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November 16th, 2000

In a small compound, a man slept in a chair, wearing only stripped boxers and a sleeveless tee-shirt. Bang Bang! Someone was knocking on his door. He slouched up, wiped the spit off his cheek and headed for the door. He stood a tall 6'5 and had the body build of a trained athlete that goes through daily exercise. His hair was brown and reached his shoulders, and his beard had crumbs scattered on it.

When he reached the door, he opened it to see Edward Shar standing in front of him."What is it Ed?", the man groaned. Edward Shar was a small slim man in his mid twenties. His hair was dyed dark blue and shaggy to express his "wild side", a He was wearing a button up shirt, blue jeans, and work shoes.

"Tom get your clothes we're leaving!" "Sorry kid, I'm not gonna play today.", Tom replied as he shut the door. Before the door fully closed, Edward grabbed the door and held it in place, then looked inside at Tom. "Tom I'm not joking, they've found us." Tom was quiet for a minute then slowly pushed the door open. "How long do we have?" "Fifteen minutes. They've already sent the gear to a storage facility, and the non-staff members are gone we just need to get some of the students out of here." Tom nodded then went back into the room. "So what's the plan kid?", Tom said from his room. "I have a SUV ready to take us out of here. There are some kids waiting for us down the hall and Antonio is waiting. Once we leave, we'll make our way to a hideout near the Nevada desert." Edward could hear the zipping of a jacket come and the cocking of a gun coming from inside the room. A few moments later, Tom walked out the room with a black leather jacket zipped up half way over his white sleeveless shirt, black jeans, dress and shoes.

Edward patted Tom on the arm and lead him down the hall and into the courtyard in the center of the compound. The compound was shaped like a square, in the center was an area that in the open so sun could grow the plants. The grounds keeper for the courtyard took care of it so he could make it into a fung shway type of area. People were running in and out of the compound, trying to escape before their enemies reach them."Tom", Edward said handing him an ear piece."Meet me on the Eastern wall, it's where I left the van. Tom nodded and ran across the square shaped courtyard, and leapt on a four foot tall rock and over a pond to get to pass the running men and woman and reach the door leading to the East wall.

Tom walked into a white hall with white florescent lights. The floor was checkered and doors ran on both sides of the walls. He saw the Red Door that led outside but he decided to check all the doors first. He went through all 10 rooms and found all of them empty, then he remembered what the East wing housed. Tom thought about what Edward told him,"They've already sent the gear to a storage facility-"."Tom!", Edward shouted over the ear piece."We need to go now! We got word of black vans coming this way, five minutes out." Tom quickly ran to the Red Door and kicked it open, the light of the sun temporarily blinding him. Honk! he felt a pair of hands yank him into a seat, then he heard voices. A few moments later, he saw Edward and Antonio in the front of the van. He pushed himself up and looked in the back of the van to see four teenage kids sitting on their butts. He couldn't see fear in any of their eyes which made him think they are part of the Young Warrior program.

"Thomas,", Antonio said as he drove off the grounds of the compound,"keep an eye out for them. Last I heard was they are driving black 2000 Audi A8 Sedan Quattro with a red cross on the hood." Antonio was a handsome young man, medium built with short black hair. Known by everyone as one of smartest men in their organization, Antonio was trained by someone he called, "The Father", to be his failsafe if he was taken from the world."It'll take us eight hours to make it to the desert knowing the red boys however, we might need an extra one.

Thomas laid down in the middle part of the van and thought for a couple of hours. He would occasionally get up and look out the rear-view window. After several hours, Thomas fell asleep. Bang! the sound of a gun going off terrified him. He quickly moved his hand down to his glock 17 then placed a finger on the trigger."Oh shit", he cursed as he realized they were being shot at. Thomas took out his gun and looked over the seat. He saw they were in desert like area, no trees, buildings, or vehicles in sight. The kids had curled up to not get hit by enemy fire. Thomas pulled a seat up and ordered them to go over the seat and take cover.

"Now you're awake!", Edward shouted as he fired a bullet.

"Why didn't you wake me!"

"They've been chasing us through the open road man. When they were sure it was us, they started firing!" Edward fired three more shots. Thomas heard one of the Sedans crashing into what he thought was a building. He slid over the seat and aimed his gun. When he was ready he let out one bullet into the head of the drivers chasing them. When the car turned over on its side, Thomas let out another bullet into its gas tank. The explosion took out two other Sedans and stopped most of their pursuers. Three cars continued after them but two of them stopped, leaving only one car to chase them."What the hell are they doing?" Thomas didn't question it, instead he fired several extra bullets into the front window of the last Sedan. All of a sudden, a bullet zoomed past his left ear. Their attackers came to a screeching stop and then drove off the road and into the desert, leaving behind a trail of dust. Thomas quickly remembered a bullet meant for him had missed, then he slowly turned around to see a hole behind the head cushion in Edward's chair. Edward is dead.

Thomas quickly climbed over the seat and inspected Edward. The bullet had passed straight through his skull and out the window. Antonio began to freak out as Edward's blood slowly ran down his face."An, you need to breath and collect. We need to get to the desert and you are the only one who can get us there." Thomas placed his left hand on Antonio's right shoulder, and then squeezed it to reassure Antonio.

"'re right. We should be there in ten minutes. It's a small underground bunker hidden by rocks." Thomas nodded ,patted Antonio's shoulder and then looked down behind him at the four kids hiding under the hidden compartment under the seat. He looked into their eyes once more and saw the fear beginning to rise in them.

