  • [-] Dr. Vidic called you? did he asked you anything else?.
  • [+] No sir, nothing inusual, why? Is there a Problem?.
  • [-] No at all, I was just remembering the parallel there is between our subject and Mister Cross...
  • [+] Well I don't think there is much of parallelism between our patient and Mister Cross case, besides the fact that both are current spec-op agents with assassing heritage and Bleeding effect syntoms
  • [-] I am a bit concern of that, I know Cross managed to overcom it, but that was a different case [PAUSE] will be McKay able to do so?
  • [+] I cannot know for certain sir, but [PAUSE] I think is acting suspicious sir, it might be paranoid tendencies product of the bleeding effect, or who knows...
  • [-] Assassins? you are thinking that they are in somehow contacting him? that's unthinkable Saravakos.
  • [+] I know, I was thinking on those Hackers we heard of, those Anonymous-like hackers groups or something.
  • [+] If that is the case we should ask or tech team to analyze his contacts and mail.
  • [-] I believe that's a good Idea sir.
  • [+] ok, anything else let me know Doctor, good evening.
  • [-] Good evening sir.
  • [transmission ends]

Abstergo Email Network

  • From: RXJ1ZGl0bw==
  • Subject: Down the rabbit hole?
  • Sent: Aug. 20th, 2012 18:21
  • To: Vincent Mackay

So, are you feeling like Neo, waking up on some weird techno-dream? no yet? that's ok buddy. As you must be aware by know, the Bleeding Effect can and probably will drive you crazy eventually, so If I were you, I would try to stay out of that hell machine.. and One question, why do you fight for them? Is for the richness, the girls? or you're just a control-freak who have no faith in humanity? you seem like the pessimist kinda guy, but something tells me you are not a bad person, I'll keep in touch as long as thes Abstergo bozos won't find me. You must know, your dad is pushing every string he know to get in touch with you, give him a call at least, if you want. oh and those Abstergo morons are trying to pinpoint me....luckily I'm smarter ;)

PS: Thanks for not rating me out :)

9 September 2012=[]


10 September 2012=[]


Animus Session: Subject OP115-1789-S

12-17 August 2012=[]


"A Cross, a Red Cross with winged beasts on each end, a Lion, an Men, an Ox and an Eagle....why do I see this image? what does it means?"


Lyon 1774

-"Come on Léandre we are going to miss them! "Are they' calling me? yes, that's my name, what should I do now? follow them?"

-Come on! the man's rich! if we took one pouch he will not note it -a naugthy grim run across Phillipe's face. -says Claude, he was always so fearful. -Just do as I say, Claude and Leandre will gain the Monsieurs attention, while Phillipe and I move from behind to take the money, everything's gonna be alright! -Gerard, a natural leader I guess. A Couple of Nobles are running down the streets on their horses, they never look down to Us, they never cared...even when we maintain them, we are a just rubbage, so me and my friends took the bad way, yes we're thiefs but what other way can we take on a place like this? "NOW!" Gerard Shout to us. -Bonjour Monsieur! can we offer some of the finest show on Lyon? -we say to them -Get Lost you little garbages! -the nobleman says, we keep them entertained for a few seconds that's all our friends need.

By the time we got our loot, we run full of joy..... but then I hear a shot, when I look back Phillipe was in the ground bleeding. -GOD PLEASE NOT! -Shouts Gerard, I'm stunned. A group of City guards followed us and they're smiling... when Gerard runs to Phillipe, they shot him too, he falls and dies right there.... -NO! I DON'T WANNA DIE!!! -Screams Claude while he starts running, I....I....must run, my head hurts a lot, my forehead and eyes are burning, but I keep running behind Claude. The guards chase us to an Alley. PLEASE MONSIEURS! SPARE US! -Claude throws at them the pouch and gets on his knees crying, a few moments after a guard impale him with his sword. NO! -I'm paralyzed out of fear, my forehead and eyes burns, everything I see is becoming dark around me, and the Guards, they're shining red, Red like blood, red like my friends' blood.... -Time to finish this, little rat! says the Guard while he shows a crooked grin on his red face.... No, I....wont....I, I run to him screaming full of anger and despair, I wont die like this is all I can think of...he smirks and raise his sword.....

Suddenly something falls heavy on top of him, something Blue, more blue than the sky, a blue man, and he smiles to me....the guard beneath him is dead...the other guards are shocked, as they raise their swords, the blue man, stands and for a second I can see a bloody blade snapping quickly into his sleeve. -YOU BASTARD! YOU'RE DEAD!!! -screams one guard, as they run to him, it only took a few seconds for the blue man, to dispatch the red guards into the other world....he's so gracefull and deadly.... once is done, he sheathes his swords, and come close to me. -Je suis Desolé Mon Ami! if had it been a little faster I could have saved your friends says the blue man with a sad look on his face... -what is this? my head and eyes are burning -why are you blue, and they were red, why?The men looks at me intrigued -since when you have "these eyes"? -asks me, and his blue glow, turns into a golden one. it just started're shining Gold now.... all I can think is my friends, they're dead now and I couldn't do anything... his intrigued face turns into surprised... -Relax, think of nothing, just try shout your mind.... says the Golden Man. My heads burns but I listen to him, the pain cedes and gradually, my forehead and eyes stop hurting and my eyes go back to normal.

