Richard Ravensdale
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May 5 1724

Manchester, United Kingdom


August 29 1770 (aged 46)

Mayan Temple, Cerros

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British Assassins (1743 - 1745)

British Templars (1745 - death)

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Assassin's Creed: Source

Sir Richard Ravensdale (1724 - 1770) was an Assassin-turncoat-Templar during the 18th century. Richard was born into lower-class in Manchester, England and due to the way he was treated by society growing up he aligned himself with the Assassins as a way to save others from his experiences. Although he began to disagree with their methods and joined the Templar Order as a way to further his goals.

Richard was the Captain of his own ship, the Banshee.

Richard was the father of the Assassin, Kenneth Ravensdale, grandfather of Assassin, Osyka and an ancestor of the young Assassin Horatio Pierce.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Richard was born in Manchester, 1724 to Welshmen David Ravensdale and his British wife Mary. Richard was the fourth child of David and Mary but the only living one as his older three siblings were stillborn. He was born into lower-class society, his father was a hardworking man but barely earned enough to support his family for his efforts.

From a very young age Richard looked up to his father for being a hardworking man and hated the inequalities of England and vowed to make his own fortune when he grew up. At the age of ten, David died leaving Richard heartbroken.

Privateering Edit

When Richard turned sixteen in the year 1740, he became a privateer to earn his own fortune. Richard sailed the seas for many years, improving his swordsmanship and freerunning skills as well as learning to take the hull of ship. In 1742, he learned of his mother's passing, this saddened Richard as part of his reasoning for privateering was so he could support her.

In 1743, his ship was attacked by pirates. Richard defended the ship honorably until the ship's captain was killed in battle, Richard was almost killed himself when he was stabbed through the shoulder and pushed overboard. The nineteen-year-old pondered his life as he sunk to the ocean floor below and realized he hadn't achieved much in life, as those thoughts had crossed his mind he was pulled from the water by a hooded figure. Before being able to thank the hooded figure, he passed out.

Joining the Assassins Edit

Richard Assassin

Richard as an Assassin, 1745

Recovering from his injuries, Richard woke up in an unknown place. He met the Assassin Mentor Miko, who explained to him of his whereabouts. Miko complimented Richard on his skills during the battle to save his ship, Richard asked who he was and who the hooded individual was.

Miko proceeded to tell Richard of the Assassins and their cause which resonated with Richard due to him being raised in lower-class society. Miko explained that the Assassins were in a losing war against the Templars of the British Rite, realizing that Richard had no idea about the Templars, Miko explained further about the Templars. Richard disagreed with the Templars and their goals for peace through control as it sounded too much like the society he was raised in albeit more extreme. Richard asked to join the Assassins to which Miko accepted.

Defection Edit

Richard was an Assassin for three years, over the years as he matured Richard, while still a firm believer in the Assassins ideals, had his issues with them while also being more open to the idea of the Templar ways.

In 1745, Miko tasked Richard with the assassination of Jonathan Richardson, an English artist and member of the Templar Order. Richard travelled to Bloomsbury and assassinated Jonathan with relative ease, with little life he had left Jonathan asked Richard why he killed him. Richard informed Jonathan that he killed him because he was a Templar, a saddened Jonathan told Richard that he had left the Order some years ago to spend more time with his family before dying. Shocked and angered at the fact he had just killed an innocent man, before he could confront Miko he was attacked by the Templar Haytham Kenway.

The two dueled briefly, Richard proved a formidable opponent to Kenway. During the duel, Richard asked what it is the Templars truly want, Haytham went on to explain that the Templars goals aren't that different from the Assassins except they're more achievable. He went on to explain the Templars want order, purpose and direction for humanity. Richard managed to disarm Haytham and escape through the window.

On his way back to Miko, Richard pondered on Haytham's words and realizing that he was now a grown man and his worldview was a little more different than it was when he was a young man. Richard believed that the Templars goals now aligned with his new worldview for equality. Richard returned to Miko, angered that he had killed an innocent man, the two argued for hours with Richard stating that maybe the Templars are right. Thins angered Miko and because of this he expelled Richard from the Assassin Brotherhood.

Months later, Richard came across Haytham once more and pledged himself to the Templar Order. Believing Richard's sincerity, Haytham took Richard to meet Reginald Birch and after some conversation and proving himself worthy to the Templar cause over the course of a few more months Richard was indoctrinated into the Templar Order.

Meeting Angela Crawford Edit

A few months into Richard's life as a Templar, Reginald Birch had tasked Richard with killing Charles Radclyffe. On his hunt for Radclyffe, he encountered an Assassin by the name of Angela Crawford although the two weren't aware of each other's allegiances. The two decided to work together, over the months of various failed assassination attempts the two fell in love. Angela fell pregnant and gave birth to a son, Kenneth, in February 1746.

On December 8 1746, the two finally assassinated Radclyffe but also learned of each other's true allegiance the two broke off their relationship and cut ties in order to protect each other and their son. Richard made one request before leaving, that Angela would not indoctrinate Kenneth into the Assassin-Templar conflict to which she agreed.

Reuniting with Kenneth Edit

Richard continued to serve the Templar cause and at one point was Knighted. Richard was also given a ship by the Templars so that he can carry out missions on sea and in other countries, Richard named his ship the Banshee.