It was 6:49 P.M. It had taken them exactly nine hours and twelve minutes to reach their destination."Co-come on.", Antonio stuttered as he open the van's door. Thomas open the left and right doors to let the kids crawl out and follow Antonio to three rocks pilled on each other. Thomas noticed that the rocks formation resembled a triangle, then he saw a small metal door in between the rocks. Antonio knocked on the door,"Niente è vero, tutto è permesso.", he said in Italian. When the door opened two armed men in drabs walked out aiming their M-4s at all of them."Relax miei fratelli. Siamo dal composto New Mexico nord-est di Silver City." The men seemed to relax and let them walk in but stayed outside for a while longer, making sure they weren't followed.

Thomas, Antonio, and the kids walked down twenty stairs before they reached a door with a handle that said "slide left". Thomas opened the door and walked into a circular room filled with terminals attached to large blue screens that showed the planet and dots on them. Sitting in the chairs were men and women dedicated to the same cause as him. In the center of the room was a round table, five feet in diameter. The top was a dark blue grid map of the planet. "Antonio!", Cambel Hunter called out as he approached them,"I see you and Thomas made it out of the compound before it was too late. Ahhh, I see you were able to take the children out as well." Cambel was an elderly man who's dark blond hair was begging to grey on the sides. His usual outfit was a simple blue collared shirt, black khakis, and dress shoes and due to his limp leg had to use a cane to walk. "Yeah but we lost someone on the way here. Edward Shar."

"Damn!", a woman cursed from behind Thomas."My brother is dead?" Thomas turned to see a tall slender African-America woman with short hair like his walking towards them. She wore a short business skirt, white dress shirt, and a plain grey button up. Thomas never understood how she and Edward were brother and sister sense he was white and she wasn't.

"Yes, Diania. I am sorry, we couldn't stop it."

" time to cry. We need to discuss the situation." Diania snapped her fingers and two white hooded men came over and lead the children into the TV room where more people sat and watched the news.

"What the hell?!", Thomas said in a loud but calm voice. "How about someone tell me what the damn situation is! I woke up this morning to the kid saying we've been found. Nine hours later, I'm in a god damn World War II bunker with a bunch of people who has yet to actual give me a briefing. So before I go anywhere with you or An, somebody better give me some god damned answers." The room became quiet as Thomas spoke, not being able to tell him. Cambel manned up and walked over to Thomas, placed his hand on Thomas arm and sighed.

"Tom, The Mentor was killed several days ago by a man named Daniel Cross. He returned back to his handlers and told them about some of our locations. Luckily 48% were not visited by him, which leaves only 378 locations left. And by the numbers, in less then 3 days, over 456 of us were killed." Thomas backed away, his eyes widening like a child finding their mother being stabbed by a group of men, and the father choking on his own blood."Now Thomas, come with us." Cambel lead Thomas around the room into another much larger room dubed, Station.

The room was made to look like the NASA control room but only the lights of the devices kept the room from going into complete darkness. Going down were 3 rows of computers and buttons and in each row was 3 columns. In the front of the room was three 20x20 foot screens with a white background and their Insignia on it."Are we ready?", Diania said. Five seconds later, an Arabian man popped up in the upper left corner of the screen on the far left. Next to him was a Chinese man, then Russian woman, soon more men and women popped on the screens."Good, let's begin."

"I am Diania Chelic, head of the Nevada Desert fraction."

"Yes we know who you are Ms. Chelic", replied the head of Tactical and Reconnaissance training program."What we want to know is how did this happen."

"Ten days ago, Daniel Cross murdered our leader in cold blood. Five days later he made his way to Abstergo and gave the location of some of our camps. We've already sent you all the damage report and I can assure you that if we do not act fast and evacuate the camps he has visit, then they will rise."

"I see.", the leader of the Republic of Congo sect said."We will do that, but even when this is all done and over with, that does not fix that our Order is leaderless and soon will be running around like a chicken with it's head cut off."

"I know. My friends I would like to introduce you to, Antonio Vega student of, The Mentor. In case this was to ever happen, four children were trained at birth by him to keep the order running. One is missing, two others are not with us, so we have Antonio who is also the most likely candidate for leader." Antonio stepped out of the shadows and showed himself to the people on the screen. "You must be kidding me!", exclaimed the head of Tactical and Reconnaissance training program. He is just a boy and has yet to reach is twenty-third birthday. How is he capable of leading us, especially in a time like this?" "Because I am the only one who can lead in a time like this!", Antonio shouted."All I have to say to back that up is, be happy I am not Daniel Cross, because if I was you and everyone on those screens would be dead by now. By the age of fourteen, I learned the location of EVERY base in the Order! So I suggest you listen to us before you get you and everyone you know and love is dead." The room grew quiet, and the people on the screens muted Diania's side to keep them from hearing.

After thirty minutes of talking, they had came to a conclusion."Diania.", her friend in Moscow came on the middle view, taking up the whole screen. "Yes, Vasillisa?" "By the word of the entire Order, Antonio Vega is hereby the new leader of our brotherhood." Diania sighed a second after Antonio scoffed."We will now begin to see which camps were visited by the man named, Cross. Once we are finished, we shall contact you for our next steps." Vasillisa's channel was cut and the screen was dark.

"So "Mentor", what's our next move?" Antonio thought about it for a moment, then looked near the door leading to the main chamber. Thomas was checking his watch. "Thomas and I have a few missions of our own to do." Thomas looked over at him and raised his eye-brow."Thomas, I need you to train those kids while I am gone." "Gone?!" "Yes, gone. I will be heading for the Mentor's archives. It is where he stores information on our Order. Sense he is dead, I am sure a few things he only knew are kept there." "And where is there, Antonio?" "Bolshoi Theater." "And where is that?" "A theater in Moscow, Russia. Underneath it is the Library of Ivan the Terrible. If they happen to find it later down the road, I wanna make sure anything that can give them an upper-hand is long gone." "Hell no, you're not going to another country! Not in a time like this!" "Hey! Remember, I'm leader now and you're my right hand man...woman." Antonio blew her a kiss, then patted Thomas on the shoulder."Good luck", he whispered in his ear as he ran out the room.

