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Assassin's Creed: Return of the Eagle is fanon story created by LeMaster1029, it is the direct sequel to Hope

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it. Thank you and enjoy!


Chapters 5 & 6 have been released for your enjoyment! Next chapters will be chapters 7 & 8! We are slowly nearing the end of this chapter of Steven's story, tell me what you want to happen next before we reach the end!


I look at Derik, he nods. “Steve, jump! The guards are following us!” he smiles, I look back and yell, “You’ll never catch us you templar bastards!” I grab it, and jump into the water. This is my story. I am Steve Medam. I am an assassin.

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LeMaster is proud to present the sequel to Hope: Assassin’s Creed – Return of the Eagle.

Chapter 1: Homecoming[]

A month ago…

America. I look at the distant land, it seems so small, but once you actually go to it, it’s so huge. “Land ho! Prepare to meet the sand.” I yell. The ship lands, and we all jump off the boat onto the sand. I have to pay someone a visit, my crew heads to their homes, I will do the same.

After hours of travelling, I made it back to town. A lot has changed since 2064. 2 years, and everything is different, weird. I head to the home of Mary, my former ally in the Assassin order. I open the door, slowly, and nothing is inside except for a note on the desk. I pick it up, and read it. It reads:

“Dear Mary,

I and the rest of the Eruditon order are offering you and your Assassins a chance to form an alliance in order to defeat the Templars. We have a common goal, come to the cave under the shack in the forest, and we will talk, more will be revealed about our organisation when you arrive.














What is Erudito, who are they? I need to get to the shack before the meeting, maybe I’ll be able to sort things out with Mary, and I’ll find out who the Eruditons are too.

I grab a horse, get on, and ride to the forest.

Chapter 2: The Hunter, The Templar, and The Spy[]

I ride through the forest, but I stop. Something is up in the trees, I look up, all is fine. A rope dart comes flying down! I knew it! It nearly hits my neck, but I quickly roll of the horse. A person wearing robes drops down, they appear to carrying a bow and some arrows with an old hatchet made of animal skins. They take off the hood, it’s Jessica! “Who dares interrupt our meeting of importance? This is a restricted area, all who enter shall be killed!”

“Jessica stop!” I yell.

“Who are you intruder!?”

I take off my hood. “Your former ally.”

She opens her mouth for a moment, then begins to talk. “Steve, what are you doing here? Mary will kill if you she spots you.”

I look at the hut. “Jessica, when I was in Rome, I killed the Templar leader, he was one of Desmond’s ancestors, and it turns out I’m Desmond’s son. It’s a long story, but I recovered a letter from him, it was meant to be sent to me, it informed me that Mary was secretly an undercover Templar. Please, you must believe me. Why do you think she’d be giving you orders to kill anyone on sight if our order is about peace for the Earth?”

“Give me proof.” She said.

I hold out the letter, and she walks closer. “Steve, they’re in the cave, there’s a secret entrance in the shack. Take these keys, they’ll unlock the doors.” I nod, and head to the shack.

I unlock the door, and find many paintings and weapons inside. Another door is there, I unlock this one, and I enter a room with bars, behind them is the cave. They are speaking, the Eruditons. I see Mary, is now my time to strike? I think so.

“Wait! Mary is not an assassin! She is a Templar! Run Eruditons! I will protect you!” I yell

Mary quickly slices an Eruditon warrior’s throat, and the others quickly run, while Mary chases after them. I shoot an arrow to her leg, and she quickly falls down. She looks at me, and I look at her. To think that my former ally turned out to be a Templar. I spare her only to let her know I’m not a killer, and that I will offer her a chance to redeem herself.

Chapter 3: A New Ally[]

I walk out of the building, and run out the door. Crouching on the tree branch is Jessica, I order her to come with me, and we run to somewhere where we can hide from Mary. I take her to the old church that had been invaded when I was a kid, it has long since been abandoned. No one is following us, that’s good.

“Steve, what are we doing here?” She asks.

