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Rogers was an Assassin who had been part of the American Branch of the Assassin Brotherhood during the late 18th Century and early 19th Century.



In 1780s Rogers was a Pirate who had raided many ships with his brig and crew. In 1787 Rogers and his crew encountered the Templar Ship the Morrigan. Rogers thought he could capture the Sloop of War, but unfortunately his brig was no match for the heavily armored Morrigan. The Morrigan destroyed Rogers's ship killing all his crew. Rogers fell off out of the sinking ship and was about to drown but out of no were someone grabbed and helped him aboard a ship. The strange man said he was Connor Kenway Mentor of the Assassin Brotherhood. Connor offered him a chance to redeem himself for his crimes and join his cause. Rogers accepted and a year later captained a new ship The Roger which would be in the Assassin Fleet.

Assassin Purge[]

In 1789 the Templars did multiply attacks on the Homestead by land and Sea. Rogers Man O' War and the Aquila were able to fend off the attackers but in 1796 the Aquila was destroyed leaving only Roger's ship left to defend the Homestead but Connor told him to leave the Homestead and not to return. Rogers did what Connor had demanded but regretted for years. But luckily in 1805 Connor and his Son Achilles "Dyami" Kenway wanted his help to acquire a new Ship. Rogers happily agreed and helped them disable a fort and captured a frigate. After that Rogers started to do many tasks for the Assassins once again.