"He will be alright Diania.", Thomas said to her."In the mean time, let me get to training those kids." "Is this all worth the trouble, Tom? Why do we fight an unbeatable enemy?" "I don't ask questions ma'am, but when I do think of that I always tell myself the same thing. Every death big or small affects another and if mine is taken let there be a blade in one and a life in the other." "Huh, crude but I like it. I'm not sure if it helps but thank you Thomas. Dismissed." "Yes ma'am."

Antonio walked out from beneath the rocks and yawned. He knew that it would take their enemies a while before they can take out all of the hideouts, and it would take him a week to get to Russia and back."Daniel Cross...I can't believe you did this to us, to me." Antonio closed his eyes tight and let out a deep sigh. He began to walk towards the van and notice Edward's body had been taken out, then he notice the heavy footprints leading to the base door. Antonio knew that if he does this, his entire life would change from being a normal information broker into a man who has the lives of hundreds of men and women in his hand. He got in the front seat, turned the key and listened to the engine purr. If he didn't do it though, those lives would be lost and the oath he made so many years before would be for nothing. He put his foot on the pedal and drove off into the sunset.

Assassin's Creed REVIVAL

December 1st, 2000

The two white hooded young boys peaked around the corner to see if their targets were coming. The leader of the two put his hand up and balled it into a fist. They both quickly ran down the hall then made a left into a door which lead them into another hall. The smaller boy was about to speak until the leader raised his hand up and listened for a minute. All of a sudden, the leader dashed to the door to their left and smashed through the door. On the other side, another young boy was knocked over by the force of the door.

When the two young men got up, the boy knocked over by the door punched him in the face. The small boy saw his leader getting punched and was getting ready to help until a female in a white hood leapt in front of him. He jumped back but fell on to his back. Not long later he found himself laying on his back with a 110 pound girl sitting on his chest with a curved knife on his throat. He groaned and laid his head back in defeat.

Whack! The taller boy back handed the other boy off the ground. The boy who was knocked over by the door rolled on his sides on to his knees but was kicked in the head to keep him from getting up. The tall boy took out his own curved knife, got on one knees and raised the blade. As he quickly moved the blade to his chest, the boy knocked over took out his own blade and was able to put the tip of the blade to his trachea just as the other blade touched his chest. Quietly they stayed in place, looking into each others eyes for an answer but decided it would be best if they just killed each other."Alex!", Thomas Cane yelled. That's enough, you both are even. Ashley, get off of Noha."

Ashley looked down at Noha and stuck her tongue out then slowly got up."You lose Nowy, I win." She stuck her hand out and helped Noha on his feet then all four of them made their way through the maze and in front of Thomas Cane. "Remove your hoods. I wish to see the sweat from this training course." The first to remove his hood was, Noha Drake also known as Nowy. Noha was the youngest of the four, only being eleven years old. His hair was blonde and covered his emerald green eyes. Second to remove their hood was Ashley Hill. She was not only the only female member of the group but the oldest. She was a fourteen year old African-American girl with short black hair that had been cut an inch or two below her ears. Her immature personality had made people believe she was the youngest until Thomas had to clarify her age. Third was D'onjre Young. A thirteen year old African-American male with a shaded hair style. He was the second tallest of the group however his physical appearance would make you think he was weaker than Alex Raveires. Alex Raveras was a light-skined hispanic and the same age as D'onjre Young, however he stood at 5'11. His hair was black and didn't go farther than his eye-brows. His size also increased his physical appearance.

"I am both disappointed and pleased with your performance. Alex and D'onjre, the Templars will not give you the chance to take out your weapon nor will they wait to take out theirs. Noha, you were too slow in your reflexes and clumsy in your movement. Tomorrow we'll work on air attacks. Dismissed!" The four of them walked to the door behind Thomas, then they went to the mess hall to talk.

"Well that sucked balls.", Ashley chuckled as she put her plate on the table."So what do you think's going on out there." "Out where?", Alex asked emotionless. "You know where. Out there! With the others." "I'm just glad we're in here.", D'onjre replied. You hear what the others are saying. we've got people dying all over the place and a lot of our places are being raided by the Temps." "Yeah, but we're being taught how to fight them. In a few years, we'll be out there with the others." Noha looked at her while sipping his juice. He was only eleven but he understood fully what they were speaking about.

In his room on the second floor, Thomas Cane waited for a call. He sat in his chair under a lamp for an hour after he trained his team. Ring ring ring, the phone went. Thomas slowly put his hand in his pocket and took it out."Finally.", Thomas said as he put the phone to his ear. "I'm sorry Thomas", Antonio said over the line."I had a little problem but it is over now. "Well did you get what you left for?" "Yeah, about two days ago. I'm held up in a penthouse in Atlanta. Don't worry, I'm with other brothers and I've made sure this call isn't being listened too." "Good." "Yeah. Hey how are those kids I left you with? They talking yet or still giving those ol' puppy dog looks?" "They're fine and yes they're speaking. Why?" "Well I've learned that a couple of our spots have yet to be discovered. This gives us a chance to send teams in to help them, however a few can't be helped." "And you want me to help those few instead of teaching." "You would do that!? Thanks Thomas, I'll send your team to you. While you're out on the field, I'll be dealing with financial and recourses from where I am and also sending missions to the other spec-op assassins. Antonio, out."

