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"For most of my life, I was ending lives of many individuals without thinking. It wasn't until I was atleast forty-five years old that I learned that I couldn't undo the damage I've done to the families of the victims. If only I could go back and relive my life and think before acting, if only I wasn't so ignorant, If only I knew..."
―Rocco Bianchi to his family shortly before his death in 1554
Rocco Bianchi da Venezia
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1482 Venice


1554 Venice

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"Collecting the Pieces" fanon

Rocco Bianchi da Venezia with a mask covering his hideously scared face. (Age: 44)

Rocco Bianchi da Venezia (1482 - 1554) was an Italian Assassin during the 15th and 16th centuries. Rocco was a very skilled swordsman, adept at parkour and an expert marksman with a crossbow and rifles but overall, an Assassin.



Not very much is known about this man's childhood except he was born in 1482 at Venice, Italy to a wealthy nobleman who eventually died form rabies and was adopted by another family a year after his real father's death. Rocco dropped out of history after that at least until 1503.

Massacre at the Carnival[]

Rocco, age 21, reappeared in history in which he was having a reunion with his supposedly adotped family during 1503. During the event, he often tried to get "attention with the ladies" with his best friend, Grimaldi Rizzo. However, during the climax of the carnival, guards closed off the gates trapping in the participants. A gunshot rang the air and the partygoers all turned up to see a man weilding a pistol. The man called out his beliefs about the Doge of Venice and how he says he has "darker intentions" and that the people of Venice needed to unite and stand up against this corruption. Rocco's adopted father called to the man saying that he has had too much to drink and caused laughter among the crowd. The man shot Rocco's adopted father and ordered the crossbow men to kill all of the partygoers. One by one, each person was shot down. Rocco saved Grimaldi by tackling him into the nearby river avoiding the bolts. Rocco and Grimaldi swam to safety watched in horror as blood covered the floors and spilled into the nearby river.

The Investigation[]

Rocco and Grimaldi spent weeks investigating the massacre. Eventually Grimaldi gave up the hunt and told Rocco that he should too. Shortly after this, Rocco fell into a depression but continued on with his investigation. Rocco was often visited and comforted by his love intrest, Bianca which gave him strength to continue on with his investigation.


Rocco eventually found out from beating a rowdy civilian who shared the same ideas as the man at the massacre, that the massacure was lead by Jacope Moretti who is the head of the Cult of the Iron Tunic, a religious group who hope to return Italy to medieval monarchy. Rocco took a knife which was concealed in his clothing and viciously stabbed the man in his chest three times before throwing his body into the river.In turn however, this caused guards to attack Rocco. The guards fought poorly and Rocco quickly dispatched them all with a small knife. A guard dying at his feet asked how he knew how to fight, in turn, Rocco replied that he had trained with the best mercenaries since he was six.

Arrival in Rome[]

1504, Rocco said goodbye to Bianca and asked her to come with him. Bianca however, refused saying that she couldn't leave her family. Rocco was saddened and the two shared a romantic kiss before saying he would return soon. While boarding the ship to Rome when Grimaldi stopped him from boarding. Grimaldi begged Rocco to stay home and not embark on this dangerous quest of vengeance. Rocco dismissed his assumptions by saying that Jacope's ideas were corrupt and troublesome along with the fact he was responsible for the murder of his adopted family and many innocents. Grimaldi said that if he couldn't stop him, he would go with him. Rocco smiled as they both walked onto the boat and set sail.


The two friends arrived at the ports in Rome. As it turns out, Rome had been under martial law. Rocco saw some soldiers at the port. Rocco did not like this and quickly snuck off the boat with Grimaldi following shortly behind him. Rocco swam to a more abdoned port and helped Grimaldi to his feet onto the port. Rocco told Grimaldi to remain out of sight while he continued his investigation. Grimaldi agreed to this and quickly walked off. As Rocco walked, he saw many militia soldiers attacking and often killing civilians. Rocco watched as he could do nothing.

Induction into the Assassin Order[]

Rocco sat down and rested up for a bit while remembering his sad goodbye to Bianca. He knew that despite what he said, deep inside, Rocco didn't even know if he would make it out of his journey alive, let alone unwounded. His thoughts were interupted when a militia soldier grabbed him and threw him against the wall. With a knife raised to his throat. Rocco remained calm while the guard shouted threats at him. The militia soldier grabbed his head and smashed it against the wall then threw him to the ground. The sound of a musket rang the air then the soldier dropped to the ground. Rocco looked up into the eyes of a cloaked man. The man offered a hand to Rocco who helped himself up. The man stated that Rome would be free and he needed supporters to help. Rocco was hesitant at first but then decided that he could possibly use this opportunity to help advance his goals. Rocco agrees to help the man and follows him deeper into the city.


Rocco was recruited shortly after that. He spent a lot of his time training with the person who recruited him, Caesar Macari. Caesar revealed to Rocco that they were part of the Assassin brotherhood. Rocco, confused by this revelation, dismissed him saying that "The brotherhood died centuries ago". Caesar told him that nothing is true.

Promotion to Master Assassin[]

1505, Rocco had completed his training and was worthy to hold the rank of master assassin. With the current leader of the Roman assassins away, Caesar personally promoted him saying that he was proud of his apprentice. After being given the robes of a master assassin which he dyed black shortly after receiving them, he took a leap of faith into the river. Later that night Rocco and Caesar played a quiet game of chess.

Betrayal in Rome[]

"I will find you cazzo traditore (fucking traitor) and I will personally send you into cazzo I'inferno bastardo! (fucking hell you bastard!)"
―Rocco Bianchi's words to his former friend.

1506, Rocco and Caesar were walking down the now peaceful streets of Rome and they never seemed to have left each other's sides. Rocco had completely forgot the reason why he had arrived at Rome in the first place. As Rocco and his mentor Caesar joked about the horrid music that the minstrels played, Grimaldi followed by to brutes had stopped in front of them. Rocco greeted Grimaldi warmly but Grimaldi remained silent. Rocco, who was oblivious to the brutes behind Grimaldi introduced Caeser to his old friend. Caesar told Rocco they should leave albeit, Rocco was too busy asking his friend questions about his whereabouts. Grimaldi punched Rocco to the ground. In confusion, he looked up and asked his friend why he did that. Grimaldi replied "Jacope plans to lead mankind into a new world, when that time has come, I will be the leader, Jacope will be locked away in chains, and your head will be mounted on my wall." The brutes attacked however, Caesar and Rocco best the brutes and killed them. Grimaldi smirked and called upon for more soldiers.

The Brawl[]

Rocco and Caesar fought well against the many waves of soldiers. Towards the climax of the fight, Caesar was disarmed by a brute. With no other weapon, Caesar dove onto the brute in a last ditch effort to kill the brute with his hidden blades. Rocco saw his mentor struggling to get free and shot the brute. Unbeknownst to Rocco, Grimaldi stabbed his former best friend in his abdomen. Grimaldi kicked Rocco to the floor while cleaning the blood from the stab. Lucky for Rocco, his armor blunted most of the blow giving little injury to him. Rocco looked at a fleeing Grimaldi cursing out to him.