“We need somewhere to hide from Mary, she’s bound have reinforcements around here somewhere. We need all the help we can get, in the morning we’ll search for the Eruditons.”

“What about Jarred? Where is he?”

I look at her with a face of sorrow, “Jarred didn’t… He…”

She looks at me and says. “So… He’s gone?”

I nod. She turns around and sheds a tear. “We should look for anything left from the Assassins that the priests were hiding during the 2020’s, we need anything we can find.”

We both look around, I find an old note, it reads:

“God will protect you Assassins, we will accept you as a human being, and we believe that you are doing the right thing. To show our support, we have hidden a weapon that is very powerful, one that no man should wield, the prophecy states that the chosen one will wield this weapon, perhaps one of you are the chosen ones?”

I put down the note after I hear Jessica scream! I quickly sprint to the area that the voice came from. She is being attacked by shadowy beings, I quickly grab my hatchet, and throw it at one. I grab my dagger and a sword, and quickly run, jump and thrust my sword into one of their heads, another attempts to attack me, but I roll away and stab it in the back. They’re all dead. Their bodies disappear! That doesn’t matter for now though, I need to check on Jessica.

“You okay?” I ask.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Thank you Steve, I thought I was going to”

“Don’t worry about it, we’re safe now. You’re safe now.”

She looks at me, I look at her. “We’d best get to bed, it’s… Late.” We walk off to bed.

The next morning, I get up from bed, and wake up Jessica. “Jessica, wake up. We need to find the Eruditons.” She gets up, retrieves her equipment, and we head off into the city. I quickly look back, someone is following us.

“Jessica,” I whisper. “Someone’s following us, you continue to the markets, I’ll move into that alleyway. If I call eagle, quickly come.”

She nods, and I head into the alleyway. As expected, the person follows me to the alleyway. I quickly climb up a building, and wait for them to walk below me. They look around in confusion, and I jump down on top of them and grab them by the cloak. It’s a woman carrying a golden dagger, who is she?

“Who are and what are you doing?” I ask.

“I’m sorry, allow me to introduce myself,” I let go of her, and she takes off her hood. “I am Christine Belin, I need your help Steven. The Eruditons need your help.” She says.

I walk back to Jessica with Christine, and we head back to the church. “Assassins, we need your help. If Mary was a Templar, then there must be Templars all around America, all over the world.” Christine explains.

“And how are we going to defeat them?” Jessica asks.

“With this,” Christine pulls out the golden dagger. “The priests had hidden this weapon, waiting for the chosen one to appear. The ancient prophecy had told them that a hero would be able to wield, that an assassin would wield it. When the church was attacked in 2026, our warriors retrieved the artefact before the Templars could get their greedy hands on it. The artefact only works if the chosen one wields it, if the individual holding it isn’t the chosen one, it will act as a normal dagger. Only the chosen one can activate it’s awesome power.”

She hands me the dagger, nothing happens. I hand it to Jessica, still nothing. Christine looks disappointed, and says, “Steven, you need to find the one who has the power to defeat the Templars.” Time stops, everyone is frozen! “Jessica! Christine! Are you okay!?” They don’t reply. They’re not talking! I try to open the door to the city, but it’s locked! A golden humanoid being appears, but it doesn’t seem like she’s actually here, could it be the one of the Ones Who Came Before?!

“Steven Medam. The man you are looking for is in the one place where all is peaceful, the ones who live in this land have pure souls, none are evil. You must go to Africa, there you will find the chosen one. But beware, every man’s soul can be corrupted. Once you arrive in Africa, you are alone. Goodbye Assassin.”

“Wait!” I yell. “I need to know more! Who is he? Tell me!”

I fall to the ground, and the last thing I remember seeing, is a man’s face.

“Steve, please wake up! Wake up!” I hear. I open my eyes. Jessica, is holding me by the shoulders, and crying. I get up and walk around for a bit.

“Jessica, I know where to go!” I say


“I know where to find the chosen one, the Ones Who Came Before, they, they visited me! I need to go.”

“Let me come with you!” She pleads.

