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Rangi is the cryptonym of the New Zealand Brotherhood of Assassins forward operating facility and primary headquarters hidden within the heart of Auckland, New Zealand. Buried beneath the central business district directly under the noses of Abstergo, with underground arteries stretching far and wide across the city, the NZB has been operating unopposed from this undisclosed location since 1939 and continues to be one of the most efficacious and enduring Assassin locations of the modern era.


World War II[]

Constructed by covert construction operatives faithful to the NZB during World War II, safely hidden under the facade of an 'air-raid shelter', 'Rangi' was the result of an all or nothing gamble which resulted in a tremendous victory for the New Zealand Brotherhood. Construction began beneath the national park known as 'Albert Park' in 1939

Present Day[]

A top down tunnels map of Rangi

Although it may simply be a matter of time before the secret location is eventually uncovered by Abstergo, Rangi still stands as the central and unequivocal headquarters and seat of the Assassin Order in New Zealand and the Pacific in extent. The location is purposely left uncharted by associates and mentors alike and is considered to be one of the safest though sequentially one of the last retreat if the Brotherhood ever needs a place to retreat too.