Caesar was wounded in his leg and walked with a cane. Rocco recovered fast from his wound and often helped his mentor recover and get his medicine. Rocco continued his training by himself with Caesar watching him. Rome had became quiet and peaceful and the economy had improved drastically. Rocco often spent his time at night writing in a journal, however due to his recent development of paranoia, he wrote in numbers to keep people from cracking his code. Despite no one being able to understand his journal, he had memorized his code by heart.

The Five Standing Generals[]

1508, Caeser had recovered well from his leg injury but retired from the Assassin brotherhood. Rocco spent much of his time running errands for his friend. As Rocco was on his way to get an antique sword that Caesar had won at an auction from the Castello, he spotted a a rather large patrol of soldiers carrying rifles. Rocco decided to tail them.

Standing General Lorenzo[]

Rocco Bianchi: "Is it true that you are connected to the Iron Tunic?"
Lorenzo: "Sense you won't live long enough to find out, I am. And so are the other generals."
―Rocco Bianchi and Lorenzo's confrontation.

Rocco eavesdropped on the patrol and over heard about five generals who are attempting to control Rome and the rumors about the generals being connected to the Cult of the Iron Tunic which had became a problem in Constintople. After a long journey, Rocco found himself in the Castello watching the patrol meet with standing general Lorenzo. Rocco shot one of the soldiers with his hidden gun and called out to Lorenzo who ordered his men to attack Rocco. With very little effort, Rocco slew all of his soldiers then approached Lorenzo. Lorenzo revealed the truth about his true allegences stating that Rocco will not live long enough to learn more. Rocco and Lorenzo engaged in a heated battle. At the climax of the battle, Rocco shot Lorenzo in his shoulder who collapsed to his knees. Rocco lifted his sword to the defeated general's neck. Lorenzo stated his brother will avenge him and that Jacope will control all of Italy and that the Assassin order will crumble under the Iron Tunic's foot. Rocco stated in the creed in his own words "Everything is false and nothing is prohibited." then Rocco drove the sword into Lorenzo's chest.

The Sword[]

"The sword of the legendary mentor Altaïr lbn-La'Adah. A sword that is nearly indestructible and said to have been modified by a piece of Eden. I feel that you deserve it my apprentice."
―Caesar Macari to Rocco Bianchi.

Rocco put away his sword and gave final blessings to Lorenzo. Rocco saw a sword that fit the description that Caesar gave of the sword he won in a sheath on his back. Rocco took the sword and climbed out of the Castello. Rocco arrived at Casear's residence and showed him the blade. Caesar stated the sword was the personal weapon of the mentor of the Masyaf assassins, Altaïr lbn-La'Adah. Rocco had heard the name and the legend and had high respect for the assassin. Caesar gave Rocco the sword stating that it should be used by a "special" assassin. Rocco took the sword and thanked his mentor.

Standing General Carlo[]

Carlo: "Assassino! Assassino! (Assassin! Assassin!) The enemy of logic and good. Devi morire in nome di Dio! (You must die in God's name!)"
Rocco Bianchi: "That's enough of you testa di cazzo. (dick head)"
―Rocco and Carlo.

Two weeks later, Rocco made a list of the five generals and marking them off but didn't name them by their names due to his lack of knowledge for their names. Rocco was sitting ontop of the colosume watching the guard patrols. One patrol caught his eye as there was a guard "armed to the teeth" with four captains behind him. Rocco preformed a backwards leap of faith into a hale bail. The heavily armored guard noticed the hay moving and stabbed his sword through it. Rocco then tackled the guard to the ground. The other guards moved in to attack and Rocco dispatched them all with ease. The remaining guard stood up and started yelling at Rocco as he walked towards him. Rocco stated he had heard enough then drove his hidden blade in the guards abdomin. The guard threw Rocco aside. His wound severally weaked him and he collapsed to the ground. Rocco kneeled down by the guard and interrogated him about the generals. The guard revealed he was one of them named Carlo and said the remaining generals are Giovanni, Francesco and finally, the main general Hans Schmidt. Rocco then escorted Carlo to a doctor and left him there however, after taking seven steps, Rocco turned around, aimed his hidden gun at Carlo's head and shot him. Carlo died instantly. Later that night, Rocco filled in the remaining names and marked off Carlo from the list.


Rocco rode on horseback to visit his friend and former mentor. As he arrived, he noticed that Caesar's door was wide open. Rocco panicked and ran inside. The interior of the house was a disaster. Rocco found a note on the ground that that had "assassino" written across the top. Rocco read the note then tore it up. Rocco read that Hans Schmidt had kidnapped Caesar for his enslavement and would if Rocco went looking for him, Caesar would be executed. Rocco fled the house in anger and despair.

Standing General Francesco[]

Rocco Bianchi: "It's just you and me codardo. (coward) I killed the other two generali con facilità (generals with ease) and you will die too."
Francesco: "a differenza di loro, ho una pistola e tu no! (Unlike them, I have a gun and you don't!)"
―Francesco and Rocco

Francesco was gripping his rifle very nervously. He heard about the assassin that was killing the other generals. Francesco went to extreme safety measures to ensure his safety by locking himself in a tower without the key, three months supply of food and lots of ammunition for his rifle. Francesco shot anyone who he thought looked suspicious. Little did he know, Rocco had moved around the shadows and slowly climbed up the tower. Francesco calmed down and laid his rifle down and tried to sleep on the floor. Rocco finally reached the door and pick-locked it with his hidden blade. Finally the door opened. Rocco walked in quietly to the third general then readied his hidden blade. As Rocco got ready to go for the kill, Francesco woke up then grabbed Rocco's neck and threw him out of the tower. Rocco hit the ground with extreme force and for the first time, Rocco had actually been injured. As Rocco opened his eyes, he looked into the muzzle of a gun. Francesco shouted threats at Rocco as the injured assassin tried to stand up. Rocco made a remark about him killing the other generals easily and saying that Francesco was a coward which resulted in Francesco claiming he wouldn't died because he has a gun and wasn't a coward. Rocco smirked and talked about looks being deceiving, Promoting Rocco to say "Let me show you." as he readied his hidden gun. Rocco lifted his arm towards the general and fired. Francesco gripped his stomach and collapsed to the floor. Rocco walked to Francesco who was bleeding out with the blood pooling around him. Francesco took off his helmet and looked into Rocco. As if knocked out of a trance, Francesco asked Rocco to come closer and take off his hood so he can see his face. Rocco followed his orders. Francesco claimed that general Schmidt had a small copper device that controlled took over his mind and forced him to do this. Rocco instantly knew that he was talking about the Apple of Eden, he had heard about it from one of Caesar's stories. Caesar said it can control the hearts and minds of innocent men and can also conjure ilsiuons and even kill people. Francesco said that he never wanted to take over Rome and but was brainwashed by the other generals, Schmidt being the one responsible. A dying Francesco also revealed that the four other generals had been apart of the Iron Tunic but he never was. Rocco realized he had broken one of the three tents of his creed. Rocco begged for forgiveness from Francesco who said that he had to kill Schmidt and the rest of them and he thanked him for taking him out of his trance. Francesco laid his head back and died. Rocco had killed an innocent man who was a puppet. Rocco closed his eyes, gave final rites to him and carried Francesco's body to a near by church.