“No, you need to stay with Christine, help her and the Eruditons. They’ll take care of you. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” I say.

“Steve…” She wipes a tear from her eye, and I hug her, and assure her that nothing will happen to me. I walk out the door, and get on the horse. “Goodbye America.” I whisper. And I ride away.

Chapter 4: The Endless Ocean[]

I ride to the boat, and find my crew waiting for me. “The captain’s back! Where you been you sneaky bastard?” They laugh. I laugh too, and we all get on the boat. One sailor follows me to the upper deck. “Captain, while you were gone, we upgraded the ship with more canons, and we also convinced a few people who wish to make a few dollars to join our crew. Captain, where are we headed?” He asks.

“Africa.” I reply.

“Africa?! Why?”

“Personal reasons.”

“Oh, you wanna check out some of the beautiful women eh?”

“Um, I guess so.”

He laughs, and we continue sailing.

Everything is quiet, too quiet. What am I thinking? We need to enjoy the peace we have while we still have it! It must be me remembering those battles we had with the redcoats… What? I never had any battles with “redocoats”. My head is aching, I’m starting to see things! A man, standing next to me, he’s saying something like, “We need to board Nicholas Biddle’s ship!”, my hands… They’re different, my clothes are blue sailing clothes, but I was wearing a hood! Everything suddenly changes back to normal, and I quickly tell my most trusted crew member to control the ship for me. “Sail to Africa Luis, I’m not feeling too good…” I say. I rush to my cabin, and lie on the bed.

“Connor, Connor are you ok? The crew’s keeping guard of the Aquila. Hello?” I hear.

“Sorry Mr Faulkner, I must’ve just been daydreaming.” I hear myself say. Who am I? Am I Connor?

“Well come on then captain, let’s go find that artefact you were after shall we?”

“In my vision, I keep seeing a cave, much like the one over there. Let’s go search it.’

What is he looking for? Why am I seeing this? Connor walks closer to the cave, and finally reaches it. “Mr Faulkner, I think you should stay behind.” He says. And the other man stays behind. Connor walks to a rock, and begins climbing it. He pulls himself up to the top, and finds a lever, he pulls it, and it reveals a secret room, while causing many rocks to fall behind him. He quickly dashes to the other room, he nearly gets hit by a rock, but strafes to the left. The rocks stop falling, and he stops running. He steps on a pressure pad hidden on the floor.

“Spirits, you have called me here in my dreams, what do you want?” He yells.

A citizen from the first civilisation appears. “Your descendant is a very important person. You have a very special bloodline. You will guide the first one, he will save the world. The second one, will destroy your enemy. You have already aided the first one, but is your time to aid the second. Use this.” She holds out a cup, and Connor takes it.

“Wait, who is this first one? Who is the second one? Come back! Please!” He yells.

I wake up in my bed, heart beating, I breathe heavily. The sound of canon fire I hear, oh no! Pirates. I quickly run to the upper deck to check what’s going on. “Luis! What happened?” I yell.

“Definitely nothing good, pirates are attacking us!” He yells

Pirates?! What’s going on? We gave them all our riches when they last attacked us. What do they want now? “Luis,” I say. “No more hiding. We’re not cowards. We won’t hide from these pirates any longer. Today we fight!” My crew cheers with me. And I take the wheel. Luis quickly heads to one of the canons, and we fire the first shot.

They fire back. A fire shot! “Brace! Everyone down!” I yell. “Grape shot broadside!” The many canon balls fly into the air, and we sing “You old, drunken pirates, you’d best give up! We’re gonna give ya a grape shot, and make you all plump!” We all laugh, the pirates step up their game by firing 3 different shots. The canon ball, the fire shot, and the grape shot. “Damage report! Now!” I yell. “We’ve lost a part of the ship!” Luis yells. An idea comes to my head. “We’re sailing to the ship, we’re taking down the sails!” Luis gives me a face of surprise, and is about to say something, but quickly shuts his mouth and continues on. We sail over, and they miss a shot, we quickly use their reload time to fire and take their sails down. We quickly sail over, and our men grab swords, hatchets, knives, and pistols.

