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Roderick Mcleod
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4th of July 1978


26th of December 2008

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Assassin's Creed: Bow Down

Roderick Mcleod (1978-2008) is the son of Scottish Master Assassin, William McLeod, and his wife, Sophia McLeod. He was born in the Isle of Skye in Scotland, where his father was finishing off an assassination of a Master Templar stationed in Abstergo Offices in Edinburgh. After his birth William returned from assassinating the Master Templar and attended to his new child.

After this Roderick was brought to Oklahoma in the US to begin his induction into the Assassin Order, where he met Benjamin Laurence as his training camp's director. He was taught by Benjamin in freerunning, combat, and how to use the Hidden Blade as Benjamin believed that it was still very useful to the Order.

After his camp was attacked in The Great Purge he left and took care of an obsure child by the name of James. After James reached the age of being inducted into the brotherhood Roderick left him to attend to seeking who killed his master and to exact his revenge.

Early Life[]

"Where have you been? What have you done?" -Roderick asking William what he did when he came back.

Roderick was born in the Isle of Skye in Scotland, there he was mostly raised by his mother who helped teach him of the simple life on the farm. He didn't see much of his father during the ages of 1 to 5, when his father did finally return he had much to ask of him all that had to wait until another time.

His father's first goal was to secure his son's safety by selling the farm and going elsewhere, so he sold the farm to the highest bidder giving them plentiful amounts of money to fly to Oklahoma and purchase a home in Oklhaoma City. During this time Roderick found it hard to adjsut the city life after his 7 years of learning how to live on the farms of the Isle of Skye.

With this Roderick was picked on quite alot until he reached the age of 12 where his father told him that he was of age and inducted him into the brotherhood and sent him to the training camp.

Life in the Brotherhood[]

Arrival at the Training Camp[]

"All these Assassins, in the open, just there, doesn't feel right" -Roderick commenting on the Training Camp.

When Roderick first arrived at the Training Camp he felt disconnected from the rest. He didn't feel at home with the others nor did he feel he connected with the director at the Training Camp. With his disconnection he didn't learn much with his time at the Training Camp.

Later the director left the Camp to perform a mission he said only himself could complete. He did not return.

Benjamin Laurence[]

"We act in the shadows, to serve the ligh" -Roderick repeating after Benjamin.

After the director did not return Benjamin Laurence took his place of director of the camp. With Benjamin Laurence Roderick felt himself more connected with the camp and began to learn extremley fast. With this Roderick became one of Benjamin's star pupils, proving himself in multiple missions across Texas and Oklahoma.

In 2000 Benjamin told all of those at the camp to evacuate and specifically ordered Roderick to see the survival of James. Roderick admiring Benjamin obeyed his command exactly and sought that James left the camp safley as well as the others. After news reached Roderick that Benjamin died he took after Benjamin's last wishes and inducted James into the brotherhood.


"Where is Cross?" -Roderick interrogating a Master Tempalr.

After Roderick had James inducted into the Brotherhood and sent to the home of Benjamin he began to seek revenge for his fallen master. He spent years interrogating those behind the Great Purge and specifically those who were directly related to siege on the Oklahoma Training Camp.

Roderick assassinated 5 Master Templars exacting his revenge on those related to Benjamin's death. Roderick was then leaded to assassinate Warren Vidic and Daniel Cross


"You can shoot me, but you'll never end the Brotherhood" -Roderick's last words.

After an attempted assassination on Daniel Cross and losing him he continued after Warren Vidic. When bypassing the Abstergo security they got hint of Roderick being in the area. Following that Roderick made it into Vidic's office which was empty where he was then confronted by Daniel Cross and two Abstergo agents. After some brief dialogue Roderick was shot dead on the spot.

Personality and Characteristics[]

Roderick was an odd individual, never really understood by others. He spent most of his time in solitude, even when thrown into the crowds of the city he would run his way out. This is what made him experienced with stealth by the time he joined the Brotherhood. With his traits though, he was not open to learning freerunning and combat until Benjamin had came along, Benjamin understood Roderick, so when Benjamin died it impacted Roderick the most. Roderick also saw potential in James like Benjamin did, this is why he carried out Benjamin's last wishes.