The Funeral[]

"Oggi dovrebbe essere un giorno di lutto comunque. Vengo a rivelare la verità. Francesco è stato assassinato, ma l'assassino si trova qui. Non mi aspetto il perdono. (Today should be a day of mourning however. I come to reveal to you the truth. Francesco was murdered but the murderer stands here. I do not expect forgiveness.) However, he was not the uomo (man) that you know. He was enslaved. I put him out of his misery. I do have one request. Join me in finding the people who enslaved him and ending their lives. If you choose to join my cause or not, remember, tutto è falso e nulla è proibito. (Everything is false and nothing is prohibited.)"
―Rocco Bianchi

The next day, a small funeral was arranged for Francesco. Rocco secretly attended the funeral. As the bodied was buried, Rocco removed his hood and stepped up. He spoke of how he killed him but only to put him out of his misery. The crowd grew angry then Rocco explained that Francesco was enslaved and requested the people's help to find the enslavers and bring them to justice and once again, stating the creed in his own words. To Rocco's surprise twelve put of nineteen people who attended the funeral offered to join his cause. Rocco smiled and told them all to meet at a nearby assassin hideout by the Tiber river.

Standing General Giovanni[]

Giovanni was the older brother of Lorenzo and had came to Rome to seek revenge for the death of his brother. Giovanni personally executed any civilians he felt knew about his younger brother's death. Rocco watched on the rooftops with three of the recent recruits. Rocco told one of the recruits to try to assassinate the fourth standing general. The assassin followed his command and tailed him on the rooftops while Rocco and the other recruit followed from afar. Giovanni had stopped at a doctor's stall and demanded what he was selling. The doctor was confused and said he only selled stuff to help people. Enraged, Giovanni destroyed his stall and pointed a gun at the doctor. The assssin recruit sent to assassinate him leaped from the top of the building onto him driving his blade into his chest. The recruit gave final rites to Giovanni but during it, Giovanni raised his gun to the recruit's neck and fired. Giovanni who was injured kicked the recruit off of him and sprinted away calling out the assassins. Rocco ordered the other recruit to chase him but he insisted to help the injured recruit. Instead of commanding the recruit, Rocco sprinted off to chase Giovanni while the recruit tended to the injured recruit. Rocco kept close watch on Giovanni.

Eventually Giovanni stopped because he was out of breathe. Rocco used this to his advantage and primed his gun. Giovanni quickly spun around and shot but missed Rocco just barely. Giovanni called Rocco out saying that he will die then took off again. Rocco followed and signaled for nearby assassins to fire at Giovanni with their crossbows all of them missing until one bolt hit Giovanni's leg. In pain, Giovanni collapsed to the floor but across quickly and climbed to the roof tops. Rocco saw a blood trail from Giovanni's leg and finally saw him trying to make a long jump. Rocco aimed his gun infornt of Giovanni and waited. As Giovanni jumped, Rocco pulled the trigger sending the small lead ball spinning out of the muzzle at deadly high speeds and finally into the head of Giovanni. The general hit the other building and then smashed against the hard ground. The general was defiantly dead this time. Rocco walked to the general's body and found a letter addressed from Hans Schmidt. Rocco read the letter stating that he has captured enough people in Rome for him to start building the war machines so they can invade all of Italy and destroy everything. The letter also detailed the location of his project. Rocco took the letter and left.

Later that night, Rocco learned that the recruit had died and the assassins buried the dead recruit.

Standing General Hans Schmidt[]

The reunion[]

1510, Rocco was 28 years old at the time and had raised the recruits into an army of unstoppable assssins. Rocco shared stories of his mentor when he joined the order, Caesar Macari. He shared stories of his times with Caesar and told them stories that Caesar used to tell him. At this time, he was missing both Caesar and his long-time love, Bianca. Rocco wrote a letter to Bianca about a month ago saying that Rome is a big city and very easy to get lost in and also how he missed here. Rocco was going through his mail again and saw a letter from Bianca. Rocco felt over joyed and read her letter. Bianca said that she finally left Venice and moved to Rome not too long ago and was living happy on the country side. Rocco left the hideout without warning and rode of tho Bianca's new home.

Rocco arrived at the house and knocked on the door. The door creaked open revealing a emptied house. Rocco walked in and heard a voice calling out the assassin's creed. A masked female recruit walked to Rocco. The recruit embraced Rocco while he was confused. He heated the muffled voice say that she missed him so much. Rocco removed his hood and so did the female assassin. It was Bianca. The two shared a romantic kissed together. Bianca said that she been a member of the assassin brotherhood for a while and said she was taught by Caesar Macari. Rocco remembered his friend and shared that Caesar had trained him also and that he retired and finally the devesating news that Caesar went missing. Bianca said that she had an idea where he could be and lead Rocco to trap door. Bianca said that she had formed a secret alliance with Hans Schmidt and had secretly been sabotaging his war machines and had given him false information about the assassin brotherhood. Rocco smirked and said Bianca has always been a good liar. Bianca and Rocco shared one last romantic kiss before Rocco opened the trapdoor. Bianca said that that door will lead to an underground prison that Schmidt had control of. Rocco thanked her and she asked Rocco to come back alive which resulted in Rocco smiling and shutting the trapdoor.

The Prison[]

"You see what happens to rebellischen Schweine? (rebellious pigs) sie sterben. (They die) Now get back to work und (and) maybe I won't ausgeschnitten deinen verdammten Hals und füttern Sie Ihr Körper an die Schweine ficken Sie rufen Kinder! (cut out your fucking throats and feed your bodies to the fucking pigs you call children) Now get back to work disgusting Italians!"
―Standing General Hans Schmidt brutalizing his prisoners.

Rocco drove into a small pond within the caverns. As he emerged from the water, he saw a stairway doing downwards. Rocco decided to follow it. As he got deeper into the cave, he heared sounds of machinery and whiling. Rocco knew he had found what he was looking for. Rocco saw guards whipping some people who were cleaning the floor. Rocco also heared the sound of angry complaints. Rocco listened closely about their complaints until he heard the sound of a gunshot. A loud angry German voice roared loud enough to echo throughout the caverns. Rocco assumed that the strange accent was the voice of Schmidt. Rocco decided he should tail one of the guards to see who would lead him to Schmidt then he silently followed a random guard.

