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Raven Schwarz
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July 7th 1980, Manchester, England

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"I'm developing a superweapon. A weapon of mass disruption. Those bloody bastards won't even know what hit 'em."

-Raven to her fellow group.

Raven Schwarz is a member of The British Assassin Order. Born into the Order during the late 20th century, she was one of the few Assassins who managed to escape The Great Purge. Although she had trained since young to become Assassin, it was her skill in cyberwarfare that caught her colleague's attention.

Within her team, she acted as a leader and hacker, providing cybersupport and guiding her fellow Assassins in the field.

Early Life[]

"The Great Purge. For many others, it was the end. But my journey had just begun."

The daughter of a German father and an English mother, she was born on July 7th 1980. She grew up in the city of Manchester but ended up moving to London in 1996 after her parents managed to secure a residence in London. In the year 2000, her parents who were working in the Assassin camps was brutally slaughtered by the Templar squad during Operation "The Great Purge." Fearing for her life, she quickly booked a ticket and fled from the country.

Combat Uniform[]

She wears a hoodie and pants however she does not wear any extra armors for her mission. Instead her clothes are made of fabrics that incorporates metallized fibers which reduces emissions and thus lowers her radiant temperature. In short, her combat fatigue helps her to get close to her target without worrying that she'd be spotted by heat or night vision camera. This uniform however, leaves her very vulnerable and she would go through extreme lengths not to get caught in the firefight in the first place. To blend in plain sight is part of Assassin's afterall.