Thomas Cane left his room and climbed up the stairs to find Diania waiting for him."Well what did he say?", she asked with a worried tone. "He's fine. He is in a secure location in Atlanta with others." "Good, and did he find what he was looking for?" "Yes, but he is sending assassins to help other safe zones around the world. He chose me to lead a small team which means I cannot train the children." "Damn..when are you leaving?" "Tomorrow. He sent a team from a nearby compound to come pick me up." "Then I wish you luck Tom. In the mean time, I'll be dealing with the other leaders. We've got reports that some of their spots were taken and now they're sending teams to check for any of our men." "If I am in the area, I'll see what I can do." They stared at each other for a moment then Diania hugged him and he returned the same display of affection. When they let go, Thomas walked into the Intel Station for status reports on other assassins.

The next day, Thomas Cane and his team of eight were on their way to Twin Falls, Idaho."What do we got?", Thomas asked Onzi who was sitting in the passenger seat. "A four story building with twelve rooms, and a loading area." "A warehouse then. What's our way in?" "If the Templars beat us there, then we'll break into teams of four. Once inside, bravo team will lead our boys out and towards the parking lot next door. Delta will hold back our attackers until we come back. We'll pop a few smoke grenades and leave through the roof. There will be a small apartment next door to the warehouse that we'll park the car. It should be close enough for us to jump to. Delta Team is: Carmichael, Dana, Tobias, and Thomas. Bravo Team will be: me, Sydny, Ike, and John."

As John drove the car to the warehouse, the rest of the team prepared for the mission."Ike and Syd, how's it feel being girls?", Dana asked."I mean, all I have is a girl name but you two-" "Dana shut up.", Thomas ordered."Now hand me that gun next to you." Dana picked up a standard Uzi and handed over to Thomas."Ike, why are are you staring at me?" "Cause...are you him? The Thomas Cane? Killer of a hundred? Explorer of the World?" "That was a long time ago, Ike. It's best to leave that past behind and assure that people have a future." Thomas Cane could feel that most of the people in the vehicle had no clue to what she was talking about, and that Ike's comment will somehow come back to haunt him. "We're here.", John said as he pulled into the driveway of an abandon apartment.

They waited for Onzi to give them the green light to get out. He held up five fingers, then lowered one, then another, and then all of them. The eight assassins quickly moved out of the car and ran around the corner and into the door that lead into the loading area of the warehouse. Onzi was the last to go in."Close the door.", he ordered Carmichael."Quan! Get your sorry ass down here." Onzi was just as tall as Thomas but more bulky. His team wore black army vest with a bullet proof mesh underneath it. Onzi's black hair and Italian heritage made him the subject of racial stereotypes for most of his life which fueled his rage but also showed him a sense of right and wrong.

A black hooded woman with her hoodie fully zipped approached them."He's upstairs making sure nothing is left behind. My name is Samantha -" "I know who you are.", Onzi said in a harsh tone."How long 'til they are here?" "Three to five minutes. Most of the building has been evacuated." "Good. Tell all your men to meet us with Quan. Delta Team, set up your positions." Thomas nodded then motioned for his team to to hid behind something that faces the two doors. The front door and the door leading into the loading room.

"This place reminds me of a hideout in Italy.", Dana said as he aimed his M4 at the front door."It just needs the fence and it'll be just like it." On the top floor, Onzi met a small man named Quan. Quan was a old bald near-sighted spanish assassin that was moved to America in the 90's for unknown reasons. "Good to see you again, Oni.", Quan said in a weak voice. "It's Onzi, old man. Now let's get a move on before-", ERR ERA ERA."Shit! Alright let's move! The Templars have reached us!" One the first floor, Thomas and his team were engaging the Templars. They had sent three teams of five, equipped with M67 fragmentation grenades, a single M1911 pistol, and a Heckler & Koch MP5 with laser pointers.

"Sydny, you take point! John watch our backs!" Onzi kicked the door leading to a hall way with an oak wood floor, red brick walls, and numerous doors leading into unknown rooms. While on the first floor, Thomas fired his Uzi into the chest of a female Templar soldier. His team was holding back the teams until Tobias called out that several of the Templars were moving outside and grappling up the wall to catch up with Bravo.

"Dana and Tobi!", Thomas yelled out."Cover me!" He tossed his Uzi over to Dana and ran over to the stairs that lead up to the main office. Thomas took out his glock and took off the safety then ran down a corridor. He quickly put his back to the wall on his right and peaked around the corner to see two Templars rushing into the main office. Crash!, a glass window broke open and more Templars filled the halls. Luckily for Thomas, one had walked over to a corner to his left. Just then the other two Templars ran over to regroup with their team.

Thomas crouched and slowly approached the Templar from behind. Just then the floor board creaked, making the him turn around and see Thomas. Thomas had to act fast. He dashed at the Templar and with a single powerful swing from his right hand, punched the Templar square on the jaw which spun him around. Using his left arm, Thomas wrapped it around the Templar's neck and used him as a human shield from enemy fire. Once Thomas saw his chance, he threw the body forward and ran into one of the rooms and began returning fire to the Templars. He was able to kill two and wound three others, leaving four Templars left. They had decided to run after Bravo team down the back fire escape that lead to the parking lot, but Thomas knew it was too late. Bravo was already on the roof and Delta should be coming up behind him any second, and they did.

Delta and Bravo soon regrouped on the roof. Carmichael and Sydny were the first to jump on the apartment roof next to the warehouse. The others followed them, then kicked down the door and ran down the stairs to the garage. Dana opened the door and found the Ford transit exactly where they left it. As the others got in, Ike quickly moved behind the car and replaced the license plate with a California plate. She pulled the back door open and climbed in.

December 9th, 2000

"So I thinking Diania", Antonio said running his hand through his hair,"how about you and I go on a date. Like old times." "Antonio, you know we can't be doing that, atleast not at a time like this." "I know I know, I was just messing wit'cha." "Uh-huh. So how's it going over there? Doing anything that'll actually help stabilize the Order?" "Ok and yes I actually am. Went through some old records and found a lot of contacts of ours. I can't share a lot of details but I can send supplies such as food and pre-paid cell-phones to our brothers around the world. I also found a few businesses I can purchase so we can get them for free. I was able to turn on some satellites that we sent back in the 70's, and that's all I can say over the phone." "Wow Antonio, that's great! Hey I need to deal with a contract, call me later ok?" "Uh yeah sure."