An Unexpected Surprise[]

Rocco was surprised to see that the guard had lead him directly to Schmidt's safe house. He got a glimps of Schmidt seeing that he had a large, deep scar across his face with graying hair. He over heard about some of the rowady prisoners who were sent to execution. Schmidt said he wanted the assassin that he captured a year ago to be painfully executed. Rocco knew who he was talking about and followed the soldier by rooftop to the execution site. As they got there, he saw many people chained up to a pillar and recognized one of them as Caesar Macari. Rocco was happy to see his former mentor but he had to save him. Before the soldier could unlock draw his sword, Rocco shot the soldier down with his crossbow then landed on the body. Caesar saw his former apprentice and asked why he had come. Rocco replied "Finishing what I started" then found the key on the soldier and unlocked Caesar's shackles. Caesar grabbed the sword from the body and told Rocco to follow him.

Confrontation in the Prison[]

"People of Roma (Rome) listen to me. This is your chance to take action. Fight against this corrupt warden of ours and free yourselves. Our hero, Rocco Bianchi who I spoke of is here! Unite as one and take back our freedom! Niente è vero, tutto è permesso!!! (Nothing is true, everything is permitted."
―Caesar Macari

Caesar and Rocco ran into the center of the prison and started calling out to the people. As people heared Caesar's message, the prisoners took action and started attacking the guard. Rocco remarked to his former mentor about how he never got old with persuasions resulting in Caesar saying that he could still teach Rocco a trick or too. The reunited friends laughed together. The prison guards rounded up together around Caesar and Rocco. The two fought against the guard while making smart remarks about each other in the process. Rocco witnessed Caesar drive his sword into a guard's head the twisted the sword the other way turning the unfortunate man's head the other way causing the rest of the guards to flee in horror. Rocco asked how Caesar did that with him replying that he did say he could still teach Rocco a few things still. Caeser left his sword into the guard's head. Rocco said that he might actually be afraid of his former mentor in which, Caesar smirked.

Rocco Against Schmidt[]

Schmidt: "Jacope will have this world under his control with My apple!"
Rocco: "You are a corrupt general who should be protecting these men but no, you only wish to inflict harm and cause suffering. It's time you die che stronzo! (You fucker!)"
―Rocco and Schmidt.

As chaos raged in the prison, Caesar and Rocco walked causally and caught up with events that happened while they were out of contact. Caesar said he had been planning this for a while and got to know one of the guards. He said the guard was "different" and he was able to befriend him and in turn, the guard often got Caesar off the hook until the other guards found out that his secret with some relationship with another guard and was killed. Caesar said he had no idea what the others meant by having a relationship with another guard. Rocco knew exactly what he was talking about and said that Caesar really shouldn't worry about it.

As the two old friend talked, Schmidt had shot towards Caesar who just barely missed him. Guards surrounded the back while Schmidt jumped down from his building. Rocco handed Caesar his short blade and told him to handle the guards while he dealt with Schmidt. Caesar nodded and ran to the guards behind them. Rocco walked up to Schmidt who held a pistole to his face. Rocco wasn't phased and still kept walking. Schmidt called out that Jacope Moretti was going to use the Piece of Eden to control the world. Rocco who was furious with his words started yelling at the general about how he should be protecting these people. Schmidt pulled the trigger on his pistole albeit, it was out of ammo. Schmidt cussed in German while Rocco drew the sword of the legendary Altaïr.

Rocco swung his sword at Schmidt who blocked it with his pistole that snapped in half. Schmidt kicked Rocco in his stomach the prepared to finish him. Suddenly, the short blade Rocco gave to Caesar landed in Schmidt's shoulder. Caesar then tackled the general while Rocco recovered. Surprised to see Caeser attacking the general, Rocco turned around to see the guards just standing theirselves without their weapons watching in anticipation. Caesar was the kicked off. Rocco watched helplessly as Schmodt removed the blade from his shoulder and jabbed it into Caesar's stomach. Rocco stode up then threw a throwing knife at Schmidt who recoiled from the blow. The general turned his attention to Rocco and shared at him. Rocco countered his charge and flipped the general over on his back. Schmidt got back on his feet and took a very strong smash with his word missing Rocco, the last mistake he would ever make. Rocco abruptly shoved the sword into the mouth of the general twisted sideways that resulted in the sword in the head making a full 360. Rocco slowly slide the blade out of his neck then as if saying the last words in an argument, Rocco shot the already dead general with his hidden gun. The last, evil and corrupt standing general Hans Schmidt was no more.


Rocco ran to Caesar how had removed the blade from his stomach. Rocco asked if his former mentor was still alright. Caesar said that pain is temporary and asked Rocco why he brutally executed Schmidt. Rocco said it felt right considering the brutality. A captain guard walked up to the two and offered to show them the way out. Rocco accepted the help and left the prison. Later that day, Caesar visited a doctor. Miraculously, Caesar didn't have any major veins severed and his stomach was still intacted and the stab was just a flesh wound. Rocco was happy to hear this news.

A Time Of Peace[]

The Teacher's Return[]

Rocco and Caesar returned to the assassin's HQ and surprised all of the recruits with the return of who the older recruits called "The Teacher", return. Caesar was even praised by the younger recruits who heared great things about them and considered him a mentor of their own. Caesar temporarily rejoined the assassin brotherhood and made Rocco his second in command at least until the leader of the roman assassins returned. As Rocco poured some wine in glasses, Bianca sneaked up behind him and the two shared a romantic kiss once again. Bianca whispered him Rocco's ear giving thanks for finding Caeser and the two kissed once again. Caesar smiled and whispered to himself that Rocco defiantly had "class" with the ladies.


Caesar: "I remember my wedding night. We got così ubriaco (so drunk) that I woke up on the docks the next day without my clothes!"
Rocco: "(Laughs) Must have been a fun time."
―Rocco and Caeser

Caesar celebrated his 46th birthday two weeks later with Bianca and Rocco who planned to get married in a month. Caesar congratulated the two and said that he remembered when he got married that his wife and him got drunk that night and had a "good night" then woke up naked on the ports. Rocco laughed and the three shared a toast to life despite their assassin brotherhood status. Over the next few weeks, Rocco and Caesar had been looking for ways to improve Rocco's hidden gun and eventually made it so Rocco would not need to reload after every shot and made it be able to hold triple times the ammo. Rocco had also recruited some recruits and learned Caesar's brutal finishing moves.

The Wedding[]

Rocco and Bianca were happily married about two months later. Caesar attended it and so did a lot of the recruits. Caesar's wife had visited him for the wedding and he was happy that she made it. After the wedding, Rocco and Bianca both took leaps of faith into the Tiber river and swam together. For the first time in a long time, Rocco was truely happy.