I leap to the enemy ship, and assassinate a pirate by throwing my dagger in one of their throats. I run over and grab it, one pirate tries to throw a spear at my head, I quickly dodge, but not fast enough. It hits me in the arm, and I am injured. Badly, lucky it just scraped me. I pull out my pistol and shoot him. That strange power activates again, and I see a golden man. “Kill the golden target” I hear someone say. I quickly run to the golden man, the power deactivates and I see who it is. The captain. I tackle him to the ground, breaking the wood on the ground.

“You think you’re a sailor, but you’re just a pathetic, weak fool!” He taunts.

I pull out my hatchet and sword, he equips two swords. I run over, and quickly slide, and thrust the hatchet into his leg, he yells, and nearly cuts off my arm, but misses me and slices my cheek. I run up behind him, and try thrusting my sword into his back, but he quickly dodges and misses my head, cutting off some of my hair. I activate my triple saw blade, and push it into his neck, the saw blade eventually cutting off his head. I look at it, pick it up and walk outside.

I hold it up and yell, “The captain is dead! Surrender and we won’t kill any of you!” They drop their weapons, jump off the ship, and swim away. We get back on our ship, and I put the head on the mast to scare off the rest of those dirty pirates.

“Captain!” Luis yells. “Land ho!”

I look at the distant land of Africa. This is where I’ll find them. The one that can defeat the Templars, the one that will keep our world free. They will change the world, forever.

Chapter 5: The Great Land of Africa[]

We finally get to the land! I have reached my destination. “Men!” I yell. “I sent a letter to a hotel, 3 of you will each share a room, I’ll pay for you, don’t worry!” They all head to the hotel, but I head to the African Assassin hideout. I ride there, the desert is hot, it’s as if I am melting. I pull up my sleeve, take down my hood and put some water on my face. I continue riding.

The town is smaller than the one back at Evenswood, way smaller. I walk into the gates, people beg for my money, so I throw a few cents at them. A young boy walks in my direction, “Steven Medam?” He whispers. “Yes, what do you need?”

“Well…” He said. “Father told me to take you to hideout.” He activates his hidden blade. “If you can prove to me you really are Steven!” He tries to slice my throat, but I move back, kick his legs, and point my sword to his neck. “Convinced?” I ask.

He takes me to the hideout, and opens the door. It’s an empty room! He pulls a lever, and a secret door activates. “Father makes sure no one can get in, so you need to show the Assassin guard your blade.” He says. The door finishes unlocking, and he activates his blade, and walks through. I do the same, and they let me through. The boy walks to his father, and I follow.

“Are you the warrior we’ve been hearing about?” He asks.

“If that warrior is Steve Medam, then yes.” I sit down with him. “What is your name?”

“I am Naasir Jelewa.” I look at him strangely. “You can just call me Jerry, it’s what all the foreigners call us. Anyway, why have you come to our land?”

“To find someone, the spirits have been visiting me, they told me I could find someone here who could help destroy the Templars.”

“Wow, well. You sure about this?”

I nod.

“Well, I assume you have no one to help you, that’s probably why you came here. Why don’t I come with you? It’d be an honour to fight with such a legendary warrior. James, you stay with your mother, I need to go with our friend and help him.”

We walk out of the bar. “You know anyone out of the ordinary?” I ask. “Well,” he replies. “My close friend Derik has been acting very strange for a while now. Golden flashes have been surrounding his house for a while now. I think we should go look for him.” I nod, and we both grab a horse, and ride to Derik’s home.

