"With the death of the Assassins, the Templars will bring the people of Earth its long lasted Order. "
―Robert Starrick to his fellow Templars when arriving in Caribbean
Robert Starrick
Samuel Wilson
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December 1740


October 25, 1785 (44 aged)

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Caribbean Templars

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Assassin's Creed: Purge

Robert Starrick was a Master Templar of the British Rite of Templar Order which in 1770 was sent to the Caribbean to participate in the Purge. Robert participated to purge and then followed the Grand Master Madeleine François de Bullion and after this, her successor Charlotte LeFay. Robert was killed in 1785 by Eric Rackham. He is the uncle of John Starrick, an relative Crawford Starrick and an ancestor of Cassiane Lacroix.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Robert Starrick was born in England in London in a family of good social conditions and also very influential. Robert was used to being always better than the others believing so and led him to become hateful towards all those who were not of his rank. Also Starrick was trained in combat by his father Charles and his brother Edward. Robert and Edward twins and they were united for better or for worse. The two spent time practicing running over the rooftops to Edward as he was well and Robert a bit 'better. But Robert was an ace in stealth and thefts since spent time in stealing the money to passers-by.

Joining at the Templars Edit

In 1760, Robert through his friend entered within the Templar. Robert was later discovered the ideals it and was amazed by this. Robert before entering would have to give it a try. Kill his entire family. In fact, his father was a Master Assassin and Robert was to become an assassin, but the Templars had misled him to eliminate Starricks, his father was the black sheep of the family Starrick since he had betrayed the Order many years before and had to be punished. To his chagrin Robert had to do it before his family discovered his belonging to the Templars. Robert took a knife and two pistols and if he hid them in large jacket and then went to his house with a group of mercenaries. A brute broke down the door and stormed the mercenaries killing the servants and destruction putting the furniture in the house. Robert saw his brother get out of a door and he shot him in the chest. His brother fell down dead. Traitor! Robert thought. He went to his mother's room. In the room could hear sounds of fighting, his father was facing the mercenaries. Robert soon reached the place and was behind his father. Robert stabbed his father in the shoulder and then back. His father fell to the ground wounded and saw Robert, realizing that he was lost. The mercenaries jumped on him hit of a sword and dagger. Robert went to his mother's room, killing a man named Reginald servant. The door was locked. Robert kicked and eventually this gave way. His mother was the end of the room. "My son what happened to you?" she asked desperately. "I have found the truth," he said. "You and Dad are assassins and you need to be removed for the Templar Order," he said. Robert took his gun and pulled the trigger. Robert left the room. All the inhabitants of the house were dead Starrick. Robert returned to the temple site and that same night the Order was introduced.

Templar-affaires Edit

Jeanne Carter

Jeanne Carter

The following 10 years were full of action. Robert was trained as Haytham Kenway in combat to be a hit man of the Order. Robert became active against giving assassins hunting sweeping them away, since Edward Kenway, the leader of the British Assassins had died and the death of the leader in 1754 Miko, the Templars had free road to control London. In 1764, Robert went on a mission with a sister by the name Jeanne Carter Caribbean the granddaughter of the late Irene Carter who had collaborated with Juana Puíg. Robert was to meet with Jeanne in Westminster and then would be collected information to an ally of the assassins who had to die: Leonard Waugh. Robert went in the Westminster area on the prescribed place and waited for the arrival of Jeanne. After a while 'Robert saw a woman in red military clothes he wore a necklace with a Templar cross around his neck, the side hung a sword and a gun. The woman approached and asked Robert if he was Robert Starrick. Robert said yes and briefly introduced to Jeanne and the two shook hands. Robert and Jeanne went to the apartment that Waugh was then walk from there. For Robert journey did nothing but watch the body of Jeanne, he was attracted to her, Jeanne was beautiful and could not wait to see her in action. They arrived at the door of the house Waugh. It was a regular house. Robert put the ears to the door to hear any noises cost that nobody was there. Jeanne burglarized the door while Robert served as a pole to see guards passing by. When this was done the two went inside the house. Jeanne and Robert began to rummage everywhere, and after a long search they found what they wanted.