Death at The Colosseum[]


1512, Rocco (age 30) and Bianca walked on the streets observing the unusually large amount of guards in Rome. Many of them bore unfamiliar crest. Bianca told Rocco that she should report to Caesar about this. Rocco agreed and told Bianca that he would return. Bianca took to the roof. Rocco loaded his hidden gun incase he needed it. Rocco heared a herald calling out the name Jacope Moretti. Rocco stopped and joined the crowed of listeners. The herald spoke of Jacope as a hero who was going to take action for the deaths of the standing generals. Rocco walked up to the herald acting very hostle towards him. The herald called out to the people saying Rocco was the murderer. Rocco admitted to this and spoke of how they were part of a cult trying to enslave us all. The people knowing of Rocco's deeds for the city considered this true. As Rocco pulled out Altaïr's legendary sword and held it at the heralds throat, the herald told him that Jacope plans to return to Rome and establish a new government to Rome tonight. Rocco put away the legendary sword and told the people to do Sha they want to this man. A riot formed and started attacking the herald. Rocco looked back to see people attempting to rip the herald in half.


Rocco arrived at the assassin's HQ to see Caesar and Bianca sitting down with tense looks. Rocco asked what was wrong. Caesar replied that the leader of the Roman assassins had retired. Rocco didn't know much about the former leader of the Roman assassins and asked about him. Caesar said he was a good man and that he was one of the first people recruited to the assassin guild in Rome. Rocco sat down as Caeser said that he would assume control of the assassin guild here but couldn't do it for ever. Once finished, Rocco explained the his wife and his mentor about Jacope Moretti coming here. Caesar dropped his letter and looked at Rocco with wide eyes. Caeser explained that Jacope use to be a longtime ally of the assassin brotherhood until he betrayed them. Bianca suggested that they strike Jacope as soon as he arrives. Rocco said he would be coming tonight. After a long discussion, the trio decided that this would not be an easy battle and said they would gather up the many assassins they have in the city and fight against Jacope Moretti tonight.

Rizzo-Moretti Encounter[]

"You could have been my best warrior. You could have had money, women and all the power in the world but no. You serve the assassins. You most die murderer!"
―Jacope Moretti

That night, all of the assassins his in hay bails while Rocco waited to give the signal. The city gate had opened many soldiers baring the Iron Tunic crest walked in until the gates shut. On horse back, Rocco recognized Jacope Moretti and his former best friend Grimaldi Rizzo also on horse back. As the army got closer, Rocco fired his hidden gun in the air and an army of assassins jumped out of the hay bails attacking the soldiers. Jacope and Grimaldi tried to escape however, Rocco shot down both horses with his crossbow. Jacope stood up with his sword drawn and spotted Rocco approaching him. Rocco called out to Jacope saying it was he who killed the generals and stopped the production of war machines. Jacope admitted he was impressed and asked Rocco to join him. Rocco drew his sword and challenged Jacope. The two enemies fought fiercely and locked swords occasionally. Rocco and Jacope were evenly matched. Later on, Rocco kicked Jacope to the ground and held his sword at his head. Rocco gave a small speech about Jacope being the one who murdered his family at the carnival nine years ago but was interrupted when Grimaldi pulled the crossbow off of Rocco's back and smacked him over the head. He collapsed to the floor his head throbbing with pain. Jacope stood up and told Rocco what he could have had if he joined him but insisted he had to die for not joining. Suddenly, Caesar was charging on a horse and swung his sword at Jacope missing him. Grimaldi used the captured crossbow to shot down Caear's horse. Rocco's vision started to become blurry and strangle, it turned dark blue. Rocco saw three silhouettes fighting fiercely. Rocco finally caught a glimps of one of the silhouettes pulling out a pistole and shooting the other silhouette before blacking out.

Λόγια της εκδίκησης[]

"Moretti! Rizzo! Voi fuckers pagherà per questo! hai preso la mia famiglia e rivolto contro di me il mio amico e ora si toglie un altro! Vi farò tagliare la testa cazzo e assicurarsi che satana mangia le vostre anime cazzo! (Moretti! Rizzo! You fuckers will pay for this! you have taken my family and turned my friend against me and now you take away another one! I will cut off your fucking heads and make sure satan eats your fucking souls!) TU MORIRAI!!! (You will die!)"
―Rocco Bianchi.

Rocco awoke to see a blood trail leading to the nearby Colossume. Rocco regained his balance and ignored the intense pain in his head. The blood trail lead to the inside of the Colossume. As he looked, he saw blood forming a small puddle around a familiar looking body. Rocco walked to the body and turned it around. It was Caesar Macari. Rocco panicked and Caesar grabbed Rocco's shoulder. Caesar pointed to his chest revealing a massive gunshot wound. Rocco told his mentor he would be alright and to stay with him. Caesar laughed weakly then smiled at his apprentice. Caesar said that Rocco was his best apprentice and was very delighted to see him grow from the young man to a mature fighter. Rocco kept saying that Caesar would make it but he laughed at Rocco's words. Caesar pulled put his Afghani Khyber blade and held it to Rocco. He took it from his dying mentor's hands. Caeser coughed very harshly then said to Rocco "You did good son. You...did...g...good...s...s...son" and let his head rest on the floor. Rocco said "reqiescat in pace, mentore. (Rest in peace, mentor.)" and closed his eyes. Rocco stood up and cursed in Italian to the air about Jacope and Grimaldi.

The Teacher: Caesar Macari[]

Rocco Bianchi: "Friends, today is a sad day for many of us all. He was a teacher to us all and a father to me. Today we lose do not only lose an assassin, we lose a member of our family. Reqiescat in pace (rest in peace) teacher Caesar Macari"
Recruits all together: "Requiescat in pace teacher Caesar Macari"
―Rocco's speech at Caesar Macari's funeral.

The next day, the Roman assassins prepared a funeral for Caesar with all of its members attending. Many of them where heavily saddened by his death. Rocco appeared carrying his mentor's body and placing him in the casket. Rocco gave a speech about his mentor and even said he saw him as a father. Bianca walked up to Rocco and cried quietly on her husband's shoulder. No one in the assassin guild in Rome was unaffected by Caesar's death. After everyone payed their respects to the teacher. Rocco said a final goodbye to his mentor and for the first time sense he was little, Rocco allowed a tear to fall off his face. Rocco lowered Caesar's casket in the ground and buried him in silence.

Rocco became emotional depressed after that.

The Discovery of Caesar's Apple[]

1513, Rocco (age 31) was preparing to leave Rome and go to Istanbul with his wife Bianca. Rocco entered Caesar's former house and looked around. Many memories flashed in his mind of when Caesar was still alive. Rocco was walking to Caesar's chess table when he hit his foot against the table and heard a loud screeching sound. The wall were a map was nailed on opened ripping the map apart and revealing to Rocco the Apple of Eden. Rocco was stunned by this and walked towards the Apple and touched it. Nothing happened until he heard Caesar's voice telling him to take it. Rocco had a feeling that his former mentor's spirit lived on in the apple and took it with him feeling that Caesar, even in death, was still with him.