“Derik!” He yells. “He doesn’t seem to be inside,” We walk in. “What happened here?!” He yells. I look behind me, BANDITS! They try to throw knives at me and Jerry, but I grab him, and throw him out of the way. He holds out his hand, ready for a weapon. I throw it to him, and a golden light emits around him! Could he be the one I’m looking for? He strikes one bandit with it, and they are pushed way back into the town! I shoot one with a bow, the arrows misses, and Jerry runs over, and tries to slice one in the legs, he misses, but a shadow of a hammer follows the dagger, and the man falls down! I run over and thrust my sword into his neck to finish him off. Another tries to shoot me with a pistol, I prepare my hidden gun, but he shoots me in the leg! Jerry throws the knife at the bandit’s neck, and it moves towards him automatically! This is the one I was told about, he will defeat the Templars.

“Jerry! I need you to come back to America with me, we leave tomorrow!”

“No!” He says. “We need to find Derik, I am concerned about him!”

I am in a rush, and I feel angry with Jerry, but I calm myself down, and ride with him.

“A trail of blood Steven, we must follow it.” He says. We follow the trail, and it eventually leads us to a cave. We demount our horses, and we enter it.

Inside many snakes, spiders, and rats try to attack us, but we simply slice them with our swords. We continue on, and we hear screaming and yelling!

“Where is the money?!” A man yells.

“I’ll never tell you, I know your secret you horrible Templar asshole!” Another man yells.

I hear a gun loading, I hear the man lift it up, but before he can shoot, Jerry runs over, jumps on top of him, and tackles him onto the ground! I jump down with him, but before I can save him, the Templar thrusts a sword into his stomach, I aim my hidden gun at the Templar’s head, and shoot. I run over to Jerry, and tell him everything is going to be alright, I grab him, and drag him over to the wall while I quickly free Derik from the chair.

“Naasir! Let me help you!” Derik yells. He reaches for the sword, and grabs it. “Steven, I need you to grab me some chewing gum from my shoe, and get that towel over there!” I grab both, and hand it to him. I put the gum in Jerry’s mouth, and Derik pulls out the sword! I put the towel over the wound, and Derik orders me to get the anesthetic. I hand it to him, and he injects Jerry with it.

“Thank you Steven.” He says.

“How do you know my name?”

“Who doesn’t? You’re a legend around here, the man who defeated an evil warrior.”

“Will he be OK?”

He walks away with me for a bit, and says, “There’s a 50/50 chance, if he dies, he will stay living for approximately 27 hours, it will be a slow and painful death, but for now, we just have to wait.” He looks at Jerry, walks over and checks his heartbeat. “He is strong, it is amazing that he is still alive. Why have you come here?”

“To find the man that will stop the Templars, I believe it is him that will save us.”

Derik nods. “Where will you take him?” He asks.

“Back to America, though it doesn’t look like we’ll be leaving anytime soon.”

He looks at Jerry again. “Come, help me carry him. We’ll take him to his home, he’ll be safe there.” We pick him up, and travel to his home.

Note: Sorry about the white highliting, Microsoft Word fucked me over this time.

Chapter 6: The Chosen One[]

“Don’t worry miss, we will take care of Naasir.” Derik tells Ms Jelewa.

I look at Jerry. “Steven,” Derik says. “I think it’d be best if we went to bed now, we’ll check on him in the morning.” So I head to the guest’s room and Derik stays with Jerry.

I wake up. I hear banging noise and doors opening, a person! There’s more than one, probably here to finish off Jerry and Derik. They’re standing right next to me, one of them tries to slice my head off with a hatchet! Before the hatchet hits my head I knock it out of his hand, a masked woman runs over and tries to slice my throat, I jump behind her when she attempts to stab me, and I knock her in the head, knocking her out. One guard scratches my leg, and I nearly fall down, but I activate my hidden blade and thrust it into his neck. The other one retrieved his hatchet, and tries to throw it at my head, but I quickly draw my sword and block it, the man runs over, I dodge and I stab him in the back. I look at the masked woman, activate my blade and stab her in the back. Everyone is awake. Except for Derik!

I run into the room, and he is fighting off the last guard, the man has a crossbow! He shoots it at the head of Jerry! Derik looks at Jerry, and becomes surrounded by a golden light! He runs to the man, hits him in the face, and beats him to death in only 3 hits!