The phone turned off and Antonio tossed it on his desk."Ky, come in here please dude." A 5'5 light skin man with a clear cut hairstyle walked into his office while holding a ukelele."How's the soul stealer coming along man?" "It's not a "soul stealer" Antonio, It's an Animus. It's coming along just fine, why?" "How long 'til it's complete?" "It wasn't actually that hard, we just need a DNA sequencer and it'll be done. Mass production should take about three months." "I know a man in South Dakota who knows a little about DNA sequencing. I only hope he is able to handle the task."

Sitting on the couch and watching TV with the other assassins, Ky thought about his time with a young girl named, Hannah Mueller. He was afraid she would try and bring Daniel Cross back to the Order and would fail in doing so."Ky!", one of the assassins said."Hand me a beer, I'm feeling low." Ky grabbed a flat beer and handed it over to him. The assassin took a big gulp from the can and burped."Ahhh flat. Just how I like 'em." "Eww.", a female assassin groaned. Ky ignored the entire thing, still worrying about Hannah. "I am going to South Dakota.", Ky said as he got off the couch."Tell Antonio to contact me when he can." "Good luck man, I hear it's not so easy being one of us out there." Ky nodded and put his hand up to his chest and walked to his room to retrieve his things.

Back where Antonio was, he received a call from Thomas Cane to be given an update on his past few missions."Several of our bases were evacuated with low casualties. Dana was hit in his leg with a stray bullet and will be out for the next few months." "Tell him to drink lots of apple juice, it's suppose to help dull the pain. Anyways, I got your next assignment. I need you and two other members of your team to make your way to New York City and located a device from a Free Mason center." "What's the device?" Antonio was quiet for a moment then he sighed. "Remember the stories we heard from the Father about those little pieces of fruits used to control the minds of men?" "Yes....An are you trying to tell you found one?" "Not one, another one. In Moscow, I found one that...well when you bring the it to me you'll see what it is." "Alright, I already sent the file to the team. We'll be in New York in about five hours." "Good, oh and Thomas. Don't be surprised if what you find, isn't shaped as a fruit." "Understood. Cane out."

December 10th, 2000

Thomas Cane, Carmichael, and Dana's replacement, Jen Walker, made their way to Abstergo's facility in New York. Thomas wore his black cargo pants, black work boots, and a white tee under his black leather hoodie. Carmichael had a light blue short sleeve shirt and brown jeans with Vans on. To keep his identity hidden, Carmichael wore a baseball but it was hard to hide his long blonde hair. The two sat on a couch in the lobby and waited for Jen to meet with them."So what does she look like?", Carmichael asked curiously."Do you think she is a red or blonde like me? Oh maybe she dyed her hair!" "She's a brunette with her hair pinned up in a Japanese style. She's 5'7 and is wearing contacts to cover her green eyes and make-up to hide her identity. Also she's wearing jeans, white nike sneakers, and a half zipped brown windbreaker to cover her Back Street Boys shirt." "How do you know that?!" "I'm looking at her." Thomas Cane pointed at a girl who was on her phone on the other side of the lobby. Carmichael looked at Thomas Cane, his eyes wide open but he quickly had to turn away when Abstergo security walked past them."I'll get her."

Thomas Cane scanned the the workers in lobby with him and his team. He noticed that there were nine guards down there, with seventeen scientist working with interns and receptionist. Thomas quickly put his black shades on and lowered his head until Carmichael and Jen walked over to him."Ahem", Jen said to Thomas attention."You must be Mister Burk. My name is Julia Winter, the accountant for Mister Yacopitch." She stuck her hand out for Thomas to shake, but only got silence from him. Thomas Cane stood up and gave a fully convincing smile to her. "Ahh, Miss Winters. Me and my college were wondering when you would show however we did not expect you to be in such clothing." "Forgive me", she chuckled."I was told to come here last minute and sense I was three minutes away, well I just walked over." Thomas Cane stuck his hand out and she shook it then felt something slide into her palm. "Well Michael and I will go sign ourselves in. I suggest you put that phone on silence." As Thomas walked away, Jen turned away from the cameras and opened her hand to find a ear piece. She grinned then placed it in her ear as she took her hair down. While the two of them were drawing the attention of the workers who acted as if they were not, Carmichael was playing with the front door's opening panel. Once he was done, he quickly walked back over to Thomas who was making his way down the hall.

When Carmichael saw a guard begging to approach them, he looked back at the door then took out his cell phone. A second later the front doors slid on a man who was walking in. The force and speed of the door crushed his shoulder bone. The screams from the man startled and attracted everyone in the lobby to him. During the commotion, the three of them made their way to the to the stairwell and entered.

"Good work Carmichael", Thomas Cane said in his normal deep tone voice. "Thanks Thomas!", he happily replied. "Jen, you need to think of better back stories for us. Pay attention to what you and your partners are wearing. But good work none the less." Jen didn't respond to him and kept following the group from behind. Once the reached the thirty-fourth floor, Carmichael opened the door that lead into the computer hardware system room. From there he would be able to turn off security and send files from nearby Abstergos and send them to bases all over the world."So Jen, where the artifact?" "I'm guessing in the director's office on the fortieth floor.", she said with a british accent."Gavin is she in?" A man's voice soon came over the communication channel. "She is in a meeting with a few of the scientist but by the time you make it to her they should be gone." "Gavin, you're in the mission as well?" "You know me Tom. I can't stand looking at a computer for a minute so I decided to come out here to give some support."

