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Reinhard Kößler was a member of the German Brotherhood of Assassins. During his time, he and his fellow Assassins supported the German Resistance to Nazism and killed Adolf Hitler in 1945. He is currently the grandfather on the Paternal line to Griffin Hynes.

Reinhard Kößler
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Biographical information

January 1897 Ingolstadt, Germany

Political information

Assassins (1933-1954) German Resistance (1933-1945)

Real-world information
Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Uprising

Early life[]

"Father is dead, killed in the streets by a madman, mama is more sad than she has ever been."

Reinhard Kößler was the son of a German farming family in Ingolstadt, Germany, an only child of a poor family, Reinhard knew he would need to help his family as much as he can. In early 1912, Reinhard's father was killed by a man who demanded money from him and resisted, Reinhard's mother wasn't able to recover from the experience and soon disappeared in 1913. Reinhard knew that life as a poor farmer would lead him nowhere, so in 1917, he enlisted in the German military and eventually fought in World War 1.

A soldier in WW1[]

"He is an interesting man, I like his determination for winning the war for Germany. I think his name is Adolf."

By 1918, Reinhard had become a Corporal in the German military and was sent to fight in France in 1916. While in France, Reinhard experienced the worst cruelty he had ever seen, seeing men's legs getting blown off by mortars, his fellow soldiers holding the blood from their necks after getting shot there, and the machine gunners mowing down troops as they charged put a heavy toll on Reinhard, but he was determined to get through the war. In 1917, Reinhard met a young man named Adolf whom he regarded with respect at first because of his determination, the meeting between them though was short lived however as Adolf's regiment was forced to fight more in Somme, Reinhard didn't know it at the time, but that man would be one of the most ruthless men in history: Adolf Hitler.

Meeting the Assassins[]

"I can't believe it! The man whom I had once regarded with respect is sounding insane!"

After Reinhard's time in the German military, he returned to his old life as a farmer with nightmares of the cruelty he'd seen in the war. In 1933, he had heard of the man whom he had met, Adolf Hitler, and about the book that he had written in jail called Mein Kampf, Reinhard did read the book once, and was completely horrified at what he had read, the man he once respected in the war was talking of genocide, racism, and complete domination of Europe. Fearing that Hitler would one day take control of Germany, Reinhard began to search for people, people that he had heard of called the Assassins, these people were men and women who had ideals that Reinhard was enthusiastic about and eventually found the whereabouts of one assassin, and Reinhard came to meet him. Reinhard traveled to the outskirts of Hamburg, where he eventually found a man named Seppel, Seppel told Reinhard that he was an assassin and the nature of the assassins in general. Reinhard asked the man for anything he could do to become and assassin, to which Seppel told him to kill the names of corrupt soldiers who had ties with another secret order, the Templars. After four days, Reinhard tracked down and killed all of the soldiers with his short swords that he had received in the war, when the deed was done he traveled back to Seppel and said to him that the mission had been finished. Seppel brought Reinhard to the sewers of Berlin, where they met with the mentor of the German assassins, Veit. After Seppel told Veit of the deeds done for them by Reinhard, Veit inducted the young man into the assassins and was given a weapon of which Reinhard had never seen before, the hidden blade.

Time as an Assassin[]

"Nein! This can't be right. It says that Hitler is planning on invading Poland!"

Between 1933 and 1939, Reinhard served the assassins loyally and with dignity. His days consisted of training, learning about the nature of the order, and wondering when his next mission was. His missions consisted of killing rogue assassins, scouting certain Nazi outposts, and eavesdropping on any high ranking Nazi because the Assassins knew that Hitler was planning something but they didn't know what. On August 31, 1939, Reinhard and a fellow assassin were sent near Berlin to steal certain documents that were for Hitler, after breaking into the outpost and killing the guard who had the note, Reinhard took it back to the mentor, Veit. When Veit read the note, he was completely shocked to discover that Hitler planned on invading Poland the very next day, Reinhard was in complete shock and immediately left to try to infiltrate the Reichstag and kill Hitler, Veit however stopped him saying that breaching the Reichstag at this time would be complete suicide. Feeling defeated, Reinhard simply went back to his living quarters and spent his night with no sleep, waiting for what the world would come to.

Assassination attempt on Hitler[]

"Why can't I move my legs?! The answer sends a sharp chill down my spine as I see the golden object in his hands."

