Robert de La Salle
La Salle
Biographical information

21 November 1643
Rouen, Normandy, France


19 March 1687
Huntsville, Texas, America

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Rene-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle (1643-1687) was a French explorer who was a puppet of the Knights Templar. He served as Governor of Louisiana from 1682 until his assassination by the Assassin Louie Bevill.

Biography Edit

La Salle was originally a Norman Jesuit but in 1667 he was ousted from the order for moral weaknesses. La Salle became hostile to the organization, and in frustration joined the Templars Order. Under the guidance of the Templar Order, he was given orders to map out the Americas so that the Templars could find the rumored city of gold, Quivira, which sheltered a Piece of Eden: the Medallion.

Robert de La Salle was given information by the Kanien'keha:ka on the location of the Ohio River and other vital points on the map, and in 1673 he founded Fort Frontenac as a base for the American Templar order. By 1680, he had created a string of forts in Canada and the Ohio Valley, planning to block any moves for Quivira by the English settlers or the Spanish colonists. The Assassins could only watch as he made explorations that neared the city, so they sent Louie Bevill to prevent his descent on the city.

La Salle's expedition was hampered by mutinies caused by Assassin agents within his ranks, and a 1684 expedition was stopped when Bevill, infiltrating his expedition, destroyed three of his ships. Eventually, La Salle was left with only 36 men.

Death Edit

File:La Salle dead.jpg
Bevill approached Pierre Duhaut and Jean L'Archeveque, two members of the expedition, and asked for their help in slaying La Salle. They halted the expedition near the Trinity River in Texas, where they encamped, and the Assassins stirred up a mutiny.

La Salle had two of his men killed on the suspicion that they would join the strike, adding to his unpopularity. When he met with Jean L'Archeveque on the bank of the river, he meant to ask him of whom he thought was behind the revolt. L'Archeveque distracted La Salle until Bevill came up behind La Salle and shot him in the back. With his death, the expedition collapsed, ending the Templars' plans to take over.

Last Words Edit

  • La Salle: Bastarde! Why have you ruined my chance at glory and wealth?"
  • Bevill: "You sought wealth for yourself, and not for your people. You would use this gold to cause harm to many who opposed you."
  • La Salle: "I only wanted greatness and money..."
  • Bevill: "You had greatness. You had title. You were even governor of Louisiana. What could gold buy for you?"
  • La Salle: "Information...the Grand Temple..."
  • Bevill: "Requiescat in Pace, Gouvernor."
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