Thomas Cane and Jen Walker made their way to the fortieth floor and walked into a large greyish hall from a side door. It was a simple hall, the office on one side and the elevator on the other. They saw several men and women walking into the elevator and taking it down. Thomas and Jen moved over to the wall and slowly slid to the glass door leading to the director's office. He saw the director standing next to her desk wearing a all grey business suit. High heels, skirt, white dress shirt with a grey top over it and reading glasses.

Thomas took out his glock 17 and then placed his other hand on the door handle. Thomas looked back at Jen who was holding a 9mm pistole. Thomas nodded then pushed the door open and quickly scanned the room with his gun while Jen Walker quickly followed and kept her gun aimed on the director."Well now this is a surprise", she said calmly."Thomas Cane. I haven't seen you in years. Ahh and you brought Jen Walker with you." "How do you know my name?", Jen asked then moved closer to her with the gun still aimed at her. The director only smiled and looked back at Thomas. "Susan Grey, I see the past eight years have done you some good. Those bullet wounds heal up yet?" Susan slowly turned her head to the right to show a scar that ran from the front of her neck to the back."Hmmm sexy." "How do you know my name!", Jen asked again. "My dear, you don't remember me? I killed Tammy and Silias Walker ten years ago silly." Even though Jen's expression was calm, Thomas could tell by her body that she was a few words away from pulling the trigger.

"Susan, you know why we've come." "There's more of you? I would've thought that you were the last of your people." "Susan, the artifact now." Susan Grey slowly reached for her desk and pulled out a 8x8 silver cube with markings engraved in them. Thomas looked at it for a few long seconds then began to sweat."Good. Now slowly hand it over to us.", Thomas ordered as he put his gun in it's holster. "Sorry Thomas, but you know I can't do that. Oh and Jen, just in case you were wondering your folks said one last thing before I shot them both. Please don't kill our child, please we beg you. It was so disgusting that they begged me even during their death, so I shot them in an area where their deaths would be painful and slow." Susan started to chuckle to keep their attention.

Thomas looked behind them and saw a small squad of Abstergo security then saw Jen's finger pull back on the trigger."Jen no!", he screamed as he ran at her. Bang bang!, two quick shots were fired from Jen's 9mm pistol. Thomas snatched Jen from behind and quickly ran them both towards the window behind Susan's desk. As the security smashed through the glass door and began to fire on them, Thomas grabbed the cube before they leapt out the weakened window. As Jen screamed her lungs out, Thomas quickly looked around for something they could land on but couldn't. All of a sudden as Thomas began to think of Edward and where he was buried and whispered,"I'm sorry.", the engravings on the cube began to glow and then a gold light blasted outward and made a field circular around the two. The area around them grew dark and a burst of light blasted out of the cube, then they landed on a grassy field.

Thomas Cane quickly got on his feet and looked around bewildered. Jen raised her face out of the grass and spit out some of the local flora from her mouth. She looked to her left and saw, Thomas Cane standing in front of a stone with his glasses in her right hand. She slowly got up and moved towards him."What the hell happened?", she asked. Thomas didn't respond, he only looked down at the stone. Jen also looked down at the stone and saw words on the stone and read the what it said."Here lies our beloved friend and brother, Edward Shar, 1974-2000". " the hell did we get here?" Thomas glanced over his shoulder then moved his left hand to his side to show the cube."Oh my god...did it-" "Yes. Jen, we have to return this to An asap." He took out his phone and dialed Gavin's number. After the second ring he answered. "What the hell happened?!", Gavin yelled over the phone."I saw gun shots come from the directors office then you guys jumped. Police and media are all over looking for your bodies and frankly so am I." "Gavin calm yourself. I need you to tell him we have it. Where is Carmichael?" "With me." "Good. Bring him back to the others." Thomas quickly hung up and called Diania for a transport from Nevada to Georgia.

December 15th, 2000

Five days later, Jen and Thomas Cane were able to take a plane to Gwinnett County Airport. They were met by Ky's team at the terminal."Thomas Cane?", Jethro asked. "Yes." "You're not gonna like this. Antionio left for South Dakota three days ago for a meeting." Jen cursed under her breath and looked up at Thomas. "Give me his location and we'll be there in three hours." "Black Hills of South Dakota. They'll be twenty-three mile North of the National Forest." Thomas nodded and took Jen into another terminal that was heading for South Dakota

December 14th, 2000

"Good to see you made it dude.", Ky said as he helped Antonio into what was known as, The Farm. A big wooden barn with smaller houses surrounding it. "Thank-you for calling me up here. Where is he now?" Ky pointed towards the wooden double door. Antonio slightly bowed and walked to it. He entered a kitchen full of people in casual clothes provided to them by the order. They all looked at him in his eggshell white dress uniform with a red belt around his waste and three gold chains on the chest of his shirt. Over that he wore a Vittorio St. Angelo navy blue overcoat with a white insignia on his right collar and dark red cuffs. He scanned the faces of the crowd then walked between the tables.

"Antonio!", a brown haired man said as he walked into the cafeteria."I am so sorry that I wasn't here to greet you, I was busy with some of the kids." He held out his hand and Antonio shook it."William Miles, at your service." "Nice to meet you, Will. I've read the file on you and I am happy to say that I wouldn't have anyone else help me with this than you. Now come with me and help move it to a room we can give it power."

Ky, Antonio, and William hooked the Animus and the gear they needed up to a generater in a empty cabin. When Ky turned it on, Antonio laid on it and a visor slid above his face."The Animus was built by the Templars a while ago-no none date yet- and they use it to look through genetic memories. We have no clue how but we think you can help us out with that." William sat in a chair and began to type into the console. On the visor, white images of DNA began to form and break up. More images kept appearing, more in depth with the Animus systems and DNA sequencing.