“Naasir!!!” He yells. He runs to Jerry, and touches him. Whenever Derik touches Jerry, his hand moves slightly, but moves back again! I run over, and feel his chest. Derik touches him again, a heartbeat! I look at Derik, the golden glow is surrounding his hand, and I notice that it moves onto Jerry when he touches him. What are these people?

Jerry’s wife runs in, pushes us out of the way, and falls onto his chest, crying. The golden glow that is surrounding Derik becomes brighter, and he walks around the room. “I will kill whoever did this to Naasir!” He yells. He walks out the door, and rides away on his horse.

I look at the body of the man he killed, on the hand. A ring! The Templar ring, it seems they never go away. I sprint out to the door, but before I can leave, Jerry’s wife asks “What do I do with my husband?!” She cries. I throw her some old towels. “Gently pull out the arrow, and quickly wrap it around his head. Got it?” I walk out.

I quickly get onto my horse, and follow Derik.

“Derik! Go back and help Jerry’s wife!” I yell.

“No! I will kill those Templar fuckers!”

“You don’t know what you’re dealing with, go back!”

“Nothing will stop me from getting my revenge, even you!” He yells. He quickly jumps off the horse, and shoots mine in the leg with a bow. I get off, and I prepare for battle. He holds 2 knives, and runs up to me, I flip over him, he manages to cut my stomach, and I run over. I quickly equip my blade, and gently scratch his leg. He looks at me, and falls to the ground. The sedatives worked. I look at him, tie him to the horse. I get on it, and ride to the trail of gunpowder, wait, gunpowder? I look back, it’s leading to the house! I quickly ride back to the house, get off my horse and run inside the house. “Everyone! Get out! This house is going to blow!” I yell. I gather up the family, and they run outside. Not far enough it seems.

The house explodes! I get blown back far away, I open my eyes, scars all over my arms and legs, my finger is gone! The one on my right hand, left of my ring finger! I can’t worry about myself right now, I need to check on Jerry’s family.

The child is crying, a young girl, her African name is Binta, I think her English name is Hayley. I run over! She is lying on top of her mother’s body, I look next to her, her older brother, Gamba (Nathan), is struggling to get up. “Hayley! Nathan! Quick, come here, we need to leave now!” I yell. I grab Hayley’s hand, and run over to Nathan. I pick him up, and hold him in my arms, I need to let go of Hayley, so I tell her to grab my wrist. Then I look at Derik, I’ll leave him here for now, and go North to the town.

We reach the town after about 10 minutes of running, and I leave the children with their friend’s family. I quickly sprint back to the horse, and get on it. I’ll have to leave the Templars for a few days. I ride back to the children’s friend’s home, and I cut the rope that is holding Derik, and carry him inside, and place him on the couch. Nathan looks at Derik with red eyes.

“Will Derik be ok?” Nathan asks.

“He will, he’s simply knocked out.” I reply. “Where’s your sister gone?”

“She’s gone upstairs to watch the house with Zareb’s mom, and Zareb is in bed.”

I nod, and look at Derik one last time. “I think you and your sister should go to sleep, you need some rest. I’ll stay up and watch Derik and the house.”

He nods, and walks upstairs to tell his sibling.

Midnight. 12:00 precisely. Derik wakes up and grabs my hand. I open my eyes.

“What happened?” He whispers angrily.

“The Templars blew up Jerry’s home, his wife is dead, the children survived, Nathan only barely.”

“Where are we now? How do I know that you didn’t kill her?”

“We’re at the house of the children’s friends, and if I killed the mother, I would’ve finished off the children too.”

He looks at me suspiciously. “I’ll be watching you. Where are the Templars?” He asks.

“Don’t know, we don’t have a trail to follow anymore, and they’ve surely moved away from their base now.” I reply. “Get to sleep, we need to rest for the days ahead. The plan is to stay with the children for a few days, then after about 3 days, we’ll take them to their Uncle and Aunt’s home. Then we’ll leave for the Templars.”

Derik nods, lets go of my arm, and drifts off to sleep.