He takes me far away from the ally, we sat in a bench at the edge of the Rhone.

-Thank you.... -You're welcome Mon Ami, Je m'appelle "Maël Luc De Sauveterre" and J'sui an Assassin -yes, I saw that.... he smiles, -our job is more than killing bad city guards, our job is to bring justice Mon Ami.-If that's true, can I join you? -What you want is revenge, not Justice Mon Ami... -I want what is fair! need to get better first, are you living with your parents? -With my dad and his other family, he wont miss me... -Don't say that! listen to me, you will start by studying on a Mission nearby, a friend of mine runs it, then in time will see if you're ready to start your training... -ok.....if you promess to train me I'll do it -In the meantime Train your new eyes, they're more important than you think.....Mon Dieu!! what a Shame! I haven't asked your name! forgive me!

-It's ok, Je m'appelle Léandre.


15 December 2011=[]


Lyon 1785

After I met Maël, my life changed, eleven years has passed since that day, I'm a grown man, an Assassin, well not yet...

Outside Lyon, two raiders approaching the city from a long travel: -Ahhh home! finally! so master? are you still not going to talk to me? -This is not funny Léandre, you could be such a great assassin if you stick by the rules. -But Master, I completed the mission haven't I? -What have I told you so many times? we have a Creed that guide us, and keep us in the rigth direction! -ok ok Master, I never killed any innocent and I'm a true Brother to the Order.... -Yet you insist on doing such boasting when you face enemies! you almost compromised the mission when you attacked our target in plain view! and not only that you compromised your life, my life but you brothers also! You're Not an Assassins yet, and you will not become one if you keep acting like a Child looking for attention! I look down and grit my teeth he continued -you always were a Young soul, I know you like to get girls and live your life and show how strong you are against others, but remember an Assassins figths for more than himself.... Enough talking for today I guess the master's cranky again.

Once inside Lyon we silently separated, I'm going to the market I'm hungry and I wanna know what did I miss in this last months, all I cant think of is "Haven't I trained hard? haven't I always complete my missions? come on!" suddenly I stumble upon some guards and a few tax colectors disscusing with and old lady -Please! not again I already paid you last week! -Shut up you filthy beggar! pay us, the Crown demands it! the guards unfold their swords and get closer to the old woman -Stop! I'm already in between them with my hand on the pommel... -Who do you think you are? they say as the prepare to attack me -Me? As I prepare to counter them, suddenly I remember the words of my Master....-I'm just a servant of our loved King, and a member of the Parlament The first lie that came up to my mind. -you should give this lady more time, ore else the Parlament may not consider to continue employing you....-SHUT UP! they said, the Tax collector looks at me with dispair -we'll come better have my money by then, or else, no one will stop us. He gave me one last stare as they leave....

-Thank you! says the old lady, -It's getting worse every year! since neither the Nobles nor the clergy pays taxes and Versailles need to party they came up with more and more taxes! she starts to sob....-if my husband were alive, perhaps we could...she burst into tears as she leaves to her home. An small mob keeps repeating about the abuse they're suffering...I leave amidst the confusion.

Phrases keep poping out in my mind, "Restez votre lame de la chair d'un innocent", I shouldn't kill the Tax Collector at least not now...If I could find a way to discredit hour later I've followed those men to their real leader: An known Templar agent named Faucher, a sneaky bastard he can be, but not you are min. usually I would attacked him rigth there, but not this time, "Cachez-vous dans vues plaine" my master's voice says in my head, so I decide to follow him now, I blend with the crowd, take shortcuts, spy him during the whole Afternoon, I see his deeds: He runs his personal Mob full of scoundrels, they are private tax collectors preying on the weak, but on these years they have worsen the already bad situation...are the Templars Mad? or are they looking to create anger on the people, more anger?.....Finally, I followed him to his home, by the time he's about to enter the door, two children run to him and kiss him while he's smiles, his wife also join him....suddenly a rush of guilt goes through me, never met this close a victim, so I begin to reconsider...but then I remember, with his death at least I'll win some time for that old lady and those people.........

It's midnight I'm inside his house, he's sleeping, so as I silently approach to him, my mind starts to play with me: one side says, "the Brotherhood wants this men dead" the other, "but he's a family men, maybe he could reconsider what he does if I talk to him"..."NO! He's a Templar! I must! I must Kill him!" -Daddy? suddenly his son appears he's sleepy barely can see me, I cannot do it, not with the boy watching so I leave the place.