William and Antonio worked the entire day on the Animus."So...did you know Cross?", Antonio asked, William. William sighed and looked at Antonio. "Yes." "How was he?" "He was an amazing young man. He had a future and maybe would've been able to help us stop all of this. I only wish I knew why he did this." "Did what?" "Why he spent two years of his life becoming one of us, becoming the best of us, and destroying all he worked for." "One day you'll figure it out, but until then stay focus on the Animus." When William showed signs of sadness, Antonio decided to tell him a secret about Assassin's and Templars."William, no matter what you thought, he couldn't have ended this war. Throughout history Assassins and Templars have fought for the same thing but in different ways. We have also died in different ways, however no matter how many times we disappear we are not fully gone. It doesn't matter how long we live, we've always been here in some way, shape or form. We are eternal."

December 16th, 2000

The alarms of the Farm went off as, Antonio and Ky, returned from. Rapid City."What the hell happened?!", Ky asked William as he open the car door. "We've been compromised. Someone broke into the Farm and is taking out our defenses. They've locked people in their rooms, broke the door to the armory, and knocked out some of our high ranking fighters." Antonio looked over at Ky and nodded, then stuck his hand out. A small blade shot out from his cuff and he ran towards the entrance to the Farm. On the porch, one of the guards was hung over the rail like clothes on a clothes rack.

Ky ran around the Farm and saw people scattered on the ground. He used the side door Antonio used when he came to the Farm and walked in."Ky!",yelled a woman. "Where is he?" "I didn't see his face but he ran into the cafeteria." Ky took out a 14950 H&K Fugitive knife from his shirt pocket and a Walther P99 handgun. He slowly pushed the door open with his foot and then entered."Is he in there?" "No." A gun shot went off in the study and Ky quickly ran to the cafeteria exit. The door across from the exit was the the study. A large room with wooden floor and a dark green circular rug in the center. The room had books, chairs, a fireplace, and computers inside. In the center of the room was a turned over desk. Ky quickly moved around to get a better view and then he saw the gun. He aimed the gun anywhere the attacker could jump from. When he was right next to the desk, Ky quietly moved around it and saw one of the guards unconscious on the floor.

He heard a faint thump behind him and tossed the knife in the air. He counted to three and elbowed his attacker in his chest. The attacker backed against the book shelf, then Ky grabbed his knife and tried to stab him but his hand was caught. The attacker took out his own blade and tried to slash Ky's face but just as he did Ky, Ky grabbed the man's hand. The two of them struggled until Antonio, ran in."...Thomas?", Antonio said squinting his eyes. "Thomas?!", Ky exclaimed. "Ky?", Thomas said. They both let go of each other and backed away. "Why the hell are you attacking them?!" Thomas took his hood off and squinted. "I'm not, they attacked first. I came here looking for you but some kid found me. One thing lead to him being out and now I've taken out almost twelve of them." "Twelve? There are almost thirty people here, Thomas." "I locked the women and children in the rooms and shacks. Didn't wanna hurt them." "Come on Thomas.", Antonio sighed."We gotta explain this to the whole community."

Antonio spent the next hour explaining to the people who lived in the Farm what had happen. After he did, Thomas called Antonio, Ky, and William, to the shed Jen had held up during what Thomas called,"Training". "Jen, this is An, leader of the Order." Jen bowed which made Antonio laugh. "No please don't, thanks though. Alright Thomas, I know why you've both come here." "It better be good.", William exclaimed. "Trust me Will, it is." Thomas took out the cube and held it in front of them. Antonio's face lit up with excitement while William just stared. "That's it? A paper weight?" "For a man who says he knows much of our Order, you don't know enough. This is what our brotherhood and theirs found almost 1000 years ago. A Piece of Eden." Thomas could tell that Ky and Antonio were waiting for him to use it, and use it he did. The cube began to glow and the five of them were inside a gold circular field, then the everything outside the circle grew dark."Be ready." The cube blasted out a light and the five of them found themselves standing in Station with Diania and Cambel, in Station.

Everyone except, Thomas and Jen, stood still the hair on the necks standing up."WHOA!!", Antonio yelled. "Awesome.", Ky said. Antonio looked at the Assassin leaders on the screens and grinned. "Well looky here. The number of men and women who thought I wouldn't do our Order good. Well I'd like you to meet something our Mentor hid from us", Antonio took the cube from Thomas and held it up for them to see,"a Piece of Eden. There are many but not all are the same. This one gives its user the ability to teleport to his or her chosen location.

"Thomas I-I-uhh", Diania stammered. "Let Antonio explain where and what these things are." Antonio smiled and nodded. He spent the next two hours explaining the Pieces of Eden and their creators. "So these,"Ones who came before", created humanity. No god, no religion, nothing.", replied the head of Tactical and Reconnaissance training program "Well kinda. Religion and Science are mixed into one in this story. A lil bit of mythology." "I see...we need to speak about this in private, Antonio." "By all means, go ahead."

"How did you know all of that?", asked Thomas. Antonio looked at a satchel he carried around with him. He slid his hand in and a moment later pulled out a gold book with markings just like the Cube."So what's yours do?" "It absorbs information from technology and organic minds. It was full of information from past Assassins, and some how it has the information of our Order and Templars from beginning to know. All the men and women in it, then and now. Locations, just so much but a few pieces are missing."

"We have two pieces, now what?" "You do what you've been doing. I'll keep an eye out for other Pieces while keeping everyone safe." Thomas nodded and handed the Cube to Antonio."Alright, let's get a move on. Diania, it's been nice seeing you again." Antonio activated the Cube and teleported, Thomas, Jen, William, Ky, and himself out of Nevada and back to the Farm. From there, Thomas and Jen left with the Cube and made their way back to their team located in, New York City.

