Ronald Al'Makim
Male Danish Templar
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August 6,1164


June 23,1243

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Early LifeEdit

Ronald was born August 6, 1164. he lived with his mother, father, and brother Darek.his father died at 7 years old when he got sick.when he was 11 he got mad and picked up a stick and hit it against a tree.Darek brother saw his brother's skill and trained him.when Ronald turned 20 his brother, who was now 26 became a Templar guard.Ronald became a templar too in the town of Acre.

The death of William of MontferratEdit

One day when Ronald was 23 he was assigned to William of Montferrat's guard while he was having a Meeting with Richard the Lionhearted.when Richard was Leaving Ronald noticed a strange man wearing a white hood.later Ronald and a few more soldiers got a pep talk from William then the man with the white hood dropped in and killed William.Ronald ran away but his brother was fighting the white hooded assassin.then Ronald witnessed his brother getting killed.Ronald left Acre and went to his mother to tell her the bad news.she cried and refused to talk for days.

The Battle of ArsufEdit

Ronald was assigned to Richards guard when Arsuf was attacked.then the hooded assassin was there again.he killed a few soldiers and Ronald's idol, Robert De Sable.Richard let the assassin leave "Richard that man killed my brother why did you let him flee" Ronald said."trust me, he just killed Robert he would have likely killed you and I need you, you're my best man" Richard said.

A Failure in Vengeance Edit

Ronald wanted revenge. He disguised himself as a Masyaf citizen. He then found an assassin and killed him. He found a strange weapon, it was a hidden blade. He went up to Masyaf Castle and climbed the wall killing any assassins in the way. He then saw the Assassin who killed Darek. He heard another assassin call him Altair.Ronald then killed another assassin and put on his assassin robe's.he went into the Castle and found Altair.Ronald got the Hidden Blade out and tried to assassinate Altair.altair heard Ronald and pulled him against the wall."I know who you are, you were at Arsuf" Altair said."yes, and your were at Acre and killed my brother" Ronald said.Ronald quickly punched Altair and escaped not getting vengeance.

Later years and DeathEdit

Ronald became a farmer and married his wife, Kasli. One day his son, Malik found his father dead in the fields nearby. Ronald had gotten killed by a hidden blade, the one altar's son Darim was wearing.

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