In 1767, the Templar Order obtained the journal of Japanese Templar Grand Master, Kojiro no Umon who was active during the Heian period and discovered that Kojiro had found a Piece of Eden at one point in his life and that it was the most powerful one in existence. The Grand Master of the Templar Order sent out agents to look for any leads on potential Sources. There were rumors of a Source of Eden located in the Colonies, the Grand Master tasked Richard and the crew of the Banshee to confirm this.

Richard and the crew of the Banshee arrived at the colonies in 1768. In 1769, through various leads, Richard came to the conclusion that a Slaver by the name of Paul Birch had come across the Source, Paul was a corrupt man and so Richard decided to get his information from Paul and kill him after. Richard infiltrated Paul's camp and interrogated Paul, Paul initially resisted but after giving Paul a firm beating he told Richard everything and that he had sent the Source to Cerros to a man named Horace Benson who paid a fortune for it. After learning this information, Richard killed him with his Hidden Blade but before he could leave he heard footsteps in the distance and hid.

Entering Paul's quarters was an Assassin, the Assassin investigated Paul's dead body. Richard attacked the Assassin and the two fought briefly, Richard realized that the Assassin was in fact his son Kenneth, who he hadn't seen in twenty-three years. Kenneth also recognized him through a portrait of Richard. The two traded verbal blows before realizing they were both looking for the Source, due to an emotional weakness and a desire to get to know his son he offered a temporary truce and that they ally themselves to search for it to which Kenneth agreed.

The two then boarded the Banshee and headed for Cerros in the Caribbean Sea in December 1769.

Acquiring the Source and Death Edit

At sea, while on the Banshee, Richard and Kenneth had the chance to get to know each other. The two discussed the Assassin and Templar philosophies, now an older man, Richard saw the benefits in both the Templars and Assassins. Kenneth also informed Richard he had met and fell in love with a Choctaw woman and that she was carrying his child, Richard congratulated him as he was sincerely happy, Kenneth told Richard of his plans to marry her upon returning to the Colonies. 

Richard soiled the subject by telling Kenneth that he had told his mother not to get him involved with the Assassin-Templar War, which triggered Kenneth. He angrily stated that his mother told him nothing but that when Richard's Templar Brethren attacked his home and killed his mother, he had no choice but to involve himself in the war. Saddened by this news, Richard had apologized as he did not know but he reassured Kenneth that the man who must have ordered it, Reginald Birch, had died.

Richard and Kennth arrived at Cerros in 1770. Due to the island being mostly empty, the two used their intuition and travelled to the ruins of Cerros. The two scaled the ruins and entered it to find a man holding a glowing rock, the Source. The man introduced himself as John Burroughs Hopkins and that he was a Sage longing to use the Source of Eden to reunite with his beloved, Juno and that he wouldn't let the petty squabble of the Assassins and Templars get in his way. John used the Source to blast Richard and Kenneth out of the ruins, Richard managed to break his descent into the ground by grabbing a ledge, Richard managed to save Kenneth before he fell to the ground by grabbing his arm.

The two returned to the ruins to combat John, he proved a strong foe due to the Source. Richard and Kenneth were an excellent team and managed to hold John off, Richard disarmed John and Kenneth kicked him to the ruin's ground level. The two went to look for the body but they could not find one leading to the notion that John survived his fall. Realizing what had to be done next, Richard would go on to apologize to Kenneth and stated that if it weren't for the Assassins and Templars maybe they could have had a better relationship. Kenneth lamented this fact and drew his rapier, Richard proceeded to attack Kenneth. The two fought for what seemed like hours, Kenneth managed to disarm Richard, Richard tackled him into the ground and began to choke him. Not wanting to kill his son, Richard gave Kenneth a perfect opening, Kenneth took this opportunity and used his Hidden Blade and stabbed Richard in the jugular. Before dying, Richard told Kenneth he was proud of him.

Legacy Edit

The Ravensdale family was a British family that played a central role in the Assassin-Templar War on both sides during the 18th century. Richard was the first member of the family to take involvement in the conflict as he was first indoctrinated into the Assassins and the Templars.

In 2017, like Shay Cormac, Richard Ravensdale was considered an inspirational figure to the Templar Order as he could see through "lies of the Assassins" and joined the Templar Order of his own free-will.

Personality and characteristics Edit

Richard was a hardworking and determined man. A trait he learned from watching his father work so hard in his childhood. As a young man he despised the society that he lived in and hoped for a better and more just world which led him into the path of the Assassins.

As Richard matured he began to question the Creed and their ways and with his changing worldview, his ideals aligned more with the Templars. As a young man, Richard believed that humanity should be led to their greatness due to them seeming unable to come to peace themselves and therefore joined the Templars because of this.

Despite the ruthless nature of the Templars, Richard stayed compassionate and helped as many people as much as he could. He did not believe in killing innocents.

Equipment and skills Edit

In Richard's privateering days he learned swordsmanship and marksmanship as well as freerunning all at the age of sixteen. Richard also learned how to take the hull of the ships and therefore was a prodigy. Upon joining the Assassin brotherhood, Richard's skills increased, especially his combat skills as well as his freerunning and stealth skills. As an Assassin, Richard was equipped with a Hidden Blade and kept it even after his expulsion from the Brotherhood.

After joining the Templar Order, his skills continued to increase as he learned new ways of combat. Through the skills he was taught by the Assassins, Richard taught himself the ways of a hunter, in case he came across any of his former brethren.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Richard derives from German, French, and English "ric" (ruler, leader, king, powerful) and "hard" (strong, brave, hardy), and it therefore means "strong in rule".
  • Richard stood at 6'0" and weighed 150lbs
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