February 18th, 2001

Alex Riveras, spent the entire day teaching Noha on square roots. At 8:37 P.M, he stopped and looked for D'onjre and Ashley. He found them lip-locking in the garden behind the roses. To keep them from noticing them, Alex snuck around the poison ivy and got into the bushes. He could see them with their hands in each others pants and decided it would be a service to society to stop them. He took out his camera and filmed them for a minute, then walked out behind them.

"Well, watta we have here!", he exclaimed. D'onjre and Ashley quickly took their hands off and out of one another and backed away. "Damn mexican!", D'onjre yelled. Alex was still laughing as they stormed out of the botanical garden. Errrrnnn clock!,the sound caught his attention. Alex slowly walked to the door and peeked around to see his teacher, Jason Chance, walking out of the wall and then pushing the wall like a door back into place. Alex hid back as Jason, quickly turned around to see if anyone was watching him. Once Jason was sure the coast was clear, he left the area. Alex checked for Jason, and then ran in the direction D'onjre and Ashley went.

He found them and Noha, in their usual hangout spot, the cafeteria."Guys!", he said slightly above his inside voice. "Go away", Ashley said as she put her plate in front of D'onjre and sat on his lap. "No seriously, you guys need to see what I found, it's amazing!" "What's it?", Noha asked curisously. Alex described what he saw after, Ashley and D'onjre, left and that it their teacher might have the keys on him. Alex and D'onjre headed for where Jason was spotted using the secret door. While they tried to find the exact location the door was, Noha and Ashley went in search of Jason Chance.

"I think he came from here?", Alex said with a bit of doubt. "Best be sure, I don't wanna risk Ash getting caught." Alex ran his hand up the wall, then he started to chuckle as he found a thin line. "Bullseye." He grabbed a pipe and started to pull the wall out of place. Behind the wall was a small square shapped room with a metalic desk with folders scattered all over it. D'onjre took out his camera and ran in, then he open folders and took picuters of their contents. He came out a minute later and nodded at Alex, to shut close the wall."Got 'hem?" "Yes, now let's get. I wanna read these in Noha's dorm."

April 12th, 2001

Antonio, Diania, Mason, Chole, Paul, Ky, William, and Thomas Cane, were gathered around the Animus. After four months the machine was ready and safe to use."So, who will be the lucky one?", Antonio asked. "Are we even sure it works?", Paul asked looking at the computer attached to it. "Mr. Bellamy, we have been working non-stop on it, so I am damn well sure it works.", Mason replied." "Easy there old-timer.", Antonio said as he put his hand on Mason's shoulder. "William, do we have anyone with ancestry reaching years back with our order?" William thought a moment then told Chole to get on.

Chole was a young woman with lushess brown hair and blues eyes. She was 5'4 and 32 years old."I think we should wait for Thomas", Chole responded with worry. Thomas Cane had left for his afternoon jogs. Nine minutes later they heard a thump on the door, followed by the sound of keys jingling then click! The lock was unlocked and in walked Thomas Cane. His phycial appearence hadn't changed in the past few months, but he trimmed his beard down to a stubble and now had a brush cut hairstyle. He wore a Dickies beige button down work shirt, blue jeans, and running sneakers. He had also taken out his contacts to show his true eye color, black.

"Is it ready?", Thomas asked. Ky nodded and began typing into the computer."Good, now who's going to use it?" "I am", Chole answered. "Well my dear let us begin." "I'm a lil scared, Thomas." "Don't be Chole, just clear your mind and everything will be alright." Chole sighed and reluctantly layed on the Animus. The visor went over her face and began scanning her D.N.A."It's working. I see something on the screen but I'm not...look at this." Everyone moved over to Thomas and Ky, and looked at the screen.

On the screen was a young German girl wearing cloth."Amazing!", William exclaimed."This is 15th century Germany. In this century, the Templars destroyed the Order but it was restarted by an Assassin named, Zenzi Kasmira. I don't believe we're actually seeing her life!" Antonio smiled and looked at the computer. His expression changed when he saw her brain activity lowering. Antonio kept his cool and clicked the Esc key and turned off the Animus.

"What, what's wrong?", Chole asked. "We've seen all we need too. Thank you, Chole. The Animus production is a go. Thirty Animus in each continent, and teams who know how they work.Thomas and Ky, stay the rest dismissed." When everyone walked out of the cabin, Ky, shut the door behind them and looked at Antonio.

"You inspected her brain waves.", Ky stated. Antonio nodded."We're not going to find answers if you begin to pull the plug on our operations, you know that. Our enemies are still attacking our brothers, I suggest we strike back. Thomas and I'll lead team, while you and Will deal with all the numbers." Antonio paused at the thought for a minute realising that Ky, may be right.When Antonio shook his head, Ky grinned, then bowed and left the cabin.

Before he could leave, Thomas Cane called Antonio's name."You know something. The Templars had the Cube, a Piece of Eden. They're looking for them, and you've said nothing to anyone. As I am out there, I suggest trying to find locations then leave the rest to my team." Antonio looked in his eyes for a what felt like an eternity, and then handed him a flash drive and left.

June 1st, 2001

Dainia and Cambel, sat around the conference table in with other Antonio and other Assassins. Other members like Thomas Cane, Onzi, Ky, William, and Gavin, were unable to make the meeting due to their responsibilities."We've lost leaders all over the globe.", Antonio said in frustration."It's time we change our tactics on how to deal with this." "I'm guessing you have a plan, Mentor.", Al Gore asked. "Uh-huh." A flat 3D map of the world came out of the round table, then the lines that divided areas began sliding on it."First, I say we have ONE main base in each area/state. That was we would have a place for some of our boys have a place to return if all goes 2000. We can have smaller compounds and hiding spots scattered around them. Next, we can't work in huge teams anymore, draws too much attention. Teams of four or six should be enough."