A document with the information they needed but they were reserved and were to be brought to the Grand Master. Robert put the documents in his jacket and then hurried out with Jeanne. On the threshold of the door, however, she materialized Leonard. Leonard saw the two and dropped to the ground a kind of pack then took a gun and fired. Robert dodged the bullet in time and then jumped against Leonard. The two were thrown out of the house by breaking a window ending fighting in the street. The confusion, however, attracted the guards and one of them hit Robert in the head knocking him unconscious. Robert woke up in a cell and opposite to that of Leonard indeed. "God woke friend" Leonard said. Robert did not listen, and spent the day in jail, so he went for two days until a day came Jeanne accompanied by a guard who opened the door to Robert. "Thanks Jeanne" said Robert stroking his face. Jeanne took Robert's hand and said it was nothing. "He, too, we take under our protection." He said Jeanne turned to Leonard. The guard took them into a room where Robert picked up his clothes and documents as weapons. So Jeanne, Robert and Leonard left the prison and went on a carriage. In the carriage, Leonard was tied with front and Jeanne and Robert. Jeanne put a gun in my face to Leonard. "In documents what is it?" he asked him. Leonard was about to open his mouth, but suddenly the carriage stopped as if someone had landed on. Robert and Jeanne went out and saw a hooded man on the roof of the carriage. Assassin! The assassin stabbed in the back and the driver then jumped against Robert. Robert dodged just in time to avoid the blade hidden in his chest, Jeanne drew his sword and attacked the assassin. Leonard got out of the cab with his hands tied and was about to flee. Robert took his gun and fired leg, Leonard fell to the ground. The assassin managed to disarm Jeanne and aimed a flying kick in the chest sending her to the ground. Robert took his sword and lunged at the assassin. The two clashed their weapons for a bit 'when the assassin of Robert tore the jacket with your hidden blades. The documents fell to the ground as the assassin injured Robert shoulder and then picked up the documents. The assassin put the documents in his suit and Jeanne behind him began to choke him with his arm. The assassin bent down, grabbing for Jeanne's arm and threw it on the ground like a karate move. The assassin ran away but Robert tried again to stop it. The assassin punched him in the face and then kicked in the stomach knocking him out. The assassin reached Leonard and stabbed him in the neck, as he did so he said to Leonard "Leonard Nothing personal but I can not compromise the mission of bringing you with me, I would give it time to take me to the Templars and it would be no use," he said this killed him. The assassin climbed quickly on a roof and disappeared.

Francis Carroll

Lord Carroll

The mission had failed. Robert and Jeanne went to break the news to the Templar Master, Mr. Carroll. Carroll was standing rigid and stared out while Jeanne and Robert were standing waiting for his judgment. Carroll turned to them and looked at Jeanne. Carroll gave him a slap in the face. Robert could not accept it. He knew that Carroll was of the old school and say that the Templars were not better than the females but not males Templars would have done that if it was the Grand Master himself. Robert took his knife and pointed it at the Carroll stomach. "Do not try to touch it," Robert said with hatred. Carroll looked at his face. "You should do so with the assassin not with me boy," she replied. Robert knew he would be trouble and that perhaps would directly killed but he did not care would not let him hurt Jeanne. Jeanne put her hand on Robert's arm. Robert pulled the knife away, and Carroll was free again. "You know that does not smooth pass Mr. Starrick" Carroll said. "Yes sir," he replied. Robert would have been flogged, 20 lashes. The day was Robert was made to strip and put against a wall. The performer started .... "You bastard I hate it," cried Robert. He was in his room with Jeanne who was medicating wounds. "Goddamn son of a bitch," he yelled again this time because he had hurt a wound. Throughout the Robert punishment had not screamed only once and that it had struck Jeanne that all other Templar leaders. "You were very brave," said Jeanne. That night the two had a night of passion. Robert had a passionate relationship with Jeanne ended in 1765, but for an unknown reason, the Robert made a family and in 1766 gave birth to a son. In 1769 Robert became a Templar Master and was commissioned to go to the Caribbean to help the Caribbean Templars.