Planned Ending

Because this story, just like the planned sequel was cancelled, I decided that I might as well share the ending of this with you. Before I write down the ending, the chapter after chapter 6 was about a bounty hunter who would hunt Steven, Steven would kill the bounty hunter and continue his journey and return to America with Derick.


After returning to America, Steven faces Mary. Christine stays with an injured

Jessica. Mary runs towards Steven, but quickly turns for Jessica, throws a knife

. But Christine gets in front of Jessica, and she dies. Steven runs towards

Mary, they fight, but the Bounty Hunter (from earlier on) returns to defend

her. It is explained that the Bounty Hunter was a Templar, and that the man

Steven had killed was a decoy.

Steven battles Mary and the Bounty Hunter. During the battle, Mary slips off

leaving Steven to fight Michael (the bounty hunter). The two fight an epic battle involving guns and swords'. Steven falls to the ground, but Derik

returns to aid him. He stabs the bounty hunter in the back with the Dagger

of Eden. Nods at Steven with a smile, and goes to check on the civillians.

Steven struggles towards Jessica, and asks. "Is the baby OK?" Jessica nods, and

looks at her stomach. They share a kiss.


That was the planned ending of Return Of The Eagle, like I wrote in Author's Notes, Steven's story was a planned Trilogy. Knowing I would end up doing a third part, I wrote the ending to chapter 3 of his story, A Hero's Sacrifice. Here is the ending to Part 3 (copied directly from text document)

After travelling to Australia, Steven and Derik encounter Mary, and prepare to fight. Derik accidently touches Steven (not mentioned until after his death, giving him the power of Eden), Derik runs

up to Mary, tries to strike her, Mary kills Derik. Steven becomes enraged, and everyone he sees around him seems to be Mary (not explained until after death). He runs

to her, golden glow around him (the power of Eden), he brutally murders her, her organs everywhere.

Jessica arrives (pregnant with Steven's child), checking to see if Steven and derik are okay. Steven thinks Jessica is Mary, and attempts to kill her. He runs over, and

tries to punch her, luckily only his finger touches her stomach (affecting the unborn baby, giving it the power of eden PERMANENTLY, it is the next chosen one).

Jessica pulls out a pistol, aims it at Steven, and hesitates to shoot him. Steven looks back with glowing yellow eyes, evil look on his face, and she shoots

him. Jessica falls to the ground and cries.

(POV switches to a dead Steven up in heaven) Steven travels to heaven, it seems to be exactly like the Earth, except he can control what he sees, he checks on Earth,

and watches Jessica and her unborn baby, he can read her thoughts, he realises he became corrupt with anger and rage, thus leaving no choice for Jessica but to kill


(Six months later) Jessica lies on the bed inside her home, with 2 of her sisters, 1 brother helping her give birth to the child, (Steven still watching from above,

can also instantly control time) She looks at the baby girl and decides to name her Eve, when she announces the name the baby glows with gold, end of story,

leaving the door open for a new series.

Author's Notes[]

  • Like Ezio's story, I intend to make Steve's story a trilogy, I may create a new page where I will put all the stories into on whole page, with different parts (Hope #1, ROTE #2, (Next title) #3.
  • While Steven was sailing back to america, he aquired a new crew, and encountered some pirates which he gave all the riches on the ship to.
  • Connor and the rest of Steve's ancestors will play a big part in his story, I am interested in including Aquilus into the story, and maybe Nikolai, however Nikolai is very unlikely as he is not Desmond's ancestor, but he is Daniel Cross's ancestor.
  • Once I finish writing the this trilogy, I may start writing other stories of other characters that are important to this universe or another one.
  • Australia is my home country (hint hint!) I'm very interested in writing a story of a British Assassin who lands in New South Wales, and supports the Aboriginals right to vote. I am also interested in writing a story about a female Assassin who supports womens right to vote, work, and get paid the same amount of money as the male workers do. I know a lot about my Australian history :).
  • Jerry's african name is Naasir, it means "defender". Derik's name is Elewa, and it means "intelligent".