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"The Assassins are a danger to society and they must all be eliminated. One way or another. For too long they have been hindering, but now we will end it once and for all. We will resume this country to make it better than it has always been. May the Father of Understanding guide us."
―Reginald to his Templar-followers
Reginald Parker
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October 1729


March 1804

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Reginald Parker was a Templar leader of the Egyptian Rite and the lover of Alekos Argyris, who lived in the 18th century.

Reginald lived his first years in lust and money, when he became 20, he was recruited into the British Rite of the Templar Order. Between 1755 and 1763, Reginald fought in America during the Seven Year War with Grand Master Haytham Kenway and Shay Cormac. In 1765, he was sent to Egypt to Memphis to liberate the city from the presence of the Assassins. With the help of other Templars, Reginald killed all Assassins including their boss, Olabode Trajan. Reginald took control of the city and all of Egypt through his monks, so that what Bayek had done was useless. Under the control of the Templars, Egypt flourished until the beginning of the Napoleonic Wars. In 1804, Reginald was assassinated by an Black Cross, for breaking a principle of the Templar Code.

He is an ancestor of Warren Vidic.


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After the death of Parker, the Egyptian Rite of the Templar Order remained without a guide. This made the Egyptian Assassins resurrect and killed all Templars in Egypt during the Napoleonic wars.