Departing from Rome[]

The Roman Assassins met up with Rocco and Bianca at a departing ship heading for Istanbul. Rocco asked one of the older assassins to lead the Roman Assassins. The assassin accepted the offer. Bianca and Rocco shared a very long, romantic kiss before departing. As the ship sailed, Rocco and Bianca waved to the Roman assassins.

Bianca and Rocco shared a very romantic night aboard the ship.

Istanbul - Galata[]

After many stops, Bianca and her husband finally reached Istanbul. Bianca revealed to Rocco that she had trained here to become and assassin and that Rocco needed new robes and to buy some armor due to his previous armor's destruction the year before. Rocco bought new robes and dyed them a dark blue with silver details and a white hood. (Algerian Silver) Then bought blue sturdy armor. (Mamluk Armor) Bianca lead Rocco to the Turkish Assassin hideout and walked him through all of the basics. Bianca took Rocco's right arm hidden blade and the next day, upgraded it so it had all the features the primary hidden blade had plus a retractable hook that didn't block the gun. Rocco then explored Istenbul alone and saw many things. He even parachuted from the very top of Galata tower into the golden horn.

Jacope Moretti - Rocco Bianchi[]

Rocco landed safely in a nearby hale bail then climbed out to see that Jacope and three Templar captains discussing their plans for domination. Rocco thought this would be an excellent to finally exact revenge on Moretti for corrupting his best friend, killing his adopted family and avenging his late mentor. Rocco shot down one of the captains then challenged Jacope to a sword fight. Jacope accepted and the two clashed. Rocco swung his sword towards Moretti's knee missing him. Moretti attempted to stab Rocco however, Rocco quickly countered the attack and managed to slice his abdomin with his hookblade. Moretti called for the remaining Templar guard to fight Rocco while Jacope escaped. Rocco mumbled to himself about cowards always running then shot the Templar captain without thinking twice. Moretti stood still staring at Rocco. Rocco said that he won't fall to petty guards and challenged Moretti calling him a coward. Moretti however, secretly primed a bomb then threw it at Rocco exploding him his face. Rocco collapsed on the floor grasping his face. Moretti threw down his sword and primed his gun, pointing at Rocco. Before Moretti could finish Rocco, two Janissaries approached Moretti, disarming him and beating him savagely. Rocco stood up with his face badly burn and scarred from the blast. Moretti was seen being taken away by the two Ottoman guards. Bianchi was torn between getting medical attention and following, he decided following him would be important. Rocco retrieved a nearby mask and donned it on his face despite the intense pain from the burns touching his face.

A Thorn At My Side Removed[]

"Alliance? Ha! Our alliance end when you killed those people back in Venice. *Stab* As the petty Assassins say, rest in peace you bastard! *Pulls sword out* Hang his body from Hagia Sophia as a message."
―The captain

Rocco tailed the guards on the rooftops to the port on a ship that was currently under construction. The Ottomans threw Moretti on the ground then stood still with their arms crossed. A Janissary wearing special heavy armor adorned with a Templar cross across his torse closed in on Moretti. Rocco saw this as an opportunity to remove Moretti and aimed his gun at Jacope. Right before he could pull the trigger however, Rocco heard Caesar's voice speaking telling him not to fire because Moretti was never the real threat and to just watch. Rocco obeyed and lowered his weapon even to his surprise. Moretti stood up to the Janissary captain, asking him why he ordered his men to take him here and that he and the captain had an agreement. The captain said that Rocco should not be harmed causing Moretti to become angry causing him steal on of the Janissaries swords and impale ome of them. The other Janissary disarmed Moretti and keep him in an arm lock. The captain drew an old Syrian Sabre from his holster. Moretti threatened the captain saying thay if he is to be killed then his cult with return to the city and use the war machines that they have stolen from the Assassins in Rome. Rocco then realized why he hadn't heard from the Roman Assassins, because Moretti's cult assaulted their base. Atleast he thought they had. The captain laughed and stated that their alliance ended when Moretti slaughtered those innocent people at the carnival at Venice. Moretti looked at him and felt misery. The captain drove his sword into Moretti whispering into his ear before abruptly ripping the sword out. Moretti dropped to the ground with blood pooling around him. The captain ordered the remaining Janissary to hang it from the top of one of Hagia Sophia's towers as a message. Rocco was stunned to see that Moretti was finally dead.

The next day, Rocco wearing new Turkish Assassin armor looked at Moretti's hanging body and felt a sense of relief.

Good News... For Once[]

1526, Rocco (44) had enjoyed a long time of peace, forgetting about Moretti and Grimaldi and concentrating of his family but at the same time, studying the Apple. One night, Bianca came up to Rocco who wasn't wearing his mask and showing his scars, barely healed burns, atrophied eye, graying small beard and signs that massive stress when he was younger have aged him. Bianca stroked on of Rocco's scars and asked her husband to listen. Bianchi put the Apple down on the table and turned to his wife. Bianca kneeled down and said that they were going to have a baby. Despite the paralyzed muscles and nerves in part of Rocco's lip area, he managed a smile and hugged Bianca.

Ottoman - Assassin War[]

"It was a dark time for us Assassin. The corrupt Ottoman captain raged war against us. It was a short war lasting only about a year but we lost good men and it was also when my son, you where born."
―Rocco remembering the Ottoman - Assassin war with his son.


Rocco stared into the Apple allowing visions of the future to be seen through his eyes. He had seen many horrific memories involving war, a twisted general who used brutal tactics to win, and finally, he saw Caesar. Caesar spoke to Rocco telling him that he needs to give the Apple to a former apprentice in Russia and that he could not forget about Grimaldi. Rocco asked Caesar why he should not. The deceased mentor moved his arm to his right then said that Grimaldi's death is part of an ancient prophecy that him, Rocco and the general he saw in one of the visions have a part it and that Rocco's part in this is almost over. Rocco remained confused then stated he wasn't making sense. Caesar said that Rocco needed to kill Grimaldi, hid the Apple and die peacefully in order for his part to be played. Caesar then cut off Rocco's concentration to the Apple causing him to return to the back to the real world.

The Start[]

Rocco entered one of the Assassin dens to find Bianca breathing heavily. Rocco asked what was wrong. She told Rocco that some Janisseries had killed some of the recruits and attacked her. Rocco stormed out of the den angrily however, unknown to Rocco, Bianca was starting to go into labor.

Rocco drew his sword and stabbed a guard who layer on the floor. He had slayed a whole milita in front of the Hagia Sophia. Rocco felt tired after the fight and knew he was getting old. As he was about to head back, Rocco heard a gun shot and felt his shoulder piece to his armor break off. The gun shot came from the captain who killed Moretti. Rocco taunted the captain, even congratulating him for killing Moretti for him. The captain prepared his sword and engaged in combat with Rocco. The captain and Rocco fought tirelessly, both of them blocking and countering each others' attacks. Rocco grew exhausted from the fight and decided that there would be another time. The captain was about deliver a killing blow to Rocco but not before being shot. The bullet did not penetrate the armor all the way but still managed to injure the captain. Rocco fleed the scene of the battle.

