Raoul Basque
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14 November 1751
Cap-Haïtien, Saint-Domingue


9 November 1794
Paris, France
(aged 43)

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Caribbean Templars

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Kwasi Songui

"The people need an instrument to guide them, and to give them peace. I am that instrument. "
―Raol Basque to his killer, 1794
Raoul Treville-Marie Basque was a Haitian Assassin-turned-Templar that operated on behalf of the Conservative branch of the new West Indies Rite of the Templar Order during the Caribbean Purge. When Madeleine de Bullion returned to la France in 1781, she left the power in her lover's hands. Raoul ruled by Augustin's and Charlotte's side until the French Revolution. Madeleine was killed, and the Templars came to her funeral to pay their respects. Raoul stayed behind, pledging his allegiance to the Parisian Rite of the Templar Order.

Raol was killed by members of the French Brotherhood during the funeral of Master Templar Inès Garnier.

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  1. Raoul is the French version of Ralph.
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