The eventual war that Reinhard knew would happen eventually occurred and with that, the Assassins supported the German resistance to nazism with new determination. In the years leading to July 20, 1944, Reinhard and the other assassins helped the resistance by killing nazi soldiers, liberating prison camps, and trying to get to Hitler whenever they could. On July 20, 1944, Reinhard was called by Veit to assist a resistance member, Ludwig Beck, on his assassination plan to kill Hitler. Reinhard accepted with eagerness and met with Ludwig to set up the bombs that would be used in the attempt. The plan was simple: A fellow resistance member and thought to be Nazi soldier named Stauffenberg would attend a conference meeting with Hitler, plant the bomb in Stauffenberg's briefcase, Stauffenberg would use the restroom but secretly prime the bomb, and finally Stauffenberg and Reinhard who'll be disguised as a guard will esape before the bombs explode and make their way back to Berlin. After meeting with Hitler and his generals, the plan all went accordingly. But just before the bomb exploded, Hitler stopped Reinhard and asked for his name, to which Reinhard responded. Hitler recognized the young man before him, he had met with him in the war, but something about him had changed over the years, and Hitler knew that Reinhard was lying about him being a guard. Reinhard sensed that something bad was about to happen, and quickly killed the two real guards and began to run to the door, but was somehow frozen in place and simply couldn't move, Reinhard turned his head over and saw the Hitler had used an Apple of Eden to stop Reinhard in his tracks. Hitler was just about to kill Reinhard with his luger, but suddenly the bombs went off and Hitler dropped the Apple, Reinhard ran as fast as he could to the plane back to Hamburg, and knew that the brotherhood was in danger.

An Assassin in hiding[]

Reinhard made it back to Hamburg and to the underground sewers of the Assassins. Reinhard rushed to Veit and warned him that Hitler had an Apple of Eden and that Hitler must have used the object too get information from his mind. As Veit was about to call for the assassins to evacuate immediately, a sniper shot rang in the air as Nazi soldiers stormed the sewers, killing at random. Many assassins fought back and killed many Nazis, but the numbers were too great and many assassins were killed in the progress. Reinhard himself killed twelve Nazis with his short blades and silenced pistol, but was forced to retreat with Seppel. As the two assassins escaped, Reinhard asked Seppel where Veit was, Seppel answered that the sniper shot heard before had killed him. Reinhard's sorrow grew at that moment and vowed too bring justice to him and all his fellow brothers and sisters. Reinhard and Seppel came back to Reinhard's old farm for hiding, and for the next few months, they stayed under the radar of the Nazis.

New Frontier[]

For the next few months, Reinhard and Seppel stayed in hiding and killed any Nazis who got way to close to finding where they are. In late March of 1945, news came that the Allies were closing in on Germany, so Reinhard decided to try to capture a Nazi soldier and have him reveal hoe Hitler got the Apple Of Eden and when an attack on the Allies might begin. On April 10, 1945, Reinhard and Seppel infiltrated a Nazi base where they captured a general in the Nazi army. Reinhard held his hidden blade to the mans' throat and demanded the answers the questions he had asked, and what the general revealed shocked the two assassins. The genral revealed that Hitler had used the Apple to hypnotize the people of Germany into supporting him and the Nazi party, it was also revealed that Hitler along with FDR, Winston Churchill, and Josef Stalin were all Templar puppets who planned to meet up with each other when the eventual attack on Berlin came. After the information was given, Reinhard killed the general and he along with Seppel traveled to southern Germany where they met up with American soldiers. Reinhard used the english that he had known to tell them that they were members of the resistance and to ask if they could take a part in the battle, the American commander agreed and they all camped out for a few days, then on April 16, 1945, they set out early morning for the Battle of Berlin.

Final Battle[]

"With his dying breath, my friend tells me to finish this and bring justice to all whom Hitler had harmed."