I've spend on my own the night, away from the HQ, It took me only an hour to find him thanks to my "Special Sense", He's on a poor neighborhood supervising how a couple of his henchmen collect taxes by force...he seems to enjoy the power, everybody does....I'm on the exact position on a building ready for an aerial kill, yet again my mind starts, "He's a Man", "a Templar!, thats what he is!", "a family man! he seems to love his children and wife"!!, "yet he also enjoys oppressing the innocent!" Cold sweat runs through my back, while my hand shakes.....I must do this, yet, I don't enjoy it....I can't. I look at him, I feel sorrow and then I Jump....

By the time I hit the floor, Faucher was dead, I stand up and retract my hidden blade, the people is horrified around me, in a matter of seconds some cheer, some scream, the guards near my victim attacks me, I didn't took me much to kill them, but this time it felt the time I finished with them four more guards appeared, however, even though I could easily dispatch them too, I ran my job was done there was no need to kill anymore.

Five hours later, the commotion had passed, so I left my hidden spot and got back to the HQ, "Ne jamais compromettre la Fraternité" my master's voice sounded once more clear in my head.

Once in there, I was taken to the council chamber, there my Master Maël and the Order's Master Jean Apôtre were the first in the circle.... -Why did you kill that man Léandre? said The Master while Maël darkly scanned me, -Because "Faucher" was a Templar's agent, and the Brotherhood wanted him dead I said, -True indeed said the wise men, -but did he deserved it? -No Master, but it was necessary... -For whom? Us? -not only Us, for the innocent people we swore to defend Master, We seek peace but we kill for it -The First Irony as told by the Great Mentor Altair said the Master with certain joy, -Does that make us evil? said below -Our actions can be evil, but we do it to protect the others, otherwise nobody will, -Others will, said Maël, but that doesn't exempt us from our mission continued. -Indeed Master De Sauveterre the master hardly stood helped by his cane -listen me Léandre, what do you learned about this mission? -I learned that there are no "bad guys", just people who take decisions that hurts others, I learned that I was used to boast and enjoy "killing those bad guys", but not this time, this time I realized that I'm not a Murderer, I am an Assassin, I only took the lifes of real enemies for the sake of the people and mourn those deaths, cause they were as important as myself.

The whole chamber stood and left, the told me to come to the adjoining chamber in 10 min.

Passed the time, I enter into the ceremonial chamber, I'm surprised, they are all side by side along the main corridor, they tell me to come to the main spot where Master Apôtre awaits, while I walk I see my brothers and sisters looking at me with proud while our symbol is present on the walls and the torches light up the whole place, I'm full of pride, I see my Master Maël next to our Leader, His face if full of pride. -Léandre Deschamps! says Master Apôtre, you have proven worthy to uphold the pillars of our Creed, Always remember: "Là où d'autres hommes suivent aveuglément la vérité, rappelez-vous... -Rien n'est vrai. -Là où d'autres hommes sont limitées par la morale ou la loi, rappelez-vous... -Tout est permis. Finally the Master said -Nous travaillons dans l'obscurité pour servir la lumière. We all followed him, saying in unison: Nous sommes Assassins.



August/September 2012=[]


Lyon December 1788

It's been almost a year since our old Mentor Jean Apôtre passed away leaving Master Mäel as his successor, I have grown myself too, but the winds of change are coming fast, perhaps too fast?

Over the last years situations hasn't improved, our help to the American Colonies in the north has proven succesful yet expensive to the Royaume of France, our kingdom is menaced by the posibility of torn itself apart...walking down the main rue, I'm carrying a letter from our Paris Branch, the templars managed to inflict heavy damage to them, so we're currently blind on the capital, a situation quite critical indeed...that's the sort of stuff that runs through my mind these days...I should take a break, a short one at least....

