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Ralph Moretti
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June 7th 1750, Boston, America

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Assassins, Continential Army

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Ralph was born to an American mother named Dawn and Italian father named Giovanni. Ralph was trained in the ways of the Assassins by his parents in the small hideout in the Frontier. Ralph has participated in many battles in the American Revolutionary War. He had two friends. One named George, the other Elizabeth. At most times Ralph was rather silent and wouldn't speak. He always appears as an almost emotionless man to the public. Most times Ralph would wear a turban around his mouth as he had became one of the most wanted men in Boston due to what he done after his parents' death.


Birth and Training[]

"You've improved your fighting greatly George."
―Ralph commenting about George's new fighting skills.

Ralph was born on June 7th 1750 in Boston to American Dawn and Italian Giovanni. They were both assassins. Ralph started training when he was five being rather stubborn to his teachers though still was one of the best sudents ever taught. He usually played with his friend, George and, pickpocketed for fun. By the age of fifteen, Ralph had chosen a tomahawk over a sword and a crossbow as his primary weapons. Ralph also wielded two pistols and a dagger as secondary weapons. George had been rather jealous at times with Ralph's progress in training though remained quiet.

When Ralph was 17 he met a British girl. She was a year younger than Ralph and also lower in rank. She was cleaning a book shelf that had been dusty for a while. Ralph offered to help introducing himself. The girl introduced her self saying her name was Elizabeth. Together they cleaned the book shelf quickly. Giovanni then came telling Ralph he was needed to help others train. Ralph said bye to Elizabeth and took off with Giovannni. Ralph helped trained the younger ones in the order however Elizabeth remained on his mind. During a practice fight with his teacher Ralph was knocked to the ground due to his low concetration. Ralph then had dinner with his parents. Dawn asked why he was not doing well in training. Ralph lied saying that he was thinking about his initiation into the Order.

The next day, Ralph trained at his best as if his thoughts were completely gone. He had a practice fight with George had improved greatly after their last practice fight weeks ago, though couldn't beat Ralph's speed and strength. That night Ralph was inducted into the Assassin Order. He was given a hidden blade, a mark on his left ring finger and then, he executed a Leap of Faith.

Weeks after the induction, Elizabeth had met with Ralph a few times. They usually talked and, went pickpocketing for fun. George sometimes joined them though he was usually ignored and remained rather silent. Elizabeth sometimes even had a practice fight with Ralph but, was only beaten.

Moretti's Death[]

"You have a gun at my head but you are not fast enough!"
―Ralph when he is about to kill William.

Ralph had reached his eighteenth birthday. His parents gave him a second hidden blade and Elizabeth who was now seventeen gave him a metal bracer which was used to protect his second hidden blade. George had given him some thick leather boots which were really comfortable. Ralph went to the blacksmith's in Boston bought a new dagger. Just as Ralph was having a great day, Elizabeth and George came running to him. Ralph asked what was going on. Elizabeth had no breath to talk and George was only just able to talk. George told Ralph that the hideout had been attacked and that his parents had been taken to an arsenal in the city. Without another word Ralph ran to the arsenal.

Ralph ran into the arsenal killing many guards. Their captain, William Worthington attacked Ralph. The two had a big, brutal duell. Tomahawk against sword. Ralph attacked hard and strong. He eventually disarmed William's sword though he unsheathed his pistol pointing it at Ralph's head. Ralph reacted quickly, unsheathing his crossbow, shooting William in the head. Instantly, Willliam fell to the ground, blood pouring around his head. Ralph continued into the arsenal until he finally found his parents tied to a wooden pole with gunpowder barells surounding them. A figure came out of the shadows saying he was from the Templar Order. Ralph asked why he took his parents. The Templar only said it was because they underestimated the Templars, killing many of them and destroying many of their supplies and funds. The Templar then unsheathed his pistol and aimed it at the barells saying that they would die now, firing the trigger causing Dawn and Giovanni to burn in the explosion and Ralph to be knocked off his feet. Ralph got up only feeling sadness and lonliness. His parents were gone forever, never to be seen again. Ralph bolted for the entrance. He had to escape. He finally reached the entrance, calling for the Templar who killed his parents. The Templar stepped forward, smiling as if a funny joke had been said. Ralph wanted to kill him so badly. The Templar then yelled that he would never be killed, kicking Ralph on the stomach. Ralph tried to stab the Templar in the head though he blocked it with his bare hands. He then knocked Ralph over. Just as he started chocking Ralph to death he said that Ralph should know his name before death, saying it was Rajesh Moro who must have been partly Italian too. He continued to choke Ralph untill a throwing knife hit hs arm. Rajesh moved back removing the knife from his arm. Ralph used this to his advantage, stabbing Rajesh in the chest yelling "fuck you" constantly. Rajesh finally fell to the ground meeting his end. Ralph then realised that the guards had been watching the whole time keeping their rifles trained on him. George raised his arms over his ears awaiting his death. Just as the guards were about to pull the trigger, the sound of several muskets rang through the air. Every guard fell to the ground. The Assassins had saved them. However Ralph's depression remained. He wanted to have revenge on all responsible for his parents' death.

