"Give the orders, Mr. Stearns."
―Reginald over the telephone, permitting Alfred Stearns to initiate the Great Purge; 2000
Reginald Ainsworth

Reginald Ainsworth

Reginald Ainsworth is a modern day Templar, serving as the General of the Cross – being the only one in the Order holding this title. He is the step-father of Bobby-Jo Concord, making him the step-uncle of Howard and Angelica Concord.

The General of the Cross is the highest-ranking individual within the hierarchy of the modern day Templar Order. The General is responsible for reviewing decisions made by the Guardians, and approving or refusing further action. The General's identity is kept secret, even from other Templars.

In 2000, after Daniel Cross had served his part in initiating the Great Purge, Ainsworth gave the orders to Alfred Stearns to engage – making Ainsworth responsible for several Assassins' deaths.

When Angelica was engaging the Project Omega months later, Reginald accepted the request of establishing an Abstergo facility in Tulum.

In 2014 Álvaro Gramática presented Alan Rikkin—CEO of Abstergo Industries and one of the three Guardians—with a number of concerns regarding the search for the Observatory, as well as a plan of action. Rikkin promised to review the plan and pass it on to the General of the Cross for approval.

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