The End of A Life, The Start of A New One.[]

Rocco dived right into a hay bail near the Assassin den that Bianca remained at. After climbing it, he was horrified to find the den in ruins. Rocco ran into the ruins to find both dead Assassin recruits and Janissaries. Bianca was nowhere to be found which worried the Assassin. As he turned around, he found one of the Assassin den masters who told him the den was invaded and destroyed. Rocco grabbed the den master's shoulders asking where Bianca was. The den master singled to follow him.

The two Assassins reached the hideout to find Bianca on a table, barely alive. Rocco threw his mask down and ran towards his wife. Bianca looked at the scared face of Rocco and smiled. She whispered that in his ear that it was a boy. Rocco did his slight half smile to her. Rocco could tell that Bianca was near death. Bianca was about to say that she wished they had more time together but passed before she could finish her sentence. Rocco went mad with sadness to the point of smashing his fist into the table. The angry Assassin gave his wife a final goodbye. The den master tapped Rocco's shoulder. Rocco turned to see the dem master holding a baby boy. The den master presented the baby as Rocco's son. Rocco held the baby and looked at him. He saw Bianca's face. Rocco looked up at the den master who asked what his name should be, Rocco said the name of his former mentor, Caesar and thus, Caesar Bianchi, son of Rocco Bianchi, was born.

The End of The Ottoman-Assassin War[]

Two years later, Rocco and the Ottoman Assassins devised a plan to finally end the life of the Ottoman janissary general. They would infiltrate the imperial district while they were having a party and kill him. The Ottoman Assassins entered the imperial district undetected while Rocco scaled the walls throwing any guards off the wall from their post.

The Assassins poisoned the guards and hid their bodies all in one tent. Rocco planned to set off a bomb in the tent and attract the attention of the general and swiftly eliminate him. After Rocco prepped the bomb and planted it in the tent, he waited till the everyone finally gathered inside the imperial district. Rocco detonated the bomb sending pieces of the tent and bodies flying. The janissary general along with his body guards investigated the area. One of the younger Assassins wanted to make Rocco proud and in a stupid act of pride, the assassin pounced onto the general only to be stabbed by his own blade by the general. Their cover was blown and Rocco order the Assassins to attack. Rocco was confident in his apprentices and watched. The Assassins struck down the body guards but when it came to the general, they all fell to him. Rocco saw his last surviving Assassin die before he drew his sword and engaged the general himself. The general, being oblivious to Rocco's approach, brutally finished and of the surviving Assassins. As he stomped on an Assassin's neck, Rocco got the general into a headlock and impaled his sword into the general's back severing his spinal cord and killing him instantly.

Rocco gave last rites to his fallen Assassins and dragged the general's body through the streets of Constintople as a sign that the Ottoman Assassins had won the intercity war.

Later life in Constintople[]

Rocco being the only Assassin left in the Ottoman Assassin Brotherhood, decided it was best if he relinquished his position and continued raising his son. Caesar Bianchi and his father spent much time together, Rocco often sharing his knowledge of the world with his son. Eventually, Rocco ceased wearing a facial mask to cover his face in public and donned regular civilian clothing but still keeping his heavily modified hidden blade.

Caesar Bianchi's departure[]

1544, Rocco (age 62) with his son Caesar (age 18) walked to the docks where Rocco's son plans to depart from the city and go back to Venice. The father and son said their goodbyes before Rocco told Caesar to hide the apple he picked up from his mentor's home. Caesar had heard about it but did not believe it till now.

Caesar waved goodbye to his father from the ship. Rocco knew he would see his son again but there was one thing he needed to finish first.

The Final Confrontation[]

Rocco walked down a crowded street looking around. He knew he needed to find his long lost enemy and end him and today he finally found his opportunity.

Rocco saw Grimaldi trying to sell rugs to walking civilians. Rocco loaded the hidden gun on his wrist catching th attention of the old Grimaldi Rizzo. Rizzo walked up to the elder Rocco and offered him a rug but Rocco Hairston declined. Rizzo turned away from his former friend completely unaware to the identity of the old man. Rocco then stole Rizzo's wallet in an abrupt manner. Rizzo turned to him and called him out as a thief. Rizzo launched a right hook missing Rocco. The elder man fired his gun at Rizzo penetrating his abdominal.

Rizzo's Final Words[]

"*cough* My life has been taken by you. An Assasin. Your *cough* order is very ironic. You seek peace by murder. It seems that death.... Death is having its way. *cough* And now, I am finished..."
―Grimadli Rizzo's final words.

Rocco walked to Rizzo who layed on the floor and newly dying. Rocco revealed his identity to Rizzo. Grimaldi was not surprised and he revealed that he was the new leader to Moretti's cult Almonzec' Requiem and briefly shared the history of the cult with him. Moretti's death was because of Rizzo and that he devlivered the location of Rocco's wife to the Janissries on the Nate of her death. Rizzo finally laid down and drew one last breathe and death slowly took over. Rocco had finally achieved vengeance.

Return Back Home[]

"Venezia. Home. I am home. I haven't been home in so long."
―Rocco Bianchi upon seeing Venice again.

1552 Rocco (age 70) finally returned to Venice after spending eight years at Constintople. He was warmly greeted by Caesar, his son and his lovely wife. Caesar told his father everything about the past few years saying they got married and they are expecting a baby real soon. Rocco was happy to hear the news. The trio then walked to Caesar's home by the docks.

Rocco now required a cane to walk with and knew that his life was coming to an end. Rocco decided to spend his remaining time with his son's family.

Rocco was given a new house. The house was decorated with very elegant designs. Rocco saw a stair case and thought it was a but stupid considering his current condition.

Permantly Severing Ties to the Assassin Brotherhood[]

"Silence! You have summoned me here today to talk about the future and all you idioti (idiots) is bicker and argue about who did what and who's fault is it but nothing about the futuro della fratellanza (future of the brotherhood). I have been through much in my life! My adoptive family was murdered by my former best friend and a cult leader, I was trained by the great Teacher who's real name is Caesar Macari! I watched him die and I also saw my wife die both murdered by my former best friend! I finally laid him down and killed him. I may have not made this clearly enough but I am done with the order. I have severed ties and now, I am now a free man who wishes to live whatever is left of my life with his son and his family!"
―Rocco Bianchi

Rocco spent much time with his son who finally had his own kid. Caesar and his wife raised their kid with his father's aid. Rocco was happy to finally become a grandfather. His grandson, Carlo, spent much time with Rocco. Rocco often told kid-friendly versions of his adventures to the young boy.

Rocco's condition eventually worsened and he found it harder to walk, breathing was also difficult. Rocco, who was never a religious person, decided he started going to a church and help out there. Rocco felt that he found peace within his religion.