A Vanished Assassin[]

Ralph ran out of the arsenal back to the hideout. He saw Elizabeth who was now fully recovered. As soon an she realised he was there she hugged Ralph and asked what happened. Ralph sighed and said that his parents had been killed by a Templar called Rajesh. He then said that he must leave America as he is sure that everyone would be looking for him. George arived later. Ralph told George that he planned to leave America. George then asked if he would ever see him again. Ralph replied saying that he doesn't know.

Over the next few days, Ralph thought of one place to go to. Venice in Italy, where his father was born. Ralph headed to Boston in desguise of a guard with Elizabeth and George. He went through the city, hearing his name from many civillians as expected. Ralph boarded a boat that would take him to Venice. Elizabeth asked what would he find in Venice. Ralph said he didn't know. Only to find out more about his father. He then docked the ship saying bye to Elizabeth and George, wondering whether it would be the last time he saw them.

Ralph arived in Venice early in 1769. He had to speak Italian to many civillians. Often Ralph didn't speak Italian but keeped it as a second language. While Ralph admired some of the products in the markets a thief took his money and ran to the rooftops. Ralph chased the man, running out of the breath while the man breathed normally. Finally, Ralph caught up to the thief and tackled him. He was about to kill the thief just as gunfire rung through the air. It was another thief asking Ralph not to kill the man. The thief then introduced himself as Death. He did not give his real name. Ralph only laughed at this name. Death asked him to come with him. Ralph came rather confused. He followed the man to what appeared to be a bar. Death asked for Ralph's name. Ralph introduced himself, saying he was half Italian, half American. Death then said he could speak English if Ralph was more comfortable with it. Death asked what skills Ralph had. Ralph said he could fight, free-run and, use investigation skills. Death then suggested to Ralph that he should learn more about free-running as what he had seen earlier was basic and how to dissapear. Ralph took these lessons though never revealed he was an Assassin or any of his intentions.

Over the course of three years of training in 1772, Ralph learned how to dissapear and had developed far better free-running skills. Ever since he arived in Venice, he received letters from Elizabeth and George saying they got married and other events happening in America. Ralph missed talking with them alot and sometimes thought of going back to America. He usually replied to these messages. Eventually, Ralph found out from heralds in the city that there were Templars had arived in the city and were to celebrate the Carnevale with the doge of Venice, Ludovico Manin. Ralph was smart enough to think, knowing the Templars they were probably were going to kill the doge. Ralph decided to wear a turban around his mouth for the Carnevale. He hoped to get a golden mask that would allow him in to the party where the doge was celebrating. Death asked why Ralph was going to the Carnevale. Ralph only said he wanted to have fun and to see the ladies. He went to the Carnevale and wondered who would win the golden mask. He planned to steal it. A man won all four games but only wanted to play he games for fun. Ralph followed the man. He threw the mask away. Ralph picked up the mask and swapped it with his turban. He went to Piazza San Marco where he found Templars swarming all over the place one ran to the doge with a knife just as expected. Ralph shot the man with his crossbow. All the Templars tried to approach the nervous doge. Ralph killed all the guards utilizing his dissapearance skills in the progress. One of the generals, Lorenzo Grimaldi engaged with Ralph in combat. Ralph gained the upperhand by dissapearing, leaving Lorenzo with the doge. The doge stepped back nervously. Ralph had went onto one of the upper levels. As Lorenzo charged at Ludovico, Ralph aerial assassinated the general. The doge thanked Ralph for saving him. Ralph however ran out of the Piazza as guards started coming in. He was now a notorious man, a wated man. Ralph had to go.

By 1773, Ralph had been pushed to Florence after having gone through a hard. He had lost contact with George and Elizabeth and now planned to one day go back to America. Ralph remarked Florence as a remakable and beautiful place. He had been keeping a low profile for months. Guards were still looking for him. No where across Italy was really safe. Many cities have been informed about the news with Ralph and the doge. Ralph finally had gotten tired of running from the guards and had to leave Italy. He went on a ship to America in late 1773.

The Long Trip[]

Ralph had not enjoyed his trip back to America. Many of the others on the ship had annoyed him. During the middle of Ralph's trip, they encountered antoher ship full of pirates. The pirates did not fire their cannons so they as they were looking for gold on the ship. Ralph defended the civillians on the ship. He killed pirate after pirate. He fired one of the ship's cannons at a barrels of gunpoder at the deck. A big explosion erupted across the ship destroying it. A pirate wearind a black hood and cloak jumped off the ship and onto Ralph's ship. He engaged in combat with the man however he lost being stabbed in the gut by the mans knife.

He woke up to find himself on an island with several civillians. The man had trapped them on the island. The women and children cried while the men groaned. Ralph stood in front of them and told them to stop crying and start to think of suviving. Everyone thought in silence and then started to think of shelter and food. Ralph went through the jungle to look for objects to make shelter while some others looked for fish in the sea. Ralph took a few strrong men with him. They found several logs and straw which could be used for selter. They travelled back to the beach where they weaved up the straw into a roof and put the logs underneath to stand it up. Fish was found well by the civillians. After several days a ship came past the island. Ralph quickly built a fire and signaled the ship using one of his pistols.