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Sir Roger le Poer was a Anglo-Norman knight, soldier, mercenary of the Lions of Brabant company, and veteran of the Battle of Downs.

Norman Invasion of Ireland[]

Battle of Downs[]

In 1177, during the onset of the conquest of East Ulster, Roger and his brother Robert enlisted in the service of King Henry II, in search of adventure. They served under Sir John de Courcy, and fought in the Siege of Downpatrick with distinction. De Courcy's army fought against King Rauidrí MacDuinnslèibe of Ulster, and lead his forces in a fierce battle to retake the town. Roger's service in Downpatrick was celebrated, and his notoriety grew for his roe in repelling the Irish forces.

Personal Life[]

Appearance & Personality[]

"It might be said without offence, there was not one who committed more valiant acts than Sir Roger le Poer, the bravest and most handsome of the Anglo-Norman knights. Although a young, beardless man, he proved himself a courageous and valiant gentleman, who grew into such good credit before his death in Ossory." - Giraldus Cambrensis

Family & Relationships[]

Sir Roger was a well-liked man and was held in high regard by those who made his acquaintance. He was described in amiable terms by the scholar Gerald Cambria, and had made an impression on other Norman knights of the time. He was a close friend and companion-in-arms of Sir John de Courcy, and kept in contact with him following their travels together in service of King Henry II during the Norman invasion of Ireland.

As a scion of House le Poer, a newly established noble family, Sir Roger had a great deal of responsibility to maintain his family's status. He reluctantly accepted his role, however he eventually abandoned the Norman Empire with Thjis Nicolaas and his companions for the Ducal States of the Holy Roman Empire.

Lions of Brabant[]

Thjis' mercenary companions are old friends who have traveled together for years. Roger is mistrustful of the mercenaries, although he and Thjis Nicolaas hold mutual respect for one another, he has a low opinion of the other Lions of Brabant, often referring to them as 'routiers,' a Gascon term for highwaymen.