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Robert Norrington was a Royal British Guard from 1860 to 1868 until he met Henry Green and the Frye twins

Robert Norrington

Robert Norrington

Biographical information

1839 London, England


1892 Crawley, England

Political information

Royal Guard(1860-1868) Assassins(1868-1892)

Real-world information


Robert Norrington was an Royal Guard for the queen of England for eight years. In 1868 finding out that assassins Jacob and Evie Frye saved the queen and London he became interest in the brotherhood. Not long after doing tasks for the Queen Victoria he was offered a chance to join the brotherhood Jacob Frye and Henry Green who wanted to rebuild the brotherhood at that time. After being trained by the young Frye twins he was able to help Jacob train new recruits for the order such as "Jack the Lad".

Whitechapel Murders[]

In 1888 during the Autumn of Terror he was requested by Jacob himself to retrieve his sister in India and to make sure Jacobs wife and son are safe.

The Great Gang wars of London[]

After the Whitechapel Murders in London he helped the Assassins Jacob, Evie and Samuel Frye in reclaiming the Rook's.. b When the Blighters joined the gang war Robert was task to find out who was leading them. Once he found out who was leading he able to attack operations of Blighters. But before he could worry about the Blighters further he needed to help fellow assassin Samuel Frye in killing Jack the Ripper's Lieutenants in Whitechapel.


In 1892 Robert had a led that the Templar and Blighter leaders are meeting in old abandoned factory in Crawley. He tailed a group of Blighters there but once he saw the factory he assassinated the guards so they wouldn't alert the others. But once he enter the old factory he saw all Blighter and Templar leaders dead on the floor. First he thought Samuel Frye had beat him to the factory. But Robert got a closer to the corpses. Then he realized they were gutted in a Similar manor to Whitechapel victims. But before Robert could react Jack throw a fear bomb at him. The hallucinogenic powder clouded his sense's then before he knew it the Ripper began stabbing repeatedly in the chest. As Robert was bleeding on the floor Jack laughed saying "Looks like the creed has fail you as did me, Rest In Peace Mister Norrington". Bleeding out do to his injuries Robert died on cold floor of the abandoned factory acting as bait for the assassin Samuel Frye.

Equipment and Skills[]


Before being trained by the Frye Twins Robert was ready an excellent fighter being trained by the Queens Elite Guard. The Fryes however did train him to be an excellent free running and to hid in plain sight. Also thanks to Frye twins he was able use eagle vision.


Being an British Assassin during the Victoria era Robert was gifted with a Assassin Gantlet. He also used a revolver and unlike many assassins he used a club which was from his days as a Royal Guard.