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Roberto Ezio Auditore
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Biographical information

11 February 1996,
Rome, Lazio, Italy

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Roberto Ezio Auditore (Rome, 11 February 1996) is an Italian Assassin and a descendant of Ezio Auditore da Firenze and Giuseppe Auditore, an Italian Assassin lived during French Revolution.


Early Life[]

Roberto was born in Rome on 11 February 1996, as the first son of Emilio and Giorgia Auditore. He lived is first years in peace and serenity, unaware of his father's allegiance to the Assassin Order (except one time, when he was 11 years old and descovered in his home's basement a Hidden Blade), and in 2005 borned his only sister, Sabrina. During middle high school developed a hostilities against Luca de' Pazzi, a descendant of Vieri, Francesco and Jacopo de' Pazzi. During this years Roberto had only a few of friends because of Luca's ascendant on his classmates, that repeatedly bullying him and his friends Lucia Lucarelli and Alberto Riccioli, that both were in romance between each other. Although this fact his life prooceded quietly before 23 June 2012, when Lucia phoned him in tears, announcing him she was pregnant, and the father was Alberto. Because of this her mother Maria Omberti became insanely angry to the point of force her daughter to abort the child. In 30 June Lucia and Alberto tried to escape to Bologna with the consent of him's parents, but Roberto engaged a car's chase in manage to stop them.

Battle in Fiumicino and escape to Monteriggioni[]

Roberto finally arrived to the Fiumicino's Airport before his best friends could take a fly to Bologna. He descovered that Maria was arrived before him and she tried to kidnap her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend and brought them in an underground parking. Roberto easily killed Maria's bodyguards thanks to his parkour's and karate's knowledge. Maria remained fascinated by his ability and told him that she was a Templar and revailed that his father was an Assassin. After this, she offered to Roberto the chance to became a Templar, but the Auditore refused her offer. She enraged and assaulted with a sword the adolescent, injuring him. Fortunately she was stopped by Emilio Auditore, arrived just in time, dressed in his Assassin's outfit. He immediately gave to his son an Hidden Blade, and the two fought the Templar. When Roberto tried to stab her in neck a young child descoverd their and called the airport's security. Emilio killed the two guards with the Double Hidden Blades and, because him and his son were now filed by the police, manage to escape with his entire family, Lucia and Alberto to Monteriggioni, to his brother Daniele's home.

Second attack to Monteriggioni[]

Roberto, his family and friends arrived to Monteriggioni in 1 July 2012, being welcomed by Daniele and his son Matteo. During this time Emilio trained hard Roberto in manage to make him a true Assassin. During his standing in Monteriggioni Roberto met a girl named Clara, that some times later saved from Luca de' Pazzi, came to Monteriggioni for a vacation with some friends.

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