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“None of these men can be trusted. All of them, working for one faction, the Templars. All under one commander. They are just using these countries as a cover up for themselves. If we do not act soon, they will enslave us all. Only to rule the world with a ruthless power.” –The Mentor to James Douwn on the Templars

(This Story has been continued due to request although this story will also take time to be updating due to it also being a more detailed version of a movie script made by the same people who created this story just for people who like to read rather than watch and get a little more information on things through the story of these three Assassin's.)

Assassin's Creed: Rise of The Assassins is the first movie in it's series. Which is set in 2035, the setting of World War III which is the Templars cover up for another shot at taking control.

Assassin's Creed: Rise of The Assassins follows James Douwn, Chad Kent, and Luke Truble, all of them new but now skilled Assassins, in their fight to make sure that the Templars do not succeed to take control of the world throughout the rest of time. During this journey all three of them unlock secrets of their ancestors and the Assassin Order.


The Begining of A Long Road[]

It's September 28th, 2035 everything seems perfect outside, the young children are playing, the adults are out talking, it is a peaceful day while everyone is enjoying life. Crakle, after crakle through the old and rickity appartment, James Douwn, who looks around thirteen, maybe fourteen years old is sprawled out on his couch, staring at his TV watchng a show on his local news network. After a few moments he is interupted by something load and fast, a gunshot. His father was in the house and he knew the gunshot game from the room his father was in, James hid. It didn't do anything though, the man who shot in the appartment left. James quickly went out to the living room, many things were taken from the room and his father was lying on the ground, dead. James was shocked and couldn't speak, he ran over to his father, who apparently at a last breath pulled out a note from his shirt pocket. The note read "James, if you are reading this then something has happened, to me, to the appartment, to something. What ever it is, I pulled this note out for you to read because when whatever happened, I saw something important. The locked chest in my room, under my desk, under my bed, there is a key to the chest, unlock the chest and take what ever is inside it. All of it is important, I did not think the time for this would come so soon, but our storys have told us what will come soon will indeed come. Go to the address you will find on a paper in the chest, someone there will be able to help you. Just explain what has happened. I love you. -Paul." James began to look around, the only thing he didn't recognize was a necklace. He picked the necklace up and examined it more, it held a red and gold cross on it but had apparently come off of the atacker.

James put the necklace in his pocket and ran to his father's room although leaving his father's corpse on the ground. He found the key and unlocked the chest after pulling it out from under the desk. Out of the chest were a white and red hoodie with something similar to a birds beak on the top of the hood, and a small metal container that he didn't recognize at all. He put the hoodie on and attatched the container to his left arm which is what he assumed it was suppose to be for, but he didn't know for sure. James soon got to the bottom of the chest and found a paper. It was filled with a lot of things he did not understand but had an insignia on it along with a big bold address. James stood up and ran to the living room. He stared at his father and kneeled next to him.

"I do not know where your taking me now, but I will trust what you've planned for me. I will see you when it is my time to leave this world. Goodbye." James said to his father's corpse, James then stood up and walked out the door after locking it and began his adventure to the address.

A week later, October 5th, 2035, James finally caught up to the address. It was just a simple and old looking home. James walked up the loose steps to the door and knocked, a man opened the door and stared at him, although, after looking at James' hoodie he finally spoke.

"You've got a hoodie that has a major purpose, but you do not know what it is do you?" The man asked. James shook his head but handed the man the piece of paper and the man read it, after a few seconds the man looked at him with wide eyes and looked around outdoors. "Get in, quickly!" James sprinted in. The man slammed the door, the walked through the house. "James is it? Yes. Your father was a big part of something. Something big, but also a secret. Thousands, no, millions of years ago, at the begining of man kind many things happened with the first humans and the race before them. Two people's actions lead to one of humanity's biggest secretive wars that has not yet ended, nor is it expected to for so long. The organization your father and I are apart of is called The Assassin's Order. This letter you gave me spoke of an order of me having to train you, or atleast protect you. You've seems okay as a teenager so car, better than most so I will train you. I would speak to you of many stories from the past, but I do not wish to waste time, nor do I expect you to want to." Soon they were downstairs in a basement, suddenly the man stepped on a tile on the ground and a part of the wall opened, he stepped in, followed by James there was a desk in the secret room along with what looked like a weapons capinate and three glass cylinder cases.