The group arrived at Berlin a little later than they wanted on April 18, 1945, but continued nevertheless. When they arrived to Berlin, they already found the city a complete warzone, they could hear men and women screaming in both pain and horror. It didn't take long before they came across a group of Nazis, Reinhard charged at them and killed most of them with either his short blades and silenced pistol, but their numbers along with the weapons they possessed forced Reinhard to fall back with the group. The next few days were of them walking around in the city, killing enemy soldiers, and spending the nights praying that the enemy won't slit their throats. Eventually on April 23rd 1945, the group met with Russian soldiers participating in the battle, and were immediately come under fire, Reinhard knew that his small weapons would prove ineffective in this type of battle, so he picked up an mp40 from a dead Nazi and continued the battle. The next few days were filled with more violence because they came closer to the Fuhrerbunker, Reinhard and Seppel along with the soldiers continued to face much resistance but continued to work together and they eventually found more soldiers from the Allied countries, but that came with even more chaos, which now included random civilians being hung for not supporting the Reich enough. Then on April 30th, 1945, Reinhard and Seppel decided to leave the group because they needed to get to Hitler before he could get away and they knew that only they possessed the speed for the job. They eventually found themselves outside the Fuhrerbunker, to find many soldiers and even spotted Eva Braun, Hitler's wife, getting inside the building quickly, that showed them that Hitler was still there but for how long? They snuck to the entrance of the Fuhrerbunker, but one small mistep had them discovered by the soldiers, though they were able to enter the bunker and remain unseen thanks to the smoke bomb, Seppel had gotten shot in the neck by a sniper, Reinhard held his friend and his friend told Reinhard to continue on and finish this before he died.

Killing Hitler[]

"Menschen erinnern sich vielleicht an Sie, als ein Monster . Verrotte in der Hölle." (May people remember you as a monster. Rot in Hell.)

Reinhard investigated the bunker stealthily and made sure never to reveal himself, not even to the children in the bunker. A little while later, Reinhard heard a gunshot echo throughout the building, he was close to the room where it came from, so he entered the room to find Hitler's corpse laying on the couch, Reinhard knew that this couldn't be Hitler due to the fact that he possessed the Apple of Eden. After investigating, Reinhard stepped on a piece of the floor that opened a secret door leading to the outside. Reinhard stepped outside to find an airplane about to take off, Reinhard spotted Hitler among it and immediately raced to the plane. Reinhard jumped on one of the wings just as the Plane took off and was able to pull himself up to the plane windows. Reinhard shot through the window which killed the assistance pilot, Reinhard then killed other one with his hidden blade, Reinhard plunged the plane into a nearby lake. Reinhard and Hitler both survived to Reinhard's disbelief, Reinhard found an unconscious Hitler to the shore and stabbed him in the stomach to wake him up, Hitler looked up at Reinhard and asked why he was doing this. Reinhard replied that he was bringing justice to all those he had killed, to which Hitler expressed that he was making Germany a power again. Reinhard knew what had to be done and even though it was tradition that the assassins would grant and individual their last rights, Reinhard chose to call for Hitler's suffering before stabbing him in the chest, killing him.

Rebuilding the order[]

After Reinhard killed Hitler, he found the Apple of Eden in his posession and used it to heal his wounds, after that happened he shot Hitler in the head to make it look like the double he had executed. When that deed was done, Reinhard brought Hitler's body back to the bunker and allowed history to think that Hitler had committed suicide in his bunker. Eventually on May 7th, 1945, Germany officially surrendered to the Allies which brought joy to the world and especially Reinhard. Between 1945 and 1952, Reinhard continued to find and train any assassins who would join him, he eventually rose to be mentor of the German Assassins, and sent many assassins throughout Europe to eradicate any traces of the Nazis. Although the Soviets split Germany in two, Reinhard and his assassins would travel across the Berlin wall many times to recruit many more assassins.

Later life[]

In 1954, Reinhard left the order and trusted his best student to lead the German assassins in the future, after those events, Reinhard chose to move to America for a new and better life. He eventually met a woman and a year later, they got married. Then in 1965, they had their first daughter, then three more boys, Reinhard chose to eventually teach his children about the assassins and trained them enough so that they could eventually teach their children. Reinhard worked as an engineer until 1992, where he and his wife retired. After one year, he passed away at his house .


Reinhard wielded small weapons due to the new century technology, Reinhard wielded two eagle head German short blades, 10 throwing knives, and a Luger with a silencer. For his assassin garb, he wore a hooded trenchcoat.


  • "Reinhard" is a cognate word of Reynard. "Rey" comes from the German word Ragin which means "advice". Hard means "Brave" or "Hardy"