Caribbean Purge Edit

Madeleine de Bullion-0

Madeleine de Bullion

Although reluctantly in leaving Jeanne and her son Andrew, Robert did the same. In the Caribbean, Robert knew Madeleine François de Bullion which was the main leader who had arranged to start the purge of the Caribbean branch and branch of New Orleans. So in early 1770, Robert helped Madeleine to procure the army of ships and soldiers. Robert was active in the purge giving the positions of the targets in its members Templars and the assassins after the murders he did put the Templars-puppets to hold the position vacated by the assassins. The Purge starts. Lady Concord and Eric Rackham, both puppets of the Order, start to hunt down the lieutenants and allies of the Assassin Mentor. They began their hunt – individually – with Concord hunting down Victor Jensen, Jackie Charlotte and Mr. Prudence – in that order. Eric managed to bring down Philippe François de Bullion, Aiden Gorm, Claude Gaultier de la Vérendrye and Edward Read. Quentin Blaise sailed to Tulum and killed a woman that was believed to be the Mentor of the Caribbean Assassins: Cozumel Providencia. She was in fact the follower of Claude Dimanche when he died. Furthermore, Quentin established a blockade and fleet that patrolled the seas. The Assassins now needed to be more careful on high seas. In 1771, Concord and two other Templars was set on the task to locate Delaware Dinsmore, but meanwhile she would accompany Eric Rackham on killing two other Assassins: Mr. Thomas and Carlos Blanc. Mr. Thomas was a turncoat of the Templar Order (that was the information the Grand Master gave them at least). In real life, he had been working as a spy for the Assassins all time along. He had occupied himself in Fort Charles, Kingston for some reason. The Templars had gained control over Kingston with the death of Victor Jensen, one would think the Assassins had lost their influence – but they were still supported. Reports from some Templar puppets in Kingston could tell that it was possible a noblewoman named Lady Sussex was supporting the Assassins and their gang – economic and patriotic.

Lady Concord

Lady Concord

When Mr. Thomas was removed, Concord and Eric – supported by Eric's lover, Marie Flint – traveled to Port-au-Prince to deal with Carlos. Visiting the administrator of La Dame en Rose, the Templars got information that the governor of the city was controlled through the Assassins – who had stationed an Assassin named Jacques de la Noire who controlled the governor. With the death of Jacques and the governor, the Templar Edmund Denzel took the place as governor – with high-ranked members of the Templar Order at his side. Meanwhile, the Master Templar Quentin Blaise chose to hunt down lady Sussex. In November 1771, Lady Sussex had been killed by Quentin Blaise. For 1770 and 1771, Robert had provided the necessary information on killings and capacity of the Brotherhood as personally hunted to junior members of the Assassin Order in addition to having personally participated in the taking of Tulum. In 1772 they killed more assassins but Concord betrayed the order and became the Mentor of Caribbean Assassins, after killing Dimanche in April. With Concord mentor assassins succeeded again and keep up with the Templars as the purge seemed almost over. Other Templars continued the fight inflicting several losses as in 1774 due to Jeanne de Orpheus, took control of Havana, and a piece of Eden, The Apple of Eden. In 1774, also came a new member of the Colonial Rite: Callum Kerr. Thanks to him, in 1776, the Templars completely wiped out the Assassins and had total control over the Caribbean. Between 1776 and 1780, Robert returned to England and in 1780 led his family in the Caribbean. Her son was now 14, and Robert began to train him in combat. In 1781 with the departure of Madeleine for France he became the new Grand Master Charlotte LeFay under whom he served Robert.

Death Edit

Starrick had to do a load of money to the city of Trinidad where he was waiting for the Grand Master Charlotte Lafay. On the morning of October 12, 1785, Starrick did prepare the ship and then left. After a few hours of sailing Starrick lacked little to Trinidad when he saw in the distance a small ship, a brig go to them. Starrick did not know who they were. Assassins could not have had all been killed, and then what they wanted from them. Suddenly the ship fired a broadside and then a series of shots. After a brief naval battle, the ship Starrick was defeated and then boarded. Starrick did not want to die then and there. still he had to finish a lot of things. A sailor enemy attacked him and he stood up to him and finally killed him with his sword. Starrick saw a man in the hood and managed well to see who it was. Eric Rackham, the killer who had betrayed the Templars and the Assassins turn in 1773 with Lady Concord. Eric killed a sailor Starrick and then saw him. Eric extended his hidden blades and ran for Starrick. Eric jumped from the formwork on Starrick to kill him but Starrick ducked in time to avoid the blade. Eric hit his chest but Starrick parried repeated blows attributed by Eric hidden blade. Eric leaned down and stabbed at Starrick shin. Starrick screamed in pain. Eric stabbed again at Starrick shoulder causing him to lose his sword. Starrick leaned on a railing of the ship and told Eric to finish it. The Assassins had won and made to ground the remaining enemies (a brute, two slender, a sniper and Starrick). Eric passed to the prisoners. "I will make two proposals: join me and stay alive, or stay with Starrick and die" Eric said. "Who is with me," he asked.

  • Brute: Aye!
  • Slender: Aye!
  • Sniper: Aye!

Eric passed last agile. "You are with me?" he asked him. "She Never," replied proudly. Eric took the gun and shot him in the head in cold blood. Erich imself Starrick tied to the mast and then put it in a way that was slowly sinking. When this was done, Eric's ship pulled away while the Starrick ship began to sink. The lungs's Starrick filled with water and Starrick drowned.

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