Eventually, after a couple of months enjoying the peace and quiet of a normal civilian life, Rocco's peace was disturbed when a member of the Roman Assassin Brotherhood came to visit Rocco one day. The Assassin told Rocco that he was required to attend a meeting to explain why they haven't heard from him and to discuss the future of the brotherhood. Rocco rolled his eyes and followed the Assassin to the meeting site.

When Rocco and the Assassin arrived at a closed off brothel, Rocco was surprised to see that many of the Assassins did not look older then 27. Rocco was offered a seat but he declined. The Assassin stated it would be best for Rocco due to his advance age to which Rocco gave him a look of fierce displeasment. The Assasdin stepped back and apologized. Rocco began speaking by introducing himself as an Assassin master which caused all of the Assassin members to verbally disagreed. Rocco slammed his cane to the floor silencing the Assassins. Rocco continued to explain who he was and when he finished, another Assassin asked why they had decided to bring an insane old man to the meeting causing laughter all around. Rocco became very frustrated with the group of Assassins. Rocco stated he would withdraw from speaking. The meeting continued with each member both disrespecting each other and insulting Rocco's age. Soon, one of the members started shouting towards the others causing a chain reaction of outburst. Rocco grew sick of listening to the group of young Assassins argue then armed the gun of his hidden blade and fired it silencing the crowd then slammed his cane against the ground. Rocco shouted at the group and explaining his life story and his intentions of retiring and living the rest of his life and said that he was leaving the order. The Assassin that brought Rocco grabbed Rocco's shoulder threatening to kill him. Rocco punched the Assassin stunning him and raised his blade to the Assassin's neck. He told him that he was leaving and that if he followed him, he would personally kill the Assassin. He threw him down to the ground and picked up his cane. Rocco removed his hidden blade and tossed it on the table. All of the Assassins in attendance were wide eyed and surprised at the elderly man's actions. Rocco was now no longer in any associatin with the order.

The Passing[]

"Son... Live life. Il mio tempo è finito (My time is over)."
―Rocco Bianchi's last word.

1554 Rocco (Age 72) walked his his family to the market district. Due to his contributions to the church, many people recognized him. Rocco did pass by the location where the carnival massacre took place when he was younger. His son noticed his distress and asked what was wrong. Rocco said that it was an old memory and asked to continue the journey.

The family reached the market. Rocco felt exhausted and weaker then ever. He knew that the time to let go and die was soon. Rocco asked his family to sit down and listen to one last story, his life story. Rocco told them of everything in his life. His encounters with Moretti, his recruitment into the Assassin order, his mentor Caesar Macari who his son was named after and his tragic death, how he met Bianca and her death, the Ottoman-Assassin war in Constintople, the meeting that took place and his retirement from the Assassin order and how he exact his revenge on Grimaldi Rizzo. The family thought his tale was tragic but he denied it and dismissed his family but not before giving his son one last hug and saying he loved him. His son said the same thing. Rocco's son and his family walked off into the market.

Rocco sat down on the bench and felt any strength he had left dwindle away. Rocco's vision changed to the way it was when he witnessed his mentor's death and knew that he was nearing the end of his life. Rocco set is hands carefully on his stomach, leaned back waiting for the soon to be end. Rocco heard the voices of people he use to know such as Bianca and Caesar Macari. Happy moments from his life flashed in his mind. Finally, everything stopped and his vision returned to normal and he saw his son happy with his family. For one last time, Rocco smiled and uttered a few last words. Rocco let his last spark of life fade and he had passed. The life of a great Assassin had ended.

The end...


Rocco's body was discovered by his family and he was buried in a court side where no one else was buried and even remains to be the only tombstone there to this day.

Since Rocco was the only surviving member of the Assassin-Ottoman war, the only records that are still intact is one of the many journals he wrote detailing the events of what happened. Due to very few evidence, few modern day Assassin members do not believe the writing and there are constant debate the events and even this man's existence.

Thanks to Rocco, his mentor's apple had been delivered to Russia. Centuries later however, his apple was found Henry Ford and given to Ludwig Schmidt, a Nazi commander who is a direct descendent of Hams Schmidt.

Rocco's memories were relived by a direct descendent of his, Kyle Sanders in 2013 in search of the lost apple. Eventually, the apple was recovered by Kyle.

A bust of Rocco was built out of marble with an engraving labeled "The Apprentice" and placed in a hideout that is where Rocco used to live in the final years of his life.

Author's note[]

This took forever to write I know. I am sorry for the constant delays. I have had both lack of time, inspiration and ideas. I personally loved this character and felt his story was sad and tragic like both the great Ezio and the legendary Altaïr and both of them served as inspiration for this character. The story of one man who played his part in a grand scheme is now at an end.

I hope you, the reader, enjoyed the story and please let me know if did in the comments. Also feel free to edit any typos in the article if you want to. Don't forget to read my other stories The Nazi commander Ludwig Schmidt and The story of the Teacher, Ceasar Macari.

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Personality and Characteristics[]

While in his twenties, Rocco was very laid back and calm atleast until his family was killed during the massacure at the carnival. After that, he suddenly became focused with saddness occasionally dropping to his morale. After joining the assassin brotherhood, he learned paticence and to be forgiving to people, His former mentor, Caesar Macari, befriended his apprentice and they became good friends. During Grimaldi's betrayal, Rocco cursed very heavily at Girmaldi and lost his temper. Afterwards, he started showing early signs of paranoia which would consume him later on in his life. This became worst after Caesar's mysterious disapperance and often wrote in a journal but used numbers to write (as stated above) and eventually stopped writing in the journal. After rescuing his friend and meeting the love of his life, he became very happy until Caesar's death in 1512 which drove him into saddness once again showing that his feelings were easily altered due to events.

As he grew older, he started regretting taking the lives he took and wanted a second life to redo everything once again. Moments before his death, he finally made peace with himself and accepted that he couldn't undo the damage done to the famalies and hoped to be judge not for his murders but for his character in the afterlife.


Rocco was very skilled in the art of sword fighting and and expert marksman who could easily shoot and kill his targets at any range. (We could use someone of his skill in the army.) Rocco did take hims time playing chest because Caesar stated that it creates patcence for him.

Even at his old age, Rocco continued to fight with a hidden blade and in his seventies. His conditon degraded and he started telling stories to his grandson.


  • Rocco is actually based off of a petty criminal during the 15th century who was rumored to be in a satanic cult and died in his teens.
  • Rocco is wounded on several occasions including:
  1. His fall from the tower when facing Francesco.
  2. Being hit over the head by Grimaldi with a crossbow.
  3. A thunder bomb exploding in his face causing massive scaring and burns.
  • Rocco Bianchi's first name is used as the last name of the main protagonist of the book I'm writing.
    • He is also born in the city which my protagonist father hailed from.
  • Rocco saw Caesar as a fatherly figure hence their close friendship and Rocco's reaction after the death of his mentor.