As I walk in a street next to the Le Rhône river, I see a kid running, suddenly he trips to the floor, behind him a man with a cub appears...the Moment I was about to intervene a Lady made a presence -Stop It! I will not allow you two hurt this kid! he did not take any more than a few coins from me! she says, wow she's real prety a silky white skin, black hair and those eyes....Those green eyes seems pulled out off a dreamland.... -HEY! you! -Me? She caught me staring at her -Yes You! help me out or get lost! -errr Yes, Monsieur please take this few coins I brought from Metz and let's settle this issue ok? the men leaves still grumbling, while she helps the kid to get straigth -So, begone and no more stealing-she looks back to see if the men's far away-while he's around knoting at the old men and winking at the boy. -So monsieur capot....thank you for your help she says as she winks at me, -I better be going now, I'm a busy lady. -it is impolite not to give your name you know madam? I say while I look at her with a conspicuous gaze. -It's highly unpolite to move around in a hood asking girl's names, you know monsieur capot?, she says as a smirk runs through her face. She's quite a girl....I walk beside her as we talk for a few blocks, she's not only pretty, she's also smart and a bit cheeky, definitely my kind... -ah I must go now monsieur, a girl has it's obligations too! -now? I say while I put on my best "touching face", -Yes now Monsieur...? -Deschamps, Léandre Deschamps -Há! nice to meet you Léandre! sadly I'm just visiting this city, I'm moving to Paris with my family, -oh, she must have noticed my dispair, cause she dropped her cheeky attitude, -We might remain in contact, my name's Bônnot de Marbly, Hélène Bônnot de Marbly, she winks at me -We should Indeed madame Bônnot. After she climbed into her chariot I keep thinking of her, what a lady Indeed. -Au Revoir Monsiuer Deschapot and Merry Christmass! she yells at me while smiling.... -Léandre! a male voice snapped me back to reality, -Leandre, where have you been? It's a newly inducted brother, -Master is calling us! he silently tells me once he's close.

-Bonjour mon frères et soeurs, The Mentor Mäel starts, -as you are aware the French kingdom is at crisis, a crisis brought on themselves by this system itself, the people on the streets is hungry and tired, the Royaume is nearly on bankrupt,also we are aware of the templar movement made in these last years, they're helping to instigate discontent across the Royaume.... If my guessing is right, the templars are trying to replace King Louis XVI with another puppet, however since he's already a puppet and a weak king I believe, their main goal is oriented to reinforce the Noble's autority over the Absolutist Monarchy, that seems more probable. Master De Sauveterre makes a pause, choosing carefully his next words. -The Paris Branch is weak, so now we must go to the Capital in order to supervise directly this situation, if the templars are up to something we must go and see it for ourselves! a big murmur rises among our brothers and sisters, yet we all agree this is the right path to follow......All I can think is, I guess I'll have a new chance with Hélène.



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Paris June 1789

The General States summoned by the King to solve the economical crisis just create a new crisis, a representative crisis, however thanks to our "little help" (Our own allied among the Parisine nobility have raised their voice to include more common people) the Third state has grown beyond the Templar's and Noble's power. At least is a begining to fend off the Injustice the commoners have suffer for so long....the burguesoi, I don't like them but they're on the same boat as us, so they're our allies now.

The Parisine Night has a estrange intoxicating quality, I don't know if it's the allyes, the smell, the sounds of people arguing, making love and yelling to the screaming cats....-Léandre! pay attention, we're getting closer! says the whispering hooded man, one of the last Parisian Assassins, he's too much bittered for my pleasant... -Yes Master Bonheur, suddenly we stopped at close ally a bunch of figures are finishing a secret meeting and dispersing into the night -Use your eyes Deschamps says Bonheur -Yes Master, *I recognize our golden target* he's going that way, pointing to one of the hooded figures, -then let's follow him says the Master -Wait! says another brother, look there! they're moving to intercept him! in a matter of minutes our target is surrounded by several thugs... -NOW! screams bonheur, instantly were falling over 4 of them and killing them with our blades -ASSASSINS!! KILL THEM ALL!!!! manages to scream one before been impaled by monsieur Bonheur, as our target fell to the ground covering we beging dispatching our enemies to their graves.... BOOM! as we heard the shoot I saw one brother falling hurt yet alive to the ground, -WE'RE SURROUNDED! screams Bonheur, several Arquebousiers are pointing at us from the a trap and we fell straight into it! -NEIN! -Who said that!, Bonheur says -the Arquebousiers fall dead to the ally some spitting white foam in their mouths... - Who Did this? he repeats, -ich war Says another hooded man before jumping into the ally, -Allow me to introduce myself meine freunde, je m'appelle Hanns Paul Adler, and I'm an Assassin sent by the Hannover branch to help you in this time of need, he says while bowing to us -Thanks mon ami! you saves us, I say while shaking his hand -you're welcome! -We'll have time for introductions later! scowls Bonheur, Abbé Sieyès? -Oui? the men drops the sword he catched during the fight, who are you? and who were those men? people of the King? -No, well, Let just say you're winning powerful enemies due yo your actions and by your fortune, those people are our enemies, we will protect you, The men draws a smile, but then snaps back -what do you request for this "protection"? -nothing more than what you're doing now..keep defending th commoners and we'll keep defending you, we'll be in touch monsieur, says Master Bonheur before ordering us to leave the place.

June 1789

Our protection to the Local imprents and our friend Seiyés, has yielded great results: The Comune of Paris is boiling for changes, and the Third States is gattering more support among the other States, even though the Templars and the King resisted, change is Inevitable, the National Assembly has been created, and a new France is underway, a more egalitarian, beter France....Mentor De Sauveterre thinks this is the moment we're been waiting for.



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