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Rameses Gonzalez, one of the forgoten Assassins of the 14th century, was once the leader of the Egyptian Brotherhood of Assassins and a great friend of the Assassin Numa Al'Khamsin.

Early Life:[]

Rameses Gonzalez was born February 14, 1305, in Cairo, Egypt, to Marcos Gonzalez and Amunet Mubarak. His parents both belonged to the Egyptian Brotherhood of Assassin's. When he was 8 years old, his father went on a secret mission to stop a Templar ambush in Alexandria. He failed because he was captured by his own cousin, Timoken, who later died of an infected leg. Rameses's father getting hung was a sight to sad for Rameses to watch. It hurt Rameses so much that he swore revenge on the man, Azibo, that had hung his father. When he began his traning, he wasn't as good as some of the others. Some teased him, but that only made him more confident that he would be a legendary Assassin one day. After some time, his skills began to increase alot. He became the best at using a khopesh (egyptian sword) and the cactus blade (hidden blade design covered with small thorns.

Master Assassin:[]

He earned the rank of Master Assassin at the age of 25, the same age as Altair Ibn La Ahad, making them both the youngest Assassins to earn that rank. Once he had earned that rank, and after a few missions, he was assigned to the Mentor of the Egyptian Brotherhood of Assassins. At first, th other Assassins thought that he was to young to lead them, but eventually, he gained their respect, honor, and trust. Soon, the other Assassins had become used to someone as young as him leading them. They all honored Rameses for helping them and training them to become better than they alrady were. All but one of the Assassins- Darius Shar.

Quest of the Ambush:[]

Darius Shar had turned out to be a Templar, but no one knew it. He was a great friend of Azibo. He was secretly helping the Templars plot an ambush on the Egyptian Assassins' HQ. Later, Rameses caught Darius talking to himself about the ambush. Darius was interogated, but Darius was a hard nut to crack. Rameses was out going to round up the Assassins and prepare for the ambush, but at the entrance gate was a horse, mounted by a knight in shiny black armor.                                                                                                                                              "I am here to warn you that a great army, the knights Templar, are going to attack you and murder every one of you and destroy all you have built, and take all you have gained. We will not be merciful. We will give you a chance to surrender your things and we will spare most of you. You have five weeks to prepare and go to war, or prepare to surrender." Then he was gone, leaving a cloud of dust where he stood.                                                      " We cannot let the Templars take our things so easily. We will fight off the Templars." declared one of  the Assassins in the crowd that had gathered around the gate.                                                                                            "The Templars could not have known of our presence unless there was a traitor among us," said Rameses. Just then, Darius and a handful of Assassins were seen opening the gate and running off in the direction of the Templars.

Chasing a Traitor[]

Rameses had taken a horsedrawn cart and chased after the traitors. His fastest horse, Copper, ran fast enought for Rameses to capture to traitors and kill them, but the others escaped. The only way Rameses knew where Darius went was to follow the trail Darius left. When he reached Damascus, he found out where he stopped.             "Yes, I saw a cart go by. It stopped by the Templar fort to the east," said a villager that Rameses had asked.         "Thank you friend," replied Rameses.                                                                                                                     Rameses stopped his cart and fed his horse, then he went over to examine what he would have to penetrate to get to Darius. It was a large square shape made with large, black stones, making the interior dark and gloomy. There were towers that held archers in case there was an attack. The inside was filled with tents. Out of those tents came alot of warriors dressed in armor. Many carried spears, swords, knives, and shields. Some carried bows and arrows. Few carried axes, but those who did had muscles that bulged out of their arms. They were preparing for war. Rameses saw alot of rocks and trees around the perimeter. To small to hide an army, but large enough to hide one man. When Rameses was close enough, he used a knife to shoot a guard from one of the towers. It caused enough confusion for Rameses to climb in. He killed another guard blocking him and hid.          In the center of the fort was a